AI and Art: Checking out the Samsung 2024 TV and Audio launch lineup

We’re seeing AI make its way to smartphones, but now televisions too? After AI headlined Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 phones, the technology is making its way to their 2024 lineup of TVs, including their Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED, and OLED TVs range.

While we have some semblance of what AI provides us for smartphones, its benefits for TVs are still to be seen. We got to see the latest range of TVs and Audio at a preview event at Jewel Changi Airport — a special sneak before the public Unbox & Discover 2024. Unbox & Discover 2024 was notable in itself for successfully collecting a total of 3,068 batteries in partnership with the National Environmental Agency, setting a record for the Largest Collection of Used Batteries. But, of course, the main stars are the new devices, so let’s review what AI entails for the Samsung 2024 TV lineup.

2024 Neo QLED 

Samsung 2024 TVs and Audio: Neo QLED
The 2024 Neo QLED 8K TVs have some handy AI inclusions

There are many terms for TV panel types, so it understandably gets confusing. You’ll need to know two things about QLED: that it produces brighter, more colourful visuals and that Samsung pioneered the tech. It isn’t at all surprising that it stands front and centre as the most premium TV you can get from the company.

Samsung’s newest 2024 Neo QLED lineup consists of two resolution variations — 8K and 4K — with the Neo QLED 8K QN900D standing right at the top. It comes in 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch models, but all three are armed with the NQ8 AI Gen3 TV processor, touted as being twice as fast as its predecessor, and grants a suite of features to users.

One is the 8K AI Upscaling Pro, which provides enhanced 8K upscaling by sharpening low-resolution content to be displayed in ultra-high resolution. Another is AI Motion Enhancer Pro. If you’re big on sports, you might have noticed issues like ball distortion when watching; this feature corrects that. Deep learning is used to detect the type of ball properly, and then the visual is enhanced accordingly for the sport type. The last is Real Depth Enhancer Pro, which provides additional detail to fast-moving scenes through AI, controlling the mini-LEDs in parts of scenes where the eye would naturally focus.

The new TV processor grants those big highlights, but there’s other nifty stuff to talk about, too. AI technology also helps with TVs’ sound quality and energy consumption. Then there’s the thin build, which Samsung dubs the Infinity Air Design—measuring just 12.9mm in depth. Gamers will also enjoy a blistering 240Hz refresh rate at 4K with the Motion Xcelelrator feature.

The 8K QN900D series starts with a 65-inch model that costs S$8,499, and its largest size is the 85-inch version, which is priced at S$19,999. Meanwhile, the 4K QN90D Neo QLED line has the 43-inch model as its starting point at S$2,099, and it goes up to 85-inch for S$10,499.

Pre-orders are now available for both of these new Neo QLED series, with promotional offers given to customers to make their purchase:

ModelSizePre-order Offer
Samsung Neo QLED 8K75”, 85”Mystery gift + Freestyle 2nd Gen (worth $1,513)
65”Mystery gift
Samsung Neo QLED 4K 75”, 85”Mystery gift + Freestyle 2nd Gen (worth $1,513)
55”, 65”Mystery gift + Nintendo Switch (worth $399)
43”, 50”Slimfit Cam (worth $202)

2024 OLED 

Samsung 2024 TVs and Audio: OLED TVs
The new Samsung OLED TV line for 2024 is brighter than ever

QLED isn’t the only TV panel technology that Samsung dabbles with. The company also brought out their 2024 range of OLED TVs to show. 

The range is headlined by the new Samsung S95D OLED TV, which features OLED Glare Free technology. As the name suggests, the TV has an anti-glare coating to prevent reflections, but this model uses a new combination pattern of hard-coating layer and surface coating.

Samsung showcased the S95D alongside another TV without the OLED Glare Free technology at the Jewel event, and the effect was evident. While the TV without the technology was a reflection magnet, the anti-glare coating helped diffuse the light to present a more visually pleasing experience. 

Samsung 2024 TVs and Audio: OLED Glare Free technology
The OLED Glare Free technology at work (top), sucking in all reflections compared to the TV without the feature (bottom)

The trouble with anti-glare displays is that they are a give-and-take feature. You get the benefit of no distracting reflections, but the TV loses out on aspects like brightness—for OLED TVs, this is a significant sacrifice. I’m happy to report that this isn’t the case for the S95D. This TV remains stunningly vivid and rich while also retaining gloss in the visuals (wet and shiny stuff still looks, well, wet and shiny).

Perhaps the S95D’s biggest help in that aspect is the improvements made to its brightness level. Samsung says the display is 20% brighter than previous models, making this its brightest OLED screen yet. Gamers will also appreciate that the display features refresh rates of up to 144Hz, which is also viable for gaming.

