Elfuego presents their first Halal Omakase experience ahead of Ramadan

The omakase experience is a unique one for diners to have, and If you haven’t tried it before, now there’s one more option to add to the list. Elfuego at Jewel Changi Airport — the halal concept fine dining restaurant from COLLIN’S — has been delighting patrons with its take on Western cuisine. For the upcoming Ramadan, they have something special cooked up; inviting Muslims and non-Muslims alike to partake in their first Halal Omakase Menu.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, omakase is a Japanese-centric dining experience where the chef has developed a specific menu for the diner. In fact, the word omakase translates to “I’ll leave it up to you”, with diners placing their trust in the chef to deliver a gastronomic experience. The same goes for Elfuego’s offering, which has been specially curated by the restaurant using the finest ingredients.

Visitors will get an eight-course array of dishes for the new Halal Omakase Menu, which will be available for dine-in from 22 March to 21 April 2023 (excluding the eve of/ and Public Holidays) at S$98 per person.

Let’s dig into what you can expect on the menu.


First up are the appetisers, which bring several seafood-based selections meant to tickle the taste buds ahead of the arrival of the main courses. 

Elfuego Halal Omakase: Ceviche of Hokkaido Scallop
Get a taste of Japan with the Ceviche of Hokkaido Scallop

Starting it all off is the Ceviche of Hokkaido Scallop. A typically Latin American dish made with raw fish or shrimp and combined with citrus juices, this iteration features a more Asian influence. Hokkaido’s famed scallops are used here, cured with ponzu sauce and served with Japanese cucumbers.

Rather than whole scallops, they come as small little slices which soak up the sauce more thoroughly. As a result, the ponzu sauce adds a tangy jolt to the dish, while the cucumbers bring a refreshing taste to each bite. 

Cucumber is once again present for the other appetiser dish on the omakase menu. This time, it is paired with oysters and lime for the Sakoshi Bay Oyster, which is elegantly plated on a bed of stones. You’ll also be able to spot some ikura (salmon roe) hidden within.

Elfuego Halal Omakase: Sakoshi Bay Oyster
The Sakoshi Bay Oyster is certainly a head-turner

First impressions of it may not be pleasing for some — it has a distinct green colour — but it is very much edible. The cucumber flavour is much more pronounced here, as is the lime, and the oysters themselves have that oceanic taste you get with seafood. 

The appetisers now move away from the citrus theme. What comes next is the Lobster Pasta. It uses fine angel hair pasta tossed with Lobster Oil and Konbu (kelp). Unsurprisingly, it comes included with generous portions of U.S. Lobster Meat in the dish as well.

Elfuego Halal Omakase: Lobster Pasta
The Lobster Pasta is a light sampler ahead of the main courses

Fans of lobster will very much like what Elfuego has presented here. The lobster meat is exceedingly fresh and soft, and the taste is enhanced with the lobster oil as well as the subtle saltiness from the konbu.

The last appetiser to come is the Crab Croquette. Blue Swimmer Crab meat is breaded and deep-fried for this dish, laid on a spicy salsa base.

The croquette has been fried just the right amount, presenting a golden brown sheen to the exterior. Inside, you get the sweetness from the crab meat, which goes well with the outside texture. For those who aren’t good with spice, no worries! The spice level here is the perfect amount — enough to give that satisfying kick to each bite. I only wished they gave more of it!

Elfuego Halal Omakase: Crab Croquette
Deep-fried with spicy salsa makes for an excellent combination for the Crab Croquette

Overall, the appetiser course selection brings a good variety of flavour profiles — from citrus to spice — and the small sizes of each dish ensure that it is the right amount to whet your appetite before you receive the main courses.

Main courses

You’ll be presented with three dishes for the main courses, described by Elfuego as “an epicurean farm-to-table experience”.

It begins with the Texture of Mushroom. The unusually-named dish is a mushroom fiesta, coming with a giant portobello mushroom that has been breaded and fried along with porcini ragout and some mushroom essence. A small dollop of potato puree completes it.

