Omnidesk Elevates Its Standing Desk Slate With Their New Omnidesk Ascent

Standing desks have been all the rage recently, and local brand Omnidesk has been a big part of it. The company, founded in 2018, has been offering consumers a wide range of standing desks with different styles and designs. Now their latest innovation has been formally unveiled — meet the Omnidesk Ascent.

The Omnidesk Ascent brings with it a slew of improvements and new functionality to their standing desks. It has been revamped with an all-new leg base design featuring a rounded surface area that not only brings out a sleek, modern look but also ensures that the desk is better supported and more resistant to buckling. Underneath, cable management has been made easier with the new Magnetic Cable Tray, which allows easier access for users.

Omnidesk Ascent: White Base
The Omnidesk Ascent, fitted with a white base (one of two base colours)

Changing quickly from a sitting position to standing and vice versa is an important aspect. Omnidesk boasts that the new Omnidesk Ascent will have the fastest elevation speed for a standing desk on the market; able to lift its maximum load of 130kg at a speed of 60mm/s.

Built right into the Omnidesk Ascent is a new proprietary controller that comes with a redesign, making use of enlarged buttons that offer more tactile feedback to the user. 

Omnidesk Ascent: Controller
The newly redesigned proprietary controller

Also included in the redesign is the introduction of RGB colouring for the controller, bringing more aesthetic customisation to the overall package. Users have a pick of six different colour options (Sunset, Periwinkle, Ocean, Aqua, Pink, White) on the controller, and they can either be set as static or have a rolling effect displayed.

The controller can control the Omnidesk Ascent’s functions, but now, the company is offering another way to do so. Launching alongside the Omnidesk Ascent is their new companion app, Omnidesk Life, allowing for greater convenience and giving access to more functionality.

Omnidesk Ascent: Omnidesk Life app
The Omnidesk Life app

Features like height adjustment, setting up profiles and customising the colours can be done all on the app, like with the desk controller, but the app also houses other features as well. Specifically for profile management, the app has increased the number of memory profiles (of up to nine), which you can save for easy-switching; helpful for users sharing a desk. It can also track the time you have been sitting or standing at the desk, and you can get the app to send reminders for you to stand or sit.

The Omnidesk Ascent is available in 48”, 60”, and 72” sizes, and those interested can pre-order both the regular and Wildwood variant right now. The Standard and Wildwood variants will retail at S$850 and S$1,149, respectively, for those pre-ordering before 6 December 2021 as part of an early-bird launch promotion. More information about the Omnidesk Ascent can be found on its official page on the Omnidesk website.

So if you’re on the lookout for a new standing desk, perhaps the Omnidesk Ascent can ‘rise up’ to the task, both figuratively and literally.

Visuals courtesy of Omnidesk.

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