Dessert Dive: Savour Ben & Jerry’s-Inspired Stuffed Doughnuts by Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery

Long project meetings and schoolwork can dampen your mood. Our mundane meals don’t help either; ordering food from the same canteens, choosing a drink from a limited selection of Pokka beverages or just scrolling through restaurants on Grab to find those with the lowest delivery fees. Each day leaves me craving for something sweet to escape office or college obligations – even if it’s only temporary. 

Something a little unique and a little hedonistic can sprinkle some joy on humdrum daily life, making each day so much more bearable. Dessert’s always a good start, and Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery’s new ice-cream-flavoured stuffed doughnuts might be the one to do the trick! 

Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery, as the name suggests, specialises in sourbombes; a combination of sourdough and Italian bombolonis (or cream-filled doughnuts). Founder of Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery and MasterChef Singapore 2018 runner-up Genevieve Lee created them because she wanted to experiment with modernised, less greasy versions of traditional doughnuts. They have become unimaginably popular in the past few years. In my experience, orders for sourbombes are usually filled up lightning-fast, so you need to shop for these special treats days in advance just to get a bite.

So enter Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery’s newest creations! These sourbombes have been made in partnership with ice-cream brand Ben & Jerry’s and are all inspired by the company’s latest ice creams to give a creative twist. Three lip-smacking flavours will go on sale from the 14th of July – Brûlée Hooray, Gooey Glory and Dublin’ Down ($5.60). 

Fancy crème brûlée in a bun?

For vanilla and caramel aficionados, Brûlée Hooray features a synthesis of both creams. Crystal candied caramel coats this bombe, and biting into it will reveal an explosion of fluffy vanilla bean custard. Genevieve took reference from Ben & Jerry’s playful personality, innovative flavour textures and layers to create the Brûlée Hooray. Quite literally, this bombe brings good cheer. 

Another new flavour – this one slightly more exotic – is the Gooey Glory. This gustatory delight offers a generous helping of coconut caramel glaze, sea salt flakes and buttery shortbread cookies. Definitely a chunky treat worth munching on for those who like crunchier desserts! Inject some decadence into your life with this doughnut in all its, ahem, gooey glory. 

Imagine creamy caramel oozing out from a doughnut

Last but not least is Dublin’ Down. What’s with all this alliteration, right? Well, try before you deny – this bombe doubles down on the lusciousness. Dublin’ Down is dipped in a dark chocolate glaze and dashed with chopped hazelnuts. 

Packed with delicious Coffee-Kahlua Mousse, the doughnut will give you a bit of a boozy kick and caffeine shake-up. Not suitable for the faint-hearted, indeed. 

Get ready to slide into chocolate heaven

Love the sugary goodness and want more? Then grab the two latest Ben & Jerry’s flavours that birthed those bombe babies. Chewy Gooey Cookie and Dublin Mudslide ($13.90) will be the new pints stocking up selected Fairprice outlets in the coming month. 

From 14 July to 13 August, you can also redeem a limited edition co-branded Ben & Jerry’s and Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery reversible bucket hat worth $30 at Fairprice when you spend at least $25 on the ice cream pints. 

Grab customers are entitled to another special promotion: 15% off on Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery doughnuts with every purchase of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The reverse also applies – 15% off with a minimum of $20 spend on ice cream with every purchase of Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery doughnuts.

Hopefully, these dessert dives will deliver the perfect pick-me-up you need to power through the rest of your week. Bon appétit!

Visuals courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s Singapore.

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