Excite the Senses with Lightwave: Isle of Light in i Light Singapore 2022

i Light Singapore 2022 is now underway! And with 20 distinct artworks and installations decorating the Marina Bay area till 26 June, evening strolls around the bay are set to be an eye-catching experience throughout the month. 

Alongside the artworks and installations, visitors can also check out a unique experience right around the waters of Marina Bay. Located at Marina Bay Lower Boardwalk, OPPO’s Lightwave: Isle of Light exhibition joins i Light Singapore 2022 to take visitors on a multi-sensory journey like they’ve never felt before.

The exhibit itself is unique in that a specially constructed floating pontoon was built to hold it. Lightwave: Isle of Light comprises five zones, each with a particular feature about them to excite the senses — let’s take a look at what they are!

Lightwave: Isle of Light Through the Unknown
Enter Lightwave: Isle of Light through a sci-fi entrance

The opening zone for the exhibition is very sci-fi-like. As you make your way onto the pier, you’ll be greeted by triangular structures illuminated by colourful effects — this is ‘Through the Unknown’. With the neon dancing across its facade, it is almost as if you’re being beckoned to go in and see what else is in store.

Once you heed its call and venture further into the exhibition, you’ll arrive face-to-face with the next zone in Lightwave: Isle of Light.

Called ‘The Seasons’, it is a circular installation with a holographic mesh wrapped around it. The mesh itself projects visuals that OPPO describes as “depicting different moments in our lives through the four seasons.”

During my time gazing upon it, the mesh featured sights like the mesmerising flutter of butterflies (also known as a kaleidoscope, if you did not know!) as they flew around the screen. With a distinct view of yellow and red autumn leaves slowly falling to the ground, amongst blooming white flowers. It’s beautiful to look at, and there’s more you’ll be able to see if you can stick around!

Lightwave: Isle of Light The Seasons
What season does this remind you of?

On the left side of Lightwave: Isle of Light, you’ll find the ‘Reflections’ installation. At first glance, you may think it to be a regular big screen showing effects, but there’s more than meets the eye. Inch closer, and you’ll notice that these effects are reacting to you as you move around.

‘Reflections’ is a special interactive installation, and the name is rather apt since your own shadow helps create what is shown on the screen. You can also use a light source to ‘paint’ the screen and showcase your personality to other visitors.

Lightwave: Isle of Light Reflections
A visitor interacts with the ‘Reflections’ installation with movement

Making my way over to the right side of the exhibition, ‘The Prism’ awaits.‘The Prism’ is a peculiar zone, featuring an LED floor and a prism-shaped mirror at the corner. The LED floor showcases an animated galaxy visual, and visitors are encouraged to sit in front of the mirror as part of the experience.

This gives a spectacular kaleidoscope-like effect that is stunning to the eye. Be sure to have your phone ready for a photo because it makes for an Instagrammable shot that will get your friends talking!

Lightwave: Isle of Light The Prism
One for the Instagram feed

Finally, we arrive at the last zone for Lightwave: Isle of Light. It is located right at the centre of the exhibition; in fact, ‘The Seasons’ installations wrap around it. Next, meet ‘Forest of Lights’. It is an immersive experience featuring vibrant, colourful light tubes that mimic trees that you walk around and admire. 

The coloured light tubes have an inviting glow as you walk amongst them. With the projected images from ‘The Seasons’ as the backdrop, the installation is further elevated to become a dazzling display to behold. Mist is periodically sprayed into it, making for an ethereal feeling, almost as if you were transported to a forest in a fantasy land. It is personally my favourite part of Lightwave: Isle of Light.

Lightwave: Isle of Light Forest of Lights
Be one with ‘nature’ here

That marks the end of what you can find at Lightwave: Isle of Light, but it’s not enough to read about it; you should experience it in-person!

The exhibition opens at 7.30pm every day through i Light Singapore 2022 and lasts until 11pm and 12pm on weekdays and weekends. Visiting costs S$8 on weekdays while weekends are priced at S$10, and you can purchase them via Klook, which also has ticket bundles available for groups.

Here’s your chance to experience Lightwave: Isle of Light for free!

Keen to check out Lightwave: Isle of Light at i Light Singapore 2022? We’re giving out 3 pairs of tickets to a few lucky winners with a giveaway lasting from 6 June 2022 to 12 June 2022!  To have the chance to win a ticket, be sure to:

1. Like DANAMIC’s Facebook or Instagram Page, and OPPO’s Facebook or Instagram page.
2. Like the OPPO Lightwave Giveaway post on DANAMIC’s Facebook or Instagram
3. Answer the giveaway question “What are the names of the five zones in Lightwave: Isle of Light” by leaving their answers in the comments section

Winners will be announced on 13 June 2022. Good luck!

Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC Team.

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