The Samsung S95D OLED TV is available for pre-order at the Samsung Online Store and begins at S$4,299 for the 55-inch model. It goes up to 77-inch for a price of S$10,499. Samsung is also running a pre-order promotion that gives a free mystery gift alongside a Nintendo Switch for the 55-inch and 65-inch editions, while the 77-inch version will receive a Freestyle 2nd Gen in-lieu of the Switch. 

The Frame TV 

Samsung 2024 TVs and Audio: The Frame TV
The Frame TV is back with some improvements

The Frame TV also made an appearance at the Jewel Changi showcase event, and it is no surprise why — people love it. Its ability to turn itself into something akin to what you see in art exhibitions is very underrated, especially with people looking for ways to beautify their homes even further.

Technologically, The Frame TV does not see many major changes for this year—it still has the great matte finish from last year—but it does have some other improvements. It now has Pantone Validated certification, meaning that the display should be more colour-accurate than ever before and that the display will reduce its refresh rate to 60Hz when Art Mode is active to reduce energy consumption.  

And taking advantage of those improvements is the new Art Stream feature included with The Frame TV 2024. It brings another artwork source to ‘frame’ your Frame TV by providing 20 free hand-selected artworks each month from the Samsung Art Store. You might even get to see historic Singapore works on it as well.

Samsung was on hand to announce a partnership with the National Heritage Board (NHB) that will see 10 artworks from Singapore’s National Collection added to the Art Store. These include ‘The Esplanade from Scandal Point’, John Turnbull Thomson’s oil painting which depicts the Padang during the 19th century, and  ‘View of Read Bridge at Clarke Quay’, pioneer water-colourist Lim Cheng Hoe’s artwork featuring the Singapore River.

Samsung 2024 TVs and Audio: National Heritage Board Partnership
‘View of Read Bridge at Clarke Quay’ is now available on The Frame TV’s artwork collection

The Frame TV, available for order now at the Samsung Online Store, starts at S$1,899 for the 43-inch model and goes up to S$7,299 for the 85-inch version.

Music Frame

Samsung 2024 TVs and Audio: Music Frame
The Music Frame is spun off from The Frame TV

TVs weren’t the only thing on show at the Jewel Changi event. I’ve previously spoken about The Frame TV’s speaker spin-off, the Music Frame, when it debuted at CES 2024, but now I’ve had the opportunity to finally see it live. 

The Music Frame is exactly what’s advertised: a speaker system that acts as an additional piece of decoration for your home. There is something uniquely refreshing about the simple concept and execution. Yes, there are nicely designed speaker systems out now—the Devialet Phantom is one of them—but they almost always stick out in the home interior rather than flow into it. 

Samsung’s Music Frame does precisely that. Rather than needing to match your aesthetic, it subtly blends into the look of your home. It comes with a stand, but you can also choose to have it wall-mounted to integrate it more seamlessly. The outer white frame is removable and allows you to swap in any photo for display, so you can be traditional and go for family photos or opt to be artistic by using artwork.

Samsung 2024 TVs and Audio: Music Frame Display
Demonstrating how easy it is to remove and replace the visual for your Music Frame

But if you’re a Disney fan, Samsung is also releasing a limited edition bundle for The Frame TV and Music Frame, featuring Disney-themed designs. You can check out the design options on the Samsung website

Inside the Music Frame are a pair of tweeters, mid-range drivers, and subwoofers, each to deliver the audio. While I couldn’t properly test the audio performance because it was a crowded event, I can say the speakers get loud. Certainly loud enough to be heard in a noisy public setting. 

The Music Frame can function as a device to complement your audio setup too. Using Samsung’s Q-Symphony feature, it can be paired with a TV and soundbar (such as the new HW-Q990D) to produce synchronised audio for movies, TV shows, or music. Essentially, it becomes a more elegant surround sound system.

Samsung 2024 TVs and Audio: Q-Symphony
Samsung’s Q-Symphony pairs the Music Frame with soundbars and TVs to synchronise audio

The Music Frane is available for pre-order and is priced at S$599.

With Samsung already setting the status quo for AI on smartphones and TVs as art pieces, they are starting to do the same for their 2024 line of TVs and audio devices. Will we see these begin to pop up in other brands’ systems? Who knows! But seeing how the company iterates on them going forward will be exciting.

For more information on the Samsung 2024 TV and Audio lineup, you can visit their official website.

Photos by Russell Loh of the DANAMIC Team. Additional visuals courtesy of Samsung Singapore.

*Article updated with new information

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