Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds: The DANAMIC Review

When talking about audio for gaming, the mind immediately springs to big headsets. But less is said about wireless earbuds being used when playing games. Sadly, it is because the options are few — there aren’t many with the capabilities to cater to gaming-centric use. But the Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds are aiming to change that.

While conventional wireless earbuds are unable to offer things like low-latency audio or even a way to connect to consoles, the new earbuds from Logitech bring a list of gamer-friendly features to the table for users to take advantage of.

As someone who dislikes using headsets for gaming, the option of having the Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds as a more convenient and comfortable alternative was intriguing. But while I’ve enjoyed my time trying out the device, it isn’t something that is an easy recommendation.

Design and Features

The Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds come in an oval-shaped case, which isn’t too dissimilar to a lot of the other wireless earbuds available. Opening the case reveals a lovely shade of lavender for the interior of our white version, while the black variant offers lime green. The colour contrast adds some character to the design, which I like.

Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds: Charging Case
One minor inconvenience for the charging case is that the light indicator is located inside

But while the exterior look may look like any other case, its uniqueness shows in the earbuds themselves. The earbuds come in semi-transparent tips, shaped like what the insides of your ears might look like. Overall, it’s a look that sets it apart.

The design does have a purpose. Logitech uses a feature called Lightform Molding to shape the earbuds uniquely to a person’s ears — something that I’ve not seen with other wireless earbuds. When you first open the box, you’ll notice that the earbuds are packaged separately from the case. That is to avoid damage from UV lights as it uses LED lights to mould the buds.

Going through the process of moulding the earbuds is relatively easy. After following the instructions on the app and placing the earbuds in your ears, the buds light up with the LEDs to harden the mould and create a custom fit. However, the three-minute moulding process felt strange since it heated up and made an unfamiliar warm sensation in the ears. 

Even after the moulding was done, I still felt that the fit was not quite as snug as it could be, but thankfully it does get better over time. Now the earbuds sit firmly, and I’ve not had to worry about them falling out. While the fit is decent, I would not say that they are the most comfortable to wear. The tips do go deeper in the ears than a typical earbud would, and you also definitely feel the weight while wearing them.

Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds: Design
The translucent ear tips are shaped through LED lights to give a custom fit

So far, I’ve not had any major problems with the earbuds, but one issue that may arise is the changing of the tips. The tips on the Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds are the only ones it comes with, so if you need to change the tips due to damage, you are out of luck — they do not offer replacements. The same goes if the moulding goes wrong. Lightform Molding is a single-time feature, so you can’t redo the process. If the fit is still off for you, you’ll need to contact G Fits experts via the app and wait for them to get back to you.

Another highlight feature of the Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds is low-latency Lightspeed Wireless for audio. Here, it comes in the form of a USB-A dongle, with a USB-C adaptor included as well. 

In a sense, it does make it convenient to switch audio between devices. So you could have it connected to your phone and change to your PC’s audio through the dongle by triple-tapping the earbuds. But the concept isn’t exactly brand-new; dual-pairing is available on most flagship wireless earbuds and essentially does the same thing. 

What I will say though, is that switching the audio seems very fast. Having the dongle also makes it incredibly flexible in use. You could connect it to devices that don’t have Bluetooth connections (like my desktop PC), and it transmits audio flawlessly.

Active noise cancellation (ANC) is also not a feature of the earbuds, so even though the ear tips are meant to be form-fitting, they still do leak in environmental noise.


The main draw of the Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds is its use for gaming and compatibility with many of the platforms available. Besides PC, I’ve tried it on my PS5 console as well as the Nintendo Switch, and it works as intended with both of them. Unfortunately, it seems incompatible with Xbox, so owners of those consoles will sadly miss out. 

One nitpick I specifically have when using it with the PS5, is that it does not save the volume level when you last used it. As a result, connecting to the console always starts at low volume, and I have to manually increase it by tapping on the earbuds. 

Otherwise, the audio quality is decent when gaming with it. The sound booms during action set-pieces, and character dialogue is clear during story-heavy moments. And it is particularly immersive using the earbuds with the PS5, taking advantage of its 3D audio feature.

Having it off gaming is a slightly different matter. Unfortunately, the music-listening experience on the Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds isn’t something to write home about. In general, the vocals sound fine, but the highs are indistinct, which creates a strange sound profile to listen to. The low-end also lacks a bit of punch, so songs with lots of bass don’t sound as satisfying as they could be.

At the very least, these can be alleviated with the equaliser settings in the G Fits app. The equaliser is pretty extensive, with various profiles listed, like the ever-present Bass-boost and gaming-specific ones like FPS. 

However, the profiles themselves don’t exactly sound very good for their intended use. For example, the MOBA/RPG one seems to soften dialogue volume, one of the more important aspects of the genre. Bass-boost also sounds awful, with the bass seeing very little improvement while rendering everything else muddled.

You’re much better off creating a custom equaliser setting. Thankfully, the one provided within the G Fits app is quite in-depth, even if it takes some playing around. With my own custom profile, listening to music was much improved all around.

Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds: G Fits App
The G Fits app’s default profiles aren’t good, but luckily you can make multiple custom profiles

Switching equaliser profiles for gaming is also a hassle. You must first connect to your phone to choose a different profile. So adjusting and testing it is very troublesome if you want to try to customise one for a specific game. 

For the mic performance, I’m glad to say that it does great. Not once was there an issue communicating with friends over a multiplayer session. And that also extends beyond using it for gaming — the audio sounds clear for phone calls to receiving parties. 


The battery life for the Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds varies depending on how you are utilising the earbuds.

Logitech says you’ll get 10 hours of use with the earbuds if you use the traditional Bluetooth way. Meanwhile, if you connect it with the Lightspeed dongle, you’ll receive a decreased 7 hours of battery life. This is because it is rendering the audio at low-latency. From my testing, the battery life is consistent with the estimated timings from Logitech. Compared to some flagship wireless earbuds, that is pretty good.

Its total battery life is, however, a disappointment. With the charging case, you get an extra 12 hours and 8 hours for Bluetooth and Lightspeed use — giving a total use duration of 22 hours and 15 hours, respectively. That effectively means you only get one extra use out of the earbuds once you’ve drained the battery. 


The Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds has few of its kind. And in catering to gamers, it does its job well. It works with many gaming platforms, provides a great sound performance for single-player lovers, and is faultless for multiplayer sessions with buddies.

But we also have to talk about the price. Listed at a retail price of S$389, that is an exorbitant amount of money to pay to use it as wireless earbuds just for gaming. And while you can double up to using it as your daily audio device, there are other wireless earbuds that offer similar performance at a lower cost. While we are on the subject of cheaper alternatives, wired earbuds also do the job for your gaming playthroughs at a fraction of the price. 

Still, I can’t deny that the Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds isn’t at least a competent device. Once you manage to work around its initial sound performance problems, they are actually decent wireless earbuds. For me though, this product is more for a niche audience with money to spare.

The Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds are available to purchase on Logitech’s official store platforms at Shopee and Lazada.

Photos by Russell Loh of the DANAMIC Team.

Logitech G Fits Gaming Earbuds





  • Solid features for gaming use
  • Flexible usage
  • Decent sound (when tweaked properly)


  • Badly tuned equaliser profiles
  • Lower capacity battery life
  • Expensive

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