Night Safari Brings Civets and More This June

Come meet some new friends at the Night Safari this June with the iconic nighttime wildlife park welcoming several new additions to their animal roster for visitors to check out.

The highlight is their latest walk-in civet exhibit located within the Leopard Trail, where it will be the home for their seven Common Palm Civets and seven Small-toothed Palm Civets. Visitors will be able to share the space with these creatures, with the habitat decorated with an abundance of trees and artificial vines and branches for the civets to showcase their climbing skills.

Night Safari Civet Feeding
Get to see the civets up close when it is feeding time

While guests aren’t permitted to touch or feed the civets, there are still plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with these amazing animals. Night Safari has strategically placed feeders near the walkways of the exhibit so visitors can witness the civet’s feeding and foraging routine at close quarters.

Besides the civets, visitors will also be able to enjoy the company of two other animals that are new to the Night Safari.

Night Safari Brazilian Porcupine
Check out the Brazilian Porcupine’s unique tail!

One of them is the Brazilian Porcupine. What’s cool about the Brazilian Porcupine is that it has a tail the length of its body that can grasp onto things, and it aids the creature in climbing around the environment.

The other new addition is the Grey-handed Night Monkey. Fun fact about this animal; it is one of the few nocturnal monkeys in the world!

Night Safari Grey-handed Night Monkeys
A pair of Grey-handed Night Monkey can be found on your visit

Both these animals will debut at the Fishing Cat Trail, where there is a new mixed-species habitat consisting of small arboreal animals from South America. A pair of each of the Brazilian Porcupine and Grey-handed Night Monkeys will be there to greet the visitors, having arrived from zoos in Europe.

If you’re visiting the Night Safari this month, be sure to be on the lookout for these cute critters roaming around the park!

Visuals courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group.

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