Elfuego Halal Omakase: Texture of Mushroom
The Texture of Mushroom is a hearty love letter to mushroom

The portobello mushroom is nicely crisp but also soft on the inside with a deep mushroom flavour. The puree is smooth and helps balance the heaviness from the deep-fry. Meanwhile, the ragout contains some bite-sized porcini chunks for a bit of chew, accentuating the mushroom taste.

Next, seafood is back on the agenda as Elfego brings out the Pan-Roasted Barramundi. The barramundi comes served on a bed of potatoes and leek, with some Beurre Blanc sauce to finish off the dish.

Elfuego Halal Omakase: Pan-Roasted Barramundi
Fresh and juicy barramundi cut is the centrepiece of the Pan-Roasted Barramundi

It’s a generous serving of fish, with a thick slab of barramundi resting on the plate. The fish itself is fresh, while the skin is crisp and juicy. You should also pair it with the Beurre Blanc for added flavour; the sauce is creamy and tastes similar to coleslaw.

From the ocean, we return to land with the last main course from the menu. Check out the Slow-Cooked U.S. Beef Short Rib, featuring a huge rib with the bone still in. It comes with a side of cubed Macedoine Vegetables and some Beef Consommé, which you can pour into the dish to your liking.

Elfuego Halal Omakase: Slow-Cooked U.S. Beef Short Rib
The Slow-Cooked U.S. Beef Short Rib has a delightful smoke-infused flavour

Cutting into the rib, you can see wafts of smoke emanating from the meat, which is also indicative of the taste, with beef having a distinct, deep smoky flavour. Do ensure you dip it with the beef consommé as well to not only moisten it but also add extra beefy flavour to it.


The omakase experience ends with a dessert! In this case, the dessert on offer is Cassata Ice Cream — made with Mascarpone, Dates, Nuts, Fruit candies, and Chocolate Chip. Our ice cream also came with a single raspberry for some extra sweetness.

While you might be keen to dig in straight away, the ice cream arrives rather tough from being frozen, so do wait for it to soften up first.

Elfuego Halal Omakase: Cassata Ice Cream
The Cassata Ice Cream brings a sweet conclusion to the omakase

Taste-wise, you get the cheesy flavour from the mascarpone, while the nuts and chocolate chips add some chew to each spoonful of ice cream. An excellent way to finish it is to end it off on a sweet note with the dates and raspberry.

More Special Ramadan Items

That’s it for Elfuego’s Halal Omakase Menu, but if you have a big appetite, you can add more to your meal with their exclusive Ramadan a la carte menu items. These offerings are available from 22 March to 30 April 2023.

As a side option, you can grab the Trio of Seafood Platter (S$35++). The platter contains juicy deep-fried oysters, grilled Japanese squid, and lobster salad — a great option to share with your friends and family.

Elfuego Halal Omakase: Trio of Seafood Platter
Elfuego’s new Trio of Seafood Platter is a generous side option which you can share around

For something more hearty, you can look to the Charcoal-grilled Tasmanian Lamb Ribs (S$48++). The ribs have been well-marinated with Asian spices and are served with a side of cucumber salad.

Drinks are also on the menu, with two new offerings to quench your thirst. Consider the creamy Pina Colada (S$7++) for those with sweet tooths, or get the Floral Tea (S$7++) for something more refreshing between each Halal Omakase dish Menu.

So if you are looking for a new dining location for the Ramadan period, the new Elfuego Halal Omakase Menu and Ramadan a la carte offerings bring an exciting variety to your food experience!

For the Halal Omakase Menu, it is best to pre-order a day in advance for the restaurant to prep the dishes ahead of your arrival for the best experience. And if you book by 31 March 2023, you’ll be able to enjoy 10% off with an early bird discount!


Date: 22 March to 21 April 2023 (excluding the eve of/ and Public Holidays)
Location: Jewel Changi Airport, #02-216, 78 Airport Blvd., Singapore 819666
Price: S$98++ per person
Opening hours: 10am to 9pm

To make reservations, you can head over to Elfuego’s official website.

Photos by Russell Loh of the DANAMIC Team.

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