Our favourite plant-based products at FHA Food & Beverage 2023

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the FHA-Food & Beverage held from 25 to 28 April at the Singapore Expo. The event caters to the diverse needs of the F&B and hospitality industries. The trade event had over 1,300 exhibitors from across 50 countries, such as Canada, France, South Korea and many more, gathering together over the topic of food! 

While it is primarily a trade event, there are lots of food products being showcased that consumers may get to see outside when they dine out or go grocery shopping. One thing that was a frequent presence at FHA Food & Beverage 2023 was plant-based foods. With the plant-based food market being a rapidly rising industry, many new and upcoming innovations have been featured at the trade event. 

Plant-based foods are mostly thought to be limited to just meats, but there is much more on offer than that! Here, you can find some of our favourite plant-based products featured at the event that you could find and try yourselves.

Only Eg

 Nasi Lemak Roll wrapped with OnlyEg Shreds.
Nasi Lemak Roll wrapped with OnlyEg Shreds.

The world’s first plant-based egg, Only Eg, has developed an innovative, entirely plant-based selection across a range of formats for tasty, nutritious dishes across cuisines. In addition, the eggs made by them are cholesterol-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, antibiotic-free and sustainable. 

At their booth at FHA Food & Beverage 2023, I tried their Nasi Lemak roll made with their plant-based eggs. An interesting and apt combination — after all, what is Nasi Lemak without eggs? The soft texture of the Only Eg egg shreds used to wrap the Nasi Lemak roll definitely brought about a sweet burst of flavour.

OnlyEg ingredients are used at restaurants, including Old Town White Coffee, The Hainan Story, and even hotels such as Shangri-La. Check out the complete list of places, where the amazing chefs prepare mouthwatering food using OnlyEg ingredients! 


Tower of Coolhaus’s ice cream pints.
Tower of Coolhaus’s ice cream pints.

One other plant-based booth that was a big hit was Coolhaus, known for its plant-based ice cream. With the use of vibrant colours, ice cream-inspired designs and a variety of mouthwatering ice cream flavours to try, the booth not only caught my attention, but many others from afar.

Made with 100% dairy, it is as creamy and indulgent as any regular ice cream. It is even lactose and cholesterol free to prevent digestive discomfort. 

The Peanut Butter Sammies had the perfect creamy texture, and the peanut butter was not too overpowering, allowing the ice cream sandwich to be savoured as a whole. One bite into the sammies will have you hooked! Coolhaus also offers a wide range of mouthwatering and adventurous ice cream flavours in many forms- pints, cups, sammies and even 5L tubs. 

The six flavours available are Peanut Butter ‘N Fudge, Mint Chocolate Chip, Molten Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies ‘N Crème, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and are available at Cold Storage, Giant Hypermarket, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Finest, selected FairPrice Supermarket stores and can also be bought online on Redmart for $13.95 per pint. 


First-ever Kombucha Oolong Tea Ice Bar.
First-ever Kombucha Oolong Tea Ice Bar.

Just when you think you’ve seen all the food combinations, wait until you try Smooze’s coconut ice pops. With natural and nutritious fruits blended together, and no artificial colourings, it is more than any ordinary ice pop. 

Their refreshing Coco Shake Chikyu ice pop had a smooth texture. Moreover, it contained organic coconut sugar, which enhanced the sweet flavours, making it the perfect solution to combat hot and sunny Singapore. Also, don’t forget to keep a lookout for their first-ever Kombucha Ice Bar, made with real tea and infused with coconut water, coming soon. 

Get yours now at any Smooze vending machines in Singapore, such as Seletar Club and Sunshine Plaza. You can also order online via Smooze’s website, Shopee or RedMart

Mate Mate

Insta Worthy display wall featuring all five MATE MATE colourful can flavours.
Insta Worthy display wall featuring all five MATE MATE colourful can flavours.

We all know that one person who is worryingly reliant on caffeine or energy drinks to help them function throughout the day. MATE MATE is a healthier alternative to caffeine or other synthetic energy drinks. It is also the first Energy Drink in the world to add WELLMUNE – a yeast beta-glucan, clinically proven to boost the immune system & improve mental clarity. Formulated to boost energy, Mate Mate Natural Energy Drink feeds your energy whenever needed. 

The refreshing Pink Hydration Natural Energy Drink is a must-try! Although I’m not a big fan of lychees, it blended well with the white peach flavour and gave a refreshing sparkling taste. The beverage will definitely give you the surge of energy you desperately need. 

Do your throat a favour and run to your nearest Cold Storage, or simply buy them straight from their official website.


TiNDLE’s crispy nuggets in tiny boats ready to sail into tummies.
TiNDLE’s crispy nuggets in tiny boats ready to sail into tummies.

One might think switching to a plant-based diet means giving up meat. Don’t fret, as there is now chicken made from plants! TiNDLE is the delicious award-winning sensation that has taken the world by storm and will keep you wanting more. TiNDLE’s chicken, made from plants, uses less land and less water, and produces less CO2 than chicken from birds, making it sustainable. 

I enjoyed trying the TiNDLE nuggets, which had a special light tempura batter, sealing in the juicy goodness and giving a satisfying crunch with every bite. With its crispy texture and juicy insides, it is impossible to just have one of the bite-sized bliss bombs! 

Chefs of multiple restaurants, such as Three Buns and The Goodburger, have created mouthwatering dishes using TiNDLE chicken. Check out the full list of restaurants here!


Freshly prepared Cocobella yoghurts by the lovely staff
Freshly prepared Cocobella yoghurts by the lovely staff

Cocobella presents a guilt-free snack break with their yoghurt creation! Made with delicious white coconut pressed to make coconut milk deliberately fermented with live yoghurt cultures and probiotics to create a naturally dairy-free yoghurt. Cocobella Coconut Yoghurt can be enjoyed on its own as a snack, topped onto your breakfast or used as a versatile ingredient within recipes. 

The yoghurt is dairy-free and vegan-friendly, so everyone can treat themselves to some sweet and cool goodness. Don’t miss out on the Passion Fruit Coconut Yoghurt; its tangy and citrusy tropical flavour will get you hooked! I was sceptical about trying the new combination, but after just one spoonful, I kept scooping my cup for more!

Don’t walk; run to Cold Storage because this is too good to miss out on! And if you’re too lazy to run, simply purchase it online via RedMart

Those were just a few of the many plant-based options on show at FHA Food & Beverage 2023. If you’ve been keen to jump on the plant-based food bandwagon, these products are sure to help smoothen the transition! Don’t forget to share your reviews with us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Photos by Sharleen Nadya of the DANAMIC Team.

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