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It is incredible what creators can come up with these days. With the likes of Photoshop, Maya, and more, we are seeing their most innovative works using these tools. However, those in the industry may not be fully realising their creative vision — regular consumer monitors cannot provide the necessary features to help fulfil that potential. 

That’s where BenQ comes in. The company has been a global innovator of display technologies and they have monitors for professionals as well. For designers particularly, they can look to the BenQ DesignVue Monitor line, which has unique features useful for design-related work.

We’ll be taking a look at what the BenQ DesignVue Monitors offers for creatives and which of its various models is the best fit for you.

Designer Specific Features

For creatives, the devil is in the details. They scrutinise everything to the nth degree, so they need to be able to see everything, even if others might not. So yes, while a 4K resolution is very much a good spec to have, it isn’t the only visual trait that designers need for their work. 

The BenQ DesignVue Monitor series carries several features that are catered for creatives in mind. Within the display, the BenQ AQCOLOR technology works its magic behind the scenes to showcase its visual flair on the screen. A team of colour experts has crafted it to accurately reproduce creative work in graphics design, 3D modelling, animator, UI design, and FX. That means you’ll be able to get smoother colour gradation, more natural colour transitions, and subtler shading.

Further emphasising this is its proprietary Uniformity Technology. One issue designers face is an inaccurate colour rendition from nonuniform screens. This technology separates the display into hundreds of sub-regions and is fine-tuned meticulously to get authentic colouring and consistent luminescence across the entire screen.

There is additional visual prowess for designers with its HDR10 certification, helping garner better brightness levels, enhanced colour conformity, and more importantly, improved black levels. 

Lastly, there is third-party certification in the form of Calman Verified, Pantone Validated and Pantone SkinTone Validated to ensure that the BenQ DesignVue Monitors are up to date with the standard in the industry.

More Productivity at Home

All of these qualities contribute to making an excellent device for designers to use. Still, there are more features up the new PD Series Monitors’ sleeves which further help with productivity when working at home.

Let’s take a look at the software stuff first. Built-in with each BenQ DesignVue Monitor is Display Pilot. This software enables a more convenient design workflow while going about your creative work. 

Several functions are included with Display Pilot. For example, ICCsync simplifies the process of syncing ICC profiles between the monitor and other devices and does so instantly. There’s also Desktop Partition which lets users customise their own layouts by splitting the screen into multiple partitions from their templates. Meanwhile, hotkeys can be set up on keyboards to change display settings on the fly. Plus, Application Mode automatically displays the appropriate colour mode for whichever application you use.

Beyond these tools on Display Pilot, the BenQ DesignVue Monitors also offer specialised modes for work efficiency. Some examples of these modes include Darkroom Mode, the adjusts image brightness and contrast for darkened environments, and CAD/CAM Mode, which brings better contrast for lines and shapes in technical illustrations.

That’s the software side. But, on the outside, BenQ also has something that helps provide a better work experience. The monitors have a built-in KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch, allowing users to control two devices with just one keyboard and mouse set.

It pairs nicely with the included Hotkey Puck Gen2, which lets you seamlessly switch between systems. The Hotkey Puck Gen2 also has additional intuitive functions, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, and volume with its dial or function keys, which can serve as shortcuts to specific colour modes.

Which model should you get?

Which BenQ DesignVue Monitor is the best fit for you? While all of them offer 4K resolution, the different models come with their own additional specialities.

If you need something that has flexibility in use, then the PD2705UA and PD3205UA are options that you can look at. The key functionality of these models is the Ergo Arm equipped with the monitor. In addition, the Ergo Arm is a customisable ergonomic stand that lets you use the screen however you want.

With the Ergo Arm, you get swivel and height adjustments to ensure that the screen is comfortable for you to use. If needed, there is also tilt functionality for that extra tweaking. In addition, for designers who require a vertical screen, the Ergo Arm allows you to pivot the monitor vertically. Last but not least, cable management is a cinch with the arm stand designed to hide loose cables.

BenQ DesignVue Monitors: Ergo Arm
Customise your monitor position and hide your loose cables neatly with the Ergo Arm

In addition to the above features, the PD2705UA and PD3205UA also tout 99% sRGB colour coverage for their screens. Both monitors also come with Type-C power delivery, with the 27-inch PD2705UA can transmit 65W of power while the 32-inch PD3205UA offers 90W.

Designers also tend to be users of Apple’s Mac systems for their creative work, but finding a compatible monitor can be challenging. BenQ has that sorted too! The PD2725U and PD3220U models are fully suited to those with Mac devices.

Both monitors come with Thunderbolt 3 support, which seamlessly syncs over any images, videos, and other data from your Mac device while also charging it. Additionally, Thunderbolt 3 enables users to expand their workspace to have dual 4k monitors by daisy chaining their cables. More screens, more power!

Additionally, both models are equipped with the Display P3 colour for Mac to ensure that colour applications for websites, printings, and videos are consistent throughout for designers as they work.

BenQ DesignVue Monitors: Mac Compatibility
Mac user? No problem! Thunderbolt 3 support ensures your media and data are synced seamlessly.

In terms of power delivery, the smaller 27-inch PD2725U model gives 65W of power delivery, while the larger 32-inch PD3220U provides 85W for power delivery. While the PD2725U may offer less power delivery, it does have an additional VESA DisplayHDR 400 support over the latter.

Finally, the last set of models from the BenQ DesignVue line is for designers who want the best. Meet the PD2706U and PD2706UA, the newest PD Series Monitors to come out in Singapore, and they offer users everything they need from a designer-centric monitor. 

Display P3 colour space with 95% coverage and Delta E ≤ 3 colour reproduction are two highlights from both models. Combined with BenQ’s AQCOLOR and Uniformity technologies, designers will experience a profoundly capable device for colour accuracy in their work.

BenQ DesignVue Monitors: Display P3
The new PD series monitors offer excellent colour accuracy with Display P3 coverage to get the best out of your work

VESA DisplayHDR 400 support is also found on the PD2706U and PD2706UA in addition to the HDR10 feature, guaranteeing better colour and luminance uniformity.

Through its 90W power delivery Type-C port, users get a port that can do everything. Video, audio, and data transmission is lightning-fast in use, and laptops also get the opportunity to be charged when connected to the monitor.

If you require that extra flexibility, the PD2706UA model also comes with the Ergo Arm to take your workstation to the next level — allowing you to customise it to your comfort and preference.

The BenQ DesignVue Monitors have much to offer to designers. Picked out which model suits you best? Be sure to purchase them from BenQ Singapore directly, where you can learn even more about the DesignVue Monitors too!

Customisable Ergo Arm Stand

Mac Compatibility

New PD Series Monitors

This post was brought to you by BenQ.

Visuals courtesy of BenQ.

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