The Hatching of a Plant-Based Chicken: TiNDLE – Chicken, Made From Plants

No, you are not misreading the headline. This is not an article advertising a cheap version of Tinder, the app you mindlessly scroll through at 3am hitting up random strangers after building up some liquid courage. We are saving the planet from unethical rearing and breeding practices while getting the meaty grub we love with plant-based meat.

Singapore-based food technology startup, Next Gen Foods, created TiNDLE. The peculiar sounding product is set to launch on 18 March 2021 and will be exclusively available across 11 well-known local restaurants. Some of the restaurants involved are The Prive Group, Ebb & Flow Group, Three Buns and The Market Grill.

TINDLE: The Goodburger
The Goodburger Food truck

In addition, Instagram famous food truck The Goodburger will be bringing the TiNDLE experience to CBD warriors during launch week.

TiNDLE’s gastronomy is simple. It is essentially defined as chicken purely derived from plants. Comprising only nine ingredients which are all non-GMO and non-Novel, TiNDLE Thy’s core is built from water, soy, sunflower oil and coconut fat.

TiNDLE Thy does not contain any cholesterol, sugars and trans-fat. Strangely, it still manages to contain 17g of protein per 100g and even received a Healthier Choice certification from Singapore’s Health Promotion Board.

Unlike its plant-based counterparts, such as the famed Impossible burger, TiNDLE helms the title of being the only plant-based chicken in the market developed with chefs for chefs.

“We’re confident that TiNDLE is the only plant-based chicken that is versatile enough to be used across a multitude of cuisines and dishes. If chefs are happy with TiNDLE, then we’re very sure customers will be too,” says Jean Madden, CMO of Next Gen Foods.

It’s indisputable that chefs are possibly the only ones who can win the war between culinary arts and our taste buds. Ultimately, these dishes will end up in our stomachs, knowing how much we love exploring new horizons with various food flavours and textures.

TINDLE: Prive Katsu Curry
TiNDLE Katsu Curry from Prive

Guests can look forward to enjoying Prive’s TiNDLE Katsu Curry. The golden crispy breaded TiNDLE cutlet is bathed in aromatic Japanese curry. When paired with delectable apple-edamame-corn salsa and steamed brown rice, this is a combination sure to satisfy both non-meat and meat-eaters.

TINDLE: Empress Lemon Chicken
Lemon Chicken from Empress

There’s also Empress’ Sesame-Crusted Lemon TiNDLE. This quirky dish features a TiNDLE fillet coated in sesame seeds and drizzled sparingly with a tangy lemon sauce.

TINDLE: Three Buns The Big Cease
The Big Cease from Three Buns

Three Buns outdoes itself again with The Big Cease. A buttermilk fried TiNDLE is probably a dish you wouldn’t expect on the menu. Interestingly, the fillet is topped with creamy Caesar sauce and served in a fluffy toasted bun.

For The Goodburger itself, you can sink your teeth into their What the Cluck! TiNDLE burger right now! And the first 100 burgers for each day are completely free! So be sure to move early for this deal.

The Goodburger

TINDLE: The Goodburger Cover Image

Availability: 18 March to 23 March
Operating hours: 11am to 3pm (or until they sell out)
Location: Raffles Place (Ocean Financial Center, 10 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049315)
Socials: Instagram

More information on TINDLE can be found on their website, and you can follow their Instagram to find out the latest partnerships and promotions.

Visuals courtesy of TINDLE.

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