Häagen-Dazs’ Three New Tropical Flavours are ‘Rum’azing!

As Singaporeans, when it comes to food, we don’t hold back. It’s simply not in our blood. So when I tell you that Häagen-Dazs has come up with three new tropical flavours, you wouldn’t hold back, would you? Especially not if I told you that they all have a special ingredient in common, one that would add a little extra kick to our ice cream? The ingredient, you ask? Rum. Saucy, huh?

Well, brace yourselves, for these flavours will get your hearts racing with excitement! Ready? Here we go.

First, we have the addictive Piña Colada (in pint form), then we have the vegan-friendly Lime Mojito Sorbet (also in pint form), and lastly, the refreshing Strawberry Daiquiri (in a stickbar form!).

Haagan Daäz Tropical Flavours: Ice-cream Tubs
The tub-a-licious goodies!

Head giddy with excitement yet? Well, I assure you that these three ice cream flavours will not have that ‘giddy’ effect on you due to their extremely low alcohol content!

Allow me to share with you my thoughts on these flavours and whether you should make the purchase or not. But first, Häagen-Dazs has the perfect ‘mix’ for you to enjoy the ice cream to their fullest potential and your utmost pleasure. Under the tagline of ‘Love the Mix’, Häagen-Dazs recommends that you concoct your own delicious treat by making some homemade cocktails to go with the ice cream.

Now without further ado, let’s begin!

Haagan Daäz Tropical Flavours: Piña Colada
The stunning Piña Colada ice cream. Now you know it’s a party!

The first is the Piña Colada (S$14.50/pint, S$5.50/mini cup)! The combination of pineapple with coconut is age-old, but what can I say? Old is indeed gold. When this combination meets the underlying tones of pineapple rum sauce, it takes you back to the days when summer vacations along the beach were possible. The tantalising, addictive flavour that you can’t help but keep eating, is bound to become your favourite guilty pleasure! 

The munch of the coconut pieces makes for a full-packaged bite, where the creaminess of the ice cream meets the juiciness of the coconut shavings, with the hint of rum. Indeed, this ice cream feels like a frozen Piña Colada! Available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and e-retailers, this delectable treat is available in pint and mini cup form, whichever suits your fancy.

Haagan Daäz Tropical Flavours: Lime Mojito Sorbet
The tangy and minty treat that looks refreshing and screams beachy vacations!

Next up is the vegan-friendly Lime Mojito Sorbet (S$14.50/pint, S$5.50/mini cup)! Zesty, fruity, minty, this delectable flavour encompasses a tangy sorbet of freshly-squeezed limes, with a light sprinkle of rum infused with a swirl of fresh mint! Upon the first bite, you don’t know what hits you first – the tanginess or the mintiness of the ice cream. While both are highlights of a classic mojito, this one didn’t exactly taste like one to me, and the essence of the rum didn’t quite reach me.

This flavour is undoubtedly an acquired taste. While it is incredibly refreshing and transports you to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean upon a simple bite, I don’t see myself taking more than a few spoonfuls of this flavour. Due to how sour I found it, I wouldn’t be able to eat a whole bowl of this, or binge this as I watch my newest Netflix find. But maybe that’s just what you need for the days when your cravings get the better of you despite your diet!

But if you love sour flavours, this could be your dream ice cream. To add some flair and balance out the flavours, you could add a few drops of your favourite liquor or a simple homemade cocktail! ‘Love the Mix’, remember? This is where your creativity takes the spotlight!

Haagan Daäz Tropical Flavours: Strawberry Daiquiri
The Strawberry Daiquiri bar in all her pink-y glory.

Finally, we have the hot-pink Strawberry Daiquiri stickbar (S$5.90, only available at Cheers outlets!). Strawberries, lime, rum – that’s the ice cream. As you sink your teeth into the hard strawberry-infused white chocolate covering, its satisfying snap fills your ears, and your tongue tastes the creamy strawberry ice cream with a dash of rum and hint of lime. 

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this treat is a sensory experience – from sight to touch, this stickbar engages with all your five senses and fills you with wonder. The strawberry and lime flavours have a party in your mouth, as the tartness of it all surprises you with a lovely punch. While this strong combination plays in your mouth, you barely notice the subtle accents of the rum passing by. It is a little bit tart, a little tangy, but it’s not too overpowering. It’s an experience you have to try, and you can only purchase it at Cheers outlets.

All in all, I assure you that one of these flavours is bound to own your heart. The Piña Colada one owns mine! But wait! The party continues at Häagen-Dazs cafes!

Haagan Daäz Tropical Flavours: Strawberry Daiquiri Bar
Can you see my heart eyes as I devour the ice cream?

A bunch of refreshing drinks and parfait are now available at all Häagen-Dazs cafes. After a hot day or a tough day at work, need a way to wind down? These drinks ought to do the trick! The options? A creamy Piña Colada milkshake (S$12.90); a Pineapple Mango Paradise (S$14.90) for an explosion of flavours with some crunchy Nature Valley, pineapple chunks and mango puree; an invigorating Raspberry Mai Tai (S$12.90); an alluring Lime Mojito Sparkling Float (S$12.90).

Have I gotten your heart thumping out of your chest yet? Have I tempted you to head down to your nearest supermarket, or Cheers outlet, or Häagen-Dazs cafe right now? You can visit the Häagen-Dazs site right now for more information! 

Don’t hold back, Singapore! It’s never been in our blood to, and now is the time to prove it.

Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC Team.

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