Re-experience Classic HK with Hong Kong-styled Mooncakes and Musang King Durian Mooncakes from Hong Kong Bay

Since I was young, I’ve always loved the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s one of my favourite holidays, with some of my fondest memories associated with it — like carrying lanterns on a walk with my family to see the moon after a hearty dinner. Though things are undoubtedly different now with the world’s current situation, that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our celebrations for the upcoming festival.

In this very convivial spirit of get-togethers and family reunions, Hong Kong Bay (香港香) is honouring these age-old traditions with its very own selection of Hong Kong-style mooncakes. Mooncakes are the type of food you eat once a year, so of course, you’d want to make sure that the experience is memorable by choosing the right mooncakes that’d suit your tastes.

So, if you’re having a hard time choosing, I’m here to share my thoughts on Hong Kong Bay’s mooncake selection! 

Signature Low Sugar White Lotus 

Hong Kong Bay Mooncakes: Baked 1
Signature White Lotus (Bottom left), a safe choice for all

I’m going to start my review with their signature — the Signature Low Sugar White Lotus. This flavour is the traditional one for mooncakes, but what sets it apart from other mooncakes I’ve tried before is how the paste is not too sweet.

As said in the name, it’s low sugar so that you won’t get sick after a few bites. The texture of the paste was rich and smooth, and the lotus paste was very fragrant. If you’re just looking to buy some good quality, classic mooncakes, then this is your safest bet! 

Low Sugar White Lotus One Yolk 

Hong Kong Bay Mooncakes: Low Sugar White Lotus One Yolk
The Low Sugar White Lotus One Yolk is another classic flavour that you can’t go wrong with!

Much like the Signature, the Low Sugar White Lotus One Yolk is also the classic flavour of mooncakes, just that it has one-yolk inside it. Again, this mooncake too is less sweet than the usual mooncakes, so it’s healthier and also makes it easier to reach for another piece!

The yolk was rich, and the saltiness of it offset the sweetness of the paste. However, I’m personally not a big fan of yolks in mooncakes (or in general, really), so I preferred the one without the yolk. But for those who like the yolk in traditional mooncakes, then this too is a safe option for you! 

Pandan Lotus 

Hong Kong Bay Mooncakes: Baked 2
Pandan Lotus (Top Right) was an interesting flavour, with an aromatic flavour and sweet taste

This is where things get a little more interesting — Hong Kong Bay’s Pandan Lotus gives a new twist to the classic lotus paste mooncakes, and will definitely appeal to those with a sweet tooth! The paste combines aromatic pandan with lotus seeds for a velvety smooth texture.

I thought the paste tasted quite like kaya, which was an interesting take for a mooncake. Although do be warned, it does get a little sweet, and the flavours are pretty intense, so for those who prefer a bolder flavour and have a sweet tooth, you’d like this one! 

Pandan Delight One Yolk 

Hong Kong Bay Mooncakes: Pandan Delight
The Pandan Delight was unexpectedly good, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like the yolk in mooncakes!

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not a big fan of yolks in mooncakes, so I didn’t expect to like the Pandan Delight One Yolk as much as I did. The subtle taste of the yolk balanced well with the stronger pandan flavour, so it wasn’t too overwhelming, and the yolk even helped to bring out the aromatic flavour of the pandan!

This was the first time I reached for another mooncake piece that contained yolk, and I was pleasantly surprised. I also expected the texture of the paste to be the same, but it was softer than the one without the yolk.

In all, I’d really recommend giving this one a try, even for those who may not like yolk. Who knows, maybe you’ll be like me and come to like it more than you would have thought! 

Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King 

Hong Kong Bay Mooncakes: Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King 1
Hong Kong Bay’s signature, Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King

And lastly, Hong Kong Bay’s signature Durian Mooncake: Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King. I’ve never heard of a durian mooncake before, much less tried it, but I had high hopes for it as a fan of durian.

With a gorgeous black charcoal skin inspired by the design of Chanel bags, it looked almost too pretty to be eaten (keyword: almost). When I bit into it, its flavour was as rich as it looked. The decadent durian paste, and the soft snow skin complemented each other well, though more than a mooncake, it tasted more like a mochi to me.

It was really easy to reach for seconds, and before I knew it, I had already eaten half of the mooncake! Because the paste is durian, it wasn’t as heavy as the lotus paste, so it makes for a great dessert that you can enjoy anytime. Although, you would have to consume it as soon as you take it out of the freezer because the paste loses its structure quickly. 

Hong Kong Bay Mooncakes: Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King 2
Its flavour was as luxurious as its exterior, and the soft skin complemented the creamy durian paste well

As one would know, durian itself is also a very strong flavour, which holds true in this mooncake. So, if you’re not a fan of durian, you might want to stick to the other four mooncakes instead. In all, I find this a very different take from the traditional mooncake, and for those who want to try something different and are fans of durian, you should definitely give this one a try! 

Ending Thoughts 

As anyone can tell from the name ‘Mooncake Festival’, mooncakes are undoubtedly one of the most essential parts of the celebration. So, if you’re having a hard time choosing which brand of mooncakes to share with your loved ones, I’d recommend giving Hong Kong Bay’s selection a try! From timeless, traditional classics to new, bolder flavours, their vast selection is sure to appeal to all.

Not to mention, Hong Kong Bay is having Baked Skin Promotion right now! You get one each of the Signature Low Sugar White Lotus , Low Sugar White Lotus 2 Yolks, Pandan Lotus, and Pandan Delight 1 Yolk — all for S$42! (OP: S$48.60)

If this is something that appeals to you, do hurry up to place your orders soon at their website! There’s nothing better than sharing good quality mooncakes with your loved ones for affordable prices in preparation for the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival.

Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC Team.

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