Get Ready for ‘Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour’: Your Complete Guide to Outfits, Bracelets, and More!

If you’re reading this, congratulations. You survived. You survived what was dubbed as the biggest ticketing bloodbath of the year in Singapore, or more notoriously, ‘The Great War’. If you got your tickets to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, you’ll love this guide. If you didn’t, sorry to rub it in. But you need to know all this for when you get your tickets eventually because we believe in you.

For the next few months, till heaven becomes a place on earth with Taylor Swift stepping foot on that stage in National Stadium on 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 March 2024, all we can talk about is the show. Sorry to all our friends and family that will not hear the end to our blabbering!

Following our holy grail ticketing guide, we bring you yet another top-priority guide. This time answering the million-dollar question: What on earth should you wear to this monumental, once-in-a-lifetime show that will absolutely alter your existence?

Fear not, for we have curated the ultimate style guide, crafted to ensure you not only stand out in the sea of fans, but also capture the essence of Taylor Swift’s unmatched artistry. From colour schemes and themes to DIY options, we’re discussing outfit choices for both gals and guys! So, unleash your inner fashion icon, darlings, as we delve into the world of magical outfits tailored for Taylor Swift’s enchanted concert in Singapore, era by era.

Taylor Swift

Ah, where it all began. Taylor Swift debuted with her self-titled album, stepping into the scene as a country sweetheart. To dress up as this era would mean taking on that country aesthetic yourself. From cowboy boots and hats to flare pants and boho dresses, this era is defined by the colours white, baby blue and green


My girls, it’s time to whip out your most adorable blue and green dresses and your biggest, chunkiest hoops, similar to this look on ba&sh! Or you could have a cute, flare jeans moment with a white top. Puff sleeves are also very on-theme – tops and dresses alike. But remember, if you dress as this era, you just can’t miss the cowboy boots (ASOS has amazing options) and hats. This was literally Taylor’s country era! 


This era is a little more casual but never compromises on fashion. Imagine what you would wear to a stable to see some horses. That is the vision! Maybe a white t-shirt or a cheeky vest with blue jeans (an ode to the blue colour scheme), a trusty brown belt, some nice, suave cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat to put it all together, like this one from ASOS. Pair this with some beaded necklaces for a pop of colour, and you’re show-ready. 


Fearless was the true beginning of the rise of Taylor Swift. This was her transition from being the underground icon of country pop to achieving global acclaim and dominating the mainstream charts. Her movement up the charts is also immortalised in the evolution of her aesthetic from country sweetheart to gold goddess.

Fearless gave us anthems like Love Story and You Belong With Me, so the outfits must also hit hard. Fearless is the era for gold fringe and glam country. No matter what you’re wearing, add fringe, make sure it’s gold, make it shiny, and you’re ready!


Ladies, the outfit inspo for the Fearless era is gold fringe! Or you could call it tassel. Wear this, and you’ve got the look down! Check out Nasty Gal for their massive array of anything with gold fringe – dresses, skirts, tops, pants, everything! Gold sequins are also a huge hit for this era. These looks on Nasty Gal are just perfect for the Fearless era look.


Men, I get that gold fringe may be a little out there for you. But no worries, I gotchu. Let’s simplify the colour gold and expand our search to the brown and cream realm. A white linen or satin shirt with brown pants (or white for a monochromatic, more refined look) and then turn it up with the gold accessories! Gold necklace, gold rings, gold bracelets – live up to the name, make your look fearless! Complete the look with some brown sneakers or boots.

Speak Now

Taylor’s version is finally out! Be cool, everyone.

Speak Now was the first and biggest style evolution we saw in Taylor Swift’s career. Saying goodbye to the cowboy boots, Taylor welcomed her most magical, ethereal era that felt like a fairytale, literally with a song called Enchanted. So channel your enchantment with purple (the colour for Speak Now), tulle and the feminine side of fashion.


Purple dresses, purple two-piece sets, purple bags, purple everything! But remember, girls. Taylor rocked the purple, but never without a bold, red lip. She never forgot her armour, and neither can you. The options for Speak Now for us ladies are endless, but with a purple bag, like one of those on ASOS, your fit is truly complete.


