Sun & Sand Sports Launches Its First Southeast Asian Store In Singapore

Coming to you all the way from the middle east is the largest sporting goods retailer, now in Singapore! Last Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to get a first-hand look at Sun & Sand Sports’ first store over at Raffles City

Sun & Sand Sports offers over 90 diverse well-renowned sports brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and more, across various sports categories; talk about variety! The launch party before the store opening had everyone hyped up with good food, goodies and fun games as we awaited the store opening. 

Wall of shoes from the various brands
Wall of shoes from the various brands

Inside the store, options were packed; beginning with shoes and extending to clothing and accessories, catering to anybody and everybody, even kids! Although I am not a very active person myself, walking around the store made me feel tempted and motivated to treat myself to some sports gear to help me start being more active. 

The store offers more than just basic running and training apparel. From hiking to swimming and training apparel, the choices are endless for different types of sports! Shopping is easy in this case as you can easily retrieve different sports gear in just one store—definitely a win for those who dabble in multiple sports.

Get your full outdoor gear from head to toe, all in one store
Get your full outdoor gear from head to toe, all in one store

Upgrade your sports gear with new and trendy ones because you can still look fashionable even when doing sports. In fact, there is a Trend Edit Zone which curates a rotating selection of the most stylish items from the store, letting you easily see the in-trend products of the moment.

But what caught my attention was the really cool 3D foot scanner. Located within the shoe section, the scanner quickly helps you measure the exact length of your feet. But that’s not all; it goes above and beyond to measure other foot analytics such as arch height, heel width and many more. For your future reference, a copy of your results can be emailed to you to make your future shoe-shopping experience smoother. 

Get to know more about your very own feet with the 3D foot scanner
Get to know more about your very own feet with the 3D foot scanner

You no longer have to feel overwhelmed by countless styles, brands, and models to choose from, as the touch-screen machine located right next to the scanner will provide you with an array of shoe recommendations according to your feet needs. 

Choose your desired type of shoes, whether running, tennis or workout and simply scroll through the options. This was an eye-opening experience and the highlight of the event for me. Do try out the scanner when you’re in the store for a unique shopping experience!

If you’re ever in the town area, walk on over to Raffles City to check out the new Sun & Sand Sports store and get yourself some running gear so that you can run over instead the next time! 

Sun & Sand Sports Raffles City

Location: Raffles City #02-03/04, 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103
Opening hours: 10 am to 10 pm daily

Follow Sun & Sand Sports’ Instagram page for updates on any new product launches.

Visuals courtesy of Russell Loh of the DANAMIC Team.

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