Wildlife at your doorstep with Singapore Zoo’s Glamping in the Wild

Glamping in the Wild returns to Singapore Zoo from 1 April 2023 with exciting twists! The ever-popular staycation experience is back with new experiences for visitors to look forward to.

A comfortable one-night stay awaits guests as their glamping tent comes with two soft double beds, accommodating four people. But that’s not all! You can also expect exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, animal feeding, and priority seating for spectacular live presentations.

For those looking to experience Glamping in the Wild, here’s what your day would look like at your luxurious glamping experience set in the heart of rainforests at the Singapore Zoo:

It’s time to address the elephants in the room!

Start your wildlife adventure with a bang by befriending a majestic herd of Asian Elephants. These bubbly animals are eager to meet everyone, and you can return their friendliness by feeding them some food provided by the Zoo. It’s not often you get to be up close and personal with warm giants after all!

Glamping in the Wild Singapore Zoo: Elephant Token Feeding
Feed these cute, energetic and enigmatic creatures up close as you shake hands with their trunks!

As you feed them and talk to their caretakers, you can find out the individual personality traits of the five female pachyderms and see if you relate to any of them! You can even have a chat with the elephants and be blown away by their mighty trunks, beautiful large eyes and playful attitudes.

Health is wealth – Learn about diet, nutrition and animal care

Animal healthcare is crucial to ensure a pleasant experience for the wildlife, caretakers and guests alike. They make up the backbone of the Zoo after all. 

Cash in your backstage passes and head on over to the Wildlife Nutrition Centre, where you can discover the inner workings of an organisation responsible for the welfare of over 15,000 animals within Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Wonders.

Look at the diet charts of various species of animals and step into veterinary clinics where the magic happens. From a slight bruise to more severe conditions, here’s where medical experts tend to animals in pain. If you are lucky, you could witness vets in action as they try their level best to provide relief to the fauna that make up the Zoo.

Wild, Wild… Africa and Spectacular Sea Animals

The next part of the experience is a full-on creature feature! First, enjoy VIP seats at the Splash Safari Presentation for an entertaining performance by the highly energetic Californian Sea Lion. Watch it gracefully stride on water and perform tricks with balls — be prepared to get caught off guard by hilarious moments with this adorable little aquatic acrobat. 

Glamping in the Wild Singapore Zoo: Splash Safari Presentation
Watch the Californian Sea Lion make delightful splashes with bated breath at the Splash Safari presentation!

The delightful playfulness of the Sea Lion is one that should be cherished. Beyond the fun and laughter, the show will also provide insight into how we can do our part to make the oceans where these creatures live a safer place to stay. 

From the seas, visitors will move swiftly to land — specifically Africa. A tour awaits with a private guide to take you on a journey to appreciate the magnificent animals from the continent.

Take a gander at some of the beautiful beasts from Africa, who have now called the Singapore Zoo their home, like the intricately crafted features of the African Painted Dog or the glorious appearance of the African Lion. Catch a glimpse of Cheetahs as well which may be darting past at lightning speed.

Stroll past nature’s wonders

After an eventful day being around the animals, visitors will no doubt be eager to chow down on some food. Dinner will be served at the Forest Lodge, where a hearty meal has been prepared in-house by the chefs at the Singapore Zoo.

Once you’ve finished dinner, you’re invited to wind the day down with a leisurely stroll of the park, where you can see the nocturnal creatures come alive. Make sure you stay quiet and pay attention to the sights and sounds around you to spot animals like the Spotted Wood Owl or Sunda Colugo indulging in their twilight rituals: They could be in the midst of a hunt for food, so be sure not to disturb them and watch from a safe distance.

Glamping in the Wild Singapore Zoo: Tents
Your comfortable night’s stay at a fully air-conditioned tent complete with double-beds awaits you!

With a long day spent being out and about in the wild, it is time to retreat to your dome to get a good night’s sleep. Cool off with the cosy air-conditioned interiors and dive into your soft, white sheets placed on comfortable mattresses for a good night’s sleep with a lullaby formed by a  cacophony of calming sounds from Upper Seletar Reservoir.

When Food, Flora and Fauna come together

Rise and shine for the morning, where your Glamping in the Wild experience is soon coming to an end. And what better way to conclude your stay at the Zoo than with Breakfast in the Wild at the Ah Meng Restaurant?

Taste local and international delights crafted by chefs with planet-friendly ingredients. But your meal is accompanied by surprise guests! Enjoy your meal with friendly animal ambassadors in the form of Orangutans, Tamanduas, Coatimundis, and colourful Macaws. Truly a special way to have your breakfast in the morning.

Glamping in the Wild Singapore Zoo: Breakfast in the Wild
Dine in style surrounded by Orangutans, Tamanduas, Coatimundis and Macaws

For those who still want more, guests are encouraged to have a free and easy visit to the rest of the Singapore Zoo, where more animals are ready to greet them!

More Glamping on the way

That summarises what to expect from Glamping in the Wild at Singapore Zoo. Interested visitors can secure a tent at $1,699 per tent, with each glamping session starting at 1:30pm and ending at 10am the following day. Various dates in April are up for grabs for Glamping in the Wild, which will take a break before resuming in October 2023.

But there’s another Glamping experience to check out as well. If you are a fan of water animals, Glamping with the Manatees is another returning activity available from April to August 2023. Surround yourself with manatees that mesmerise you, gain access to behind-the-scenes encounters with them and meet capybaras that will charm their way to your heart at the Once Upon a River presentation.


Date: Various dates in April 2023
Location: Singapore Zoo, 80 Mandai Lake Rd, 729826
Price: S$1,699 per tent (fits 4 people)
Time: 1.30pm to 10am the next day

To find out more and make bookings for Glamping in the Wild, visit their official website!

Visuals courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group.

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