Purple is the keyword, boys, so chop chop! Purple flannel, purple button-up, purple pants, paired with a pair of purple Converse sneakers, like this one on Zalora! To add a touch of the romanticism and femininity that Taylor carried in this era, sport a purple feather boa, and your look is transformed!


Oh, Red. You were Taylor’s first true shift into pop, and you bid adieu to the country aesthetic, but you did it with pizzazz. Of course, as the name suggests, we’re all going to wear red and call it a day. But you simply can’t do that without understanding the cultural shift that this album brought. From bringing us fall aesthetics with the iconic red scarf to sexy red ensembles – this era has something for everyone. Behold, the magic of Red!


A cute, short red dress that shows just enough skin, paired with some Mary Janes and a bold red lip and voila! You’re red-y! During this era, Taylor did also sport a lot of high-waisted shorts. That could be another element of your ensemble. 

But the possibilities are endless – a black skater skirt, or a cute red mini skirt, a red scarf (but maybe not in this scorching weather) and more! But if you want to show up looking iconic, this is the look: a white t-shirt, high-waisted shorts, a fedora hat, and red heart sunglasses. Now that is rad.


TAYLOR GIVES SELENA’S SISTER HER HAT DURING “22” 🥹🫶🏻 #selenagomez #taylorswift

♬ som original – Myselenitaa


Same thing for you, boys! A white t-shirt with a fedora hat and hot shades, and you’re good to go! The best part? It’s perfectly weather-appropriate for our very hot days. But if you’re not feeling it, wear anything red – a red jacket, red flannel, with these red Adidas shoes on Zalora! You could also channel the autumn vibes that this album carried with pride with some chunky boots, like Timberlands or Doc Marts.


The continuation of Taylor’s hipster era continues with the release of 1989! This time, it’s all about the bling bling, the metallic, and the shine! Make it baby blue, and you’re ready for the 1989 era. But other than the bling, there are so many iconic looks from Taylor’s music videos that you can seek inspiration from for the ‘fit. Let’s get into it.


Now that we’ve confirmed that anything metallic and shiny is a win, what about the music video looks? We can’t mention 1989 without the queen, Shake It Off, where we saw ballerina Taylor and cheerleader Taylor. Or there’s Wildest Dreams, where we saw old Hollywood Taylor – white dress, red lips, rosy cheeks. Channel any of these looks, and you’re dressed for the 1989 era!


Men, I hate to break it to you, but this is a tough one for you. 1989 is all about baby blue, so denim shorts or jeans with a white button-up will be simple but on-theme. But let’s face it – it’s not giving what it needs to give for Mother Swift’s concert. 

So how about her music video looks? Dress like a varsity high-school cheerleader in a blue and yellow look, like in her Shake It Off music video, or don a red varsity jacket and a cap, like she is with her funky boombox on her shoulder? Or a cool metallic jacket like the one above?


The most dramatic, most scandalous, and my personal favourite era – the true queen, Reputation! This was Taylor’s most savage, badass album and the outfits for this era are about to be everything you imagined and more! This is technically one of the easiest eras to dress up as – all-black, leather, grunge. Complete with snake accessories in an ode to Taylor’s spirit animal in this era.


Any all-black ensemble, girls! Complete it with a leather jacket or pants; you’re Rep-ready. Take it up a notch with some snake print – pants, dress, belt, anything! Check out Cider’s selection of snake prints and accessories perfect for this dramatic look. Complete with a bold, red lip and smoky eye makeup.


Oh, men, your time has come. Dressing up as the Reputation era will be your best bet. The possibilities are insane – leather pants, jacket, black shades, Doc Marts or black high-cut Converse sneakers. But most importantly, the snake accessories – rings, necklace, bracelet, everything. Check out these leather jacket options on Zalora. You’re definitely giving yourself a good rep with these.


The jump between Reputation and Lover is literally like day and night. It’s like a snake and a butterfly. This entire album echoes the chilling line in Look What You Made Me Do, “Sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, cuz she’s dead!”. 

Lover symbolises the new Taylor, fresh out of her transformation with pastel colours, sparkles and hearts! A bit of a girly-pop era; this era was full of serotonin.


