IKEA Singapore’s New Sustainability Offerings Brings New Items and Ways to Shop

IKEA has been the go-to place for Singaporeans’ furniture needs for many years, with a sheer assortment of items and an ever-changing catalogue contributing to its popularity — it’s rare to see the stores without a snaking queue at the checkout. And they are yet again boosting their set of offerings for consumers, this time with the planet in mind.

The home furnishing store is announcing that they will be launching new initiatives and offerings for their consumers to aid sustainability, with the hope that doing so will also inspire people to follow suit for the planet.

Among the many initiatives that IKEA Singapore has in place — including having more items made from sustainable materials — the biggest one is their new partnership with Carousell. Carousell has been a platform that has helped consumers sell or buy pre-loved items on their digital marketplace. The latest collaboration gives extra benefits to those who do so with IKEA’s products.

Until 30 June, users who are selling their secondhand IKEA items can get 500 IKEA Family points (worth S$5) upon a successful transaction, which they can use for in-store purchases at all three of IKEA Singapore’s outlets. Likewise, those who buy these secondhand items will similarly benefit by receiving a Carousell Protection voucher worth S$5. And users can take advantage of this promotion for up to three transactions per month.

IKEA Singapore Sustainability: Carousell IKEA Partnership
Here’s how Carousell’s secondhand IKEA promotion works

This also extends to freecycling as well! If people are keen to give a second life to the IKEA items they no longer need, they can also give them away through Carousell and still reap the rewards. With this new integration, users are saving and earning money, and are also helping the planet too!

As a way to showcase how secondhand items can still be viable and desirable, influencers from our local sphere are sharing their own personal IKEA products, which will be featured at the newly launched Secondhand Showroom at IKEA Tampines. 

The Secondhand Showroom greets visitors at the Level Two entrance as they enter from the store carpark. On display are items from the likes of singer Nathan Hartono, actress and host Munah Bagharib, and Carousell’s own co-founder Marcus Tan. These items, such as Nathan’s ‘Transitions’ RÅSKOG trolley, will also share the stories of their time under their owners and how they’ve impacted their lives.

IKEA Singapore Sustainability: Secondhand Showcase
Nathan Hartono’s trolley and Tiong Jia En’s coffee table are on display at the Secondhand Showroom

You can also find these items listed on the Carousell platform till 8 May as well, and users stand a chance to win them simply by commenting on the listing and giving their best reason on why they will make for an excellent next owner. 

Beyond IKEA Singapore’s partnership with Carousell, the store is pledging to go 50% plant-based by 2025. As part of their efforts, they are also increasing the range of plant-based foods on the menu.

One of these is the new plant-based gyoza. These meat-free gyozas are sustainable, nutritious and healthy as well — containing 53% more protein and 22% less fat than what you’ll get with the original dish. These will be only available for a limited time from 15 to 20 May at IKEA Singapore’s stores, so do be sure to check them out quickly when they are out!

IKEA Singapore Sustainability: Plant-based Offerings
IKEA plant-based slate now includes gyoza, nuggets, and curry puff alongside the Swedish meatballs

Meanwhile, more food options are in the works. Visitors can experience plant-based versions of other favourites, such as nuggets and curry puffs, and they will be appearing on the menu in the coming months. 

To top off the sustainability efforts, IKEA Singapore will be launching a collection that has been made exclusively within Asia with locally sourced materials and helps create jobs for the people in the area they were made in. 

The upcoming VÅRDANDE collection includes storage baskets and plant pots made in Bangladesh in partnership with social business partner Classical Handmade Products using the material jute — a material locally sourced, natural and sustainable. Other items like bowls and candle holders can be found in the collection. They were created with the help of social business Doi Tung, and their production aids job creation and income for villagers living in the mountainous regions of northern Thailand.

IKEA Singapore Sustainability: VÅRDANDE Collection
The VÅRDANDE plant not only looks good, but it also helps people in Bangladesh too!

IKEA Singapore’s new initiatives go a long way in creating a sustainable future. So the next time you drop by an IKEA store to do some shopping for furniture or dine on their famous Swedish meals, you too could be doing a part in helping the planet!

Visuals courtesy of IKEA Singapore.

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