Bring on the iridescent colours, my darlings. This era is full of them! Anything in bubblegum pink or pastel colours, whether in the form of jumpsuits, flare pants, babydoll dresses, skirt sets or sequin tops, complete it with a heart bag, and your Lover look is done! Any of these heart-shaped bags on Zalora will complete the ‘fit.


Men, you might think this one’s tough. But not at all. Bring on the pastels, the tie-dye, the white Converse sneakers, the pop of pink, the beaded necklaces and rings! If the tie-dye is calling out your name, then one of these options on ASOS might be your pick.


I think I’m still reeling from the surprise drop that was Folklore. It was announced just 24 hours before its official release and was her first true alternative album. 

This album was a complete shift in the universe with the sound and aesthetic differences. It’s cardigan season! It’s cottage-core, fairy-core season! The colours? Cream and green. The theme? It’s floral, spring, all in one! Think of Taylor’s outfit at the 2022 Grammys. That’s the vibe.


Ladies, bring on the spring colours and the florals you’ve been hiding. Whip out your most “grandma” looking outfits because this era calls for it. It’s grandma-chic! Short picnic dresses are also super cute for this era. But don’t forget the floral patterns. Make it even more dreamy and stick a flower behind your ear or wear a flower crown.


Boys, one word: cardigans. Your chunkiest, itchiest, most obnoxious yet most graceful, your most “grandma” looking cardigans. Kidding! Be comfortable; that’s the whole point. Wear any cardigan you have, or look for one that feels comfy yet looks amazing. This classy yet cheeky cardigan on ASOS caught our eye, and you might like it too! The best part? You will always have a reason to wear a cardigan. So the purchase is totally worth it!

If a cardigan doesn’t feel your vibe, we suggest some crochet tops or vests too. They fit the aesthetic, and they’re absolutely stunning. Try them out! Here are some crochet shirts we found on ASOS!


Evermore was another shocker when it dropped. Taylor Swift did something she had never done before – she married two albums as part of the same era. 

She said on her Instagram post: “In the past I’ve always treated albums as one-off eras and moved onto planning the next one after an album was released. There was something different with Folklore. In making it, I felt less like I was departing and more like I was returning.” The impact of music is absolutely beautiful.

Taylor intertwines the essence of cottage-core with a touch of enchantment, venturing further into the depths of the “folklorian woods” with Evermore. This means we’re looking at woodsy fall colours – mustard yellow and brown, with cosy textures like corduroy and velvet.


Girls, think of it as pumpkin spice season. It’s overalls and flannel galore. It’s time to work on your braiding skills and tie the best damn braid you ever have in your life. It’s time to find your browns and beiges, your mustard yellows and heavenly purses for this beautiful era. 


Pull out your best corduroy goods and deck out! Corduroy jackets, and corduroy pants, all in the warm, cosy hues of brown. And with that, some chunky brown shoes – Timberlands or Doc Marts will be the cherry on top. Simple, yet this style is beautifully Evermore.


Her most recent album, and the era we’re currently in, Midnights strangely feels like a combination of all her previous eras, yet at the same time, it feels like something we’ve never seen Taylor do before. It’s magical.

What’s even more magical is to meet Taylor by dressing like the dark night sky speckled with stars. That is the fashion inspiration for this era – a dark backdrop gracefully littered with glitter, mimicking the dark sky in Taylor’s enchanting universe. The colours for this would be navy blue and black, but Bejeweled with rhinestones and sequins! 


Stars are an excellent motif for this look as well – star jewellery, star embellishments, everything you can imagine! Or think of Taylor’s iconic bejewelled corset. Recreate the look with a little DIY sesh (with gems from Spotlight), or buy this similar top we found on SHEIN. Get your on-theme hairdo as well with this cute little gems hair kit we found on Shopee. For the ultimate Midnights look, get some face gems for your eye look, like these on SHEIN.


Men, same thing for you. But I have the perfect look for you, inspired by a TikTok I saw and now can’t get out of my head. A denim jacket with matching denim jeans, with a gazillion rhinestones of different shapes and colours all over it. Sure, it’s a bit extra work. But we promise your look will be out of this world, and everyone’s eyes will be on you!

Concert Traditions

There you have it! All the outfit inspo you could possibly need, scoured from ends of the Internet to make sure you have the best outfit and the concert experience of your dreams as you sit amid all the different eras. It’s a wonderful concept.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s talk about some concert traditions you might have seen on TikTok and Instagram, but maybe you don’t get them or don’t know how to carry them out. But don’t worry. I gotchu.

Friendship Bracelets


Took the lyric too literally and made over 100 bracelets! See you in Detriot & Cincy Taylor 😈😈 #eras #taylorswift #erastour #friendshipbracelets #yoyok

♬ original sound – amelia🦝

Have you been seeing all over TikTok the trend of Swifties trading friendship bracelets at the Eras Tour? Let’s cover that today. 

Yes, Swifties have made waves with this trend of making old-school bracelets and trading them at concerts, walking out of the show with their wrists covered in them. It started because of these lyrics in You’re On Your Own, Kid from her most recent album, Midnights. 

’Cause there were pages turned with the bridges burned
Everything you lose is a step you take
So make the friendship bracelets
Take the moment and taste it
You’ve got no reason to be afraid

That’s really it. But Taylor is known for her beautiful lyrics, and her fans for honouring them. So this trend is so beautiful in showing the relationship between Taylor Swift and her fans, but also the tight-knit community her fans have built over the years. 

So make the friendship bracelets and take the moment and taste it! Here’s your quick guide on how you can do it too.

First, make the bracelets. 

We found you some kits on Shopee that give you all the tools you need. The most important part of the bracelets, though, is the alphabet on it. They can spell out song titles, lyrics, or even some hilarious but legendary Taylor Swift references. For example, remember that “Sydney!” experiment Taylor tried during her 1989 World Tour? Yes, memes have been born, and bracelets have been birthed from this incredible moment. So the letters are the life of the bracelet. You can find them on Shopee as well! Chinatown is also filled with such stores, so check them out!

Second, of course, you have to wear your bracelet and bring along some to trade as well. Some people bring 50, some haul 100s, some even more. Do what works for you.

Finally, make the trade! Give your bracelets to fellow Swifties and receive theirs, then wear them on your wrist like a prized medallion. Collect as many as you can! Someone even brought home 400! 

Happy trading! Like Taylor said, ” You’ve got no reason to be afraid”.

Drawing 13 on your hand

Have you also been seeing a bright blue “13” painted on the top of the hands of many concertgoers but have no idea what it’s for and why? Fret not. Here’s everything you need to know.

First of all, why the number 13? Taylor was born on 13 December 1989, and has long proclaimed the number to be her favourite, with some albums having precisely 13 songs, and the number becoming a popular easter egg for many Swifties to latch onto as clues for her upcoming releases.

In the “Fearless” era, Taylor inscribed a mystical blue “13” on her guitar-strumming hand for good luck during her concerts. And now fans pay tribute to that enchanting chapter by adorning their own hands with the sacred “13.”

Here’s how to do it. Use a skin-safe marker to draw the number 13 on your hand and then fill it in with nail polish, preferably blue. If you make a mistake, just use some nail polish remover to remove it. Let it dry, and boom! You’re ready!

Alright, folks. With our guide as your trusted compass, you are now equipped to dazzle, mesmerise, and embody the very essence of Taylor Swift as she steps foot in Singapore for The Eras Tour. From dazzling sequins to whimsical florals, from edgy leather jackets to flowing pastel dresses, the possibilities are limitless! Your outfits will be a testament to the journey the queen of pop has walked. 

So, my darling Swifties, stand tall, wear your chosen ensemble like a crown, and brace yourself for the magical nights that await us. Get ready to steal the spotlight, dear fashionistas, as you dance the night away, leaving a trail of fashion inspiration in your wake. 

Are you ready for it? 

Hell, yeah.

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour in Singapore

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour in Singapore

Dates: 2, 3, 4 and 7, 8, and 9 March 2024
Location: Singapore National Stadium

All tickets for Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour in Singapore at the National Stadium are completely sold out. For more information on Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour, stay updated on the Singapore Sports Hub’s official website and Taylor Swift’s official website.

Visuals courtesy of Singapore Sports Hub and Atelier Versace.

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