Eatbox 2021 Returns For Good with Ultimate Night Market Vibes!

Among many things, something that truly unites Singaporeans is our love for food. No one can deny that Singapore is a food haven, and that our passion for food runs in our veins. This is another reason why we love travelling so much too – to satiate our desire to try new foods of different countries and cultures, although recently that’s obviously not been possible. But fret not, because Eatbox 2021 has arrived, and it’s here to stay! Enjoy and savour food with cozy night market vibes!

Located at Tekka Place, right next to Rochor MRT station, is a two-storey creative food hall that holds 20 booths and 4 kiosks. It’s indoors, which means you have the best of all worlds – a night market, or rather, a food market, which is fully air-conditioned and loaded with ‘gram-worthy installations and neon signs, surrounded by fusion and international foods and cuisines! 

Eatbox 2021: Neon Signs
Status: Hungry!

We had our chance to explore the “lanes” of Eatbox, and we were spoiled for choice! There was so much to try, but we chose those that stuck out to us the most, and after countless taste tests, here I have for you today a Top 5 Die Die, Must Try list! 

The list below details some of my most memorable treats from the Eatbox stalls. These are our unique finds that we found interesting and want to recommend to you. They are, however, in no particular order as I simply cannot rank them! They all stole my heart!

Burger and Fries Set – Butcher The Burger Bar

I love the name of the stall! It’s so catchy, and despite the ominous, slightly terrifying innuendo, the food here was delicious, and so many people can enjoy it! This stall stands by a ‘no pork, no lard’ rule, with all their burger patties being available in only two variations: beef and plant-based meat. That means this stall is also vegan-friendly!

Eatbox 2021: Butcher The Buger Bar
You cannot deny that this looks breathtaking!

I ordered the stall’s signature dish, the Truffle Shruffle (S$12.80)! Best enjoyed when hot, the bite itself is such an experience! Between the incredibly soft brioche buns, lay some American cheese, tomato truffle mushroom, seasonal lettuce and their signature sauce. It was such a juicy bite, with so many flavours partying in your mouth, but none of them competing for your attention. Truffle can easily become a deal-breaker if it’s too powerful, but here, it was skillfully balanced to ensure the perfect marriage. 

The plant-based patty was so tender and juicy, that you wouldn’t even be able to tell that it isn’t real meat. Alexa, play ‘Perfect Illusion’ by Lady Gaga! This savoury burger is so filling on its own, but it also comes with a side of plump, perfectly fried fries. What a win!

Mooping (Pork Skewers) – Tha Chang Shaker Bar

Eatbox 2021: Tha Chang Shaker Bar
Look out for this store on the first floor when you’re at Eatbox!

Yes, authentic Thai food to make this almost-night-market experience even more perfect! Each Mooping (S$1.50 to S$2.00 each) comes in three flavours – Original, Mala, and Tom Yum.

The original is the safest option among the three if you can’t take spice. But don’t worry, that does not discount the flavour of the skewer at all! I personally would gladly order this as a side dish accompanying my main that I get from any other stall, as it wouldn’t allow for any clash of flavours.

Next, I have to say; I adore the incorporation of the local favourite, Mala. It feels genuinely like international meets local, which is basically what Eatbox is too! The Mala flavoured Mooping was certainly a little hot, and I even found some chilli flakes in the meat as well. Coming from someone with a mediocre spice tolerance, it’s not unbearably spicy, but it does bring on some heat! I wouldn’t hesitate to order this again for some kick to my meal.

Eatbox 2021: Moping Skewers
Which one looks the most irresistible to you?

Finally is the variation recommended by the stall vendors themselves – Tom Yum. Native to Thailand, they suggested this flavour to enjoy the Mooping in its true element! It had a subtle sourness to it, with a hint of spice. It truly embodied Tom Yum, and as a Tom Yum lover, I approve!

Customisable Cup Boat Noodles – Tha Chang Shaker Bar

This dish had the most exciting concept to me! It’s your everyday Thai boat noodles, but in a cup. And you get to customise it to your own preference – the type of noodles, ingredients, and flavour in four steps! The best part of it all? Once it’s served, you shake it like no one’s business and mix it all up! This dish was an experience from the moment I ordered, to my very last bite.

Eatbox 2021: Customisable Cup Boat Noodles 1
The layers, oh my!

Due to my insanely indecisive nature and the irresistibly appealing options on their menu, I sought the stall vendor’s help in customising it. She recommended the following – Step one, choose the Emerald noodles. Step two, choose crab meat as your premium ingredient. Step three, pick the meatballs and the Onsen Egg as the sides. And Step four, choose the Traditional Boat Noodle as your sauce (Tom Yum is the other option)! All these are authentic Thai ingredients. Once served, shake it up, and enjoy!

Eatbox 2021: Customisable Cup Boat Noodles 2
The only greens I will ever love, what about you?

Many textures and flavours were playing in my mouth, but it was seemingly well-packaged (literally)! There is no soup, just sauce, which made trying traditional boat noodles in dry form so enjoyable. However, if I could complain, I would wish that the cup were smaller so that I could mix it even more appropriately, as a lot of the sauce was left at the bottom of the cup. Nonetheless, what a treat from start to finish!

You Tiao with Mua Chee – Tenft.

There’s no way you’re leaving without dessert, right? Especially not this one. Pronounced as ‘ten feet’, this place makes sweet meet savoury with their unique fusion of flavours! It’s not just the You Tiao joining forces with the Mua Chee, but rather, the other ingredients that join the party.

Eatbox 2021: You Tiao and Mua Chee are topped with Biscoff
That plating left me speechless!

In the first variation, their signature dish, the You Tiao and Mua Chee are topped with Biscoff (S$6.90), and it’s a huge hit! Mua Chee is a very flexible dessert that matches any flavour it meets. Hence, while it is a refreshing twist to an iconic local delight, it’s no surprise that this interesting combination works! Best when eaten hot and shared among your favourite people, this lovely dessert has me under a spell!

There’s also another variation on the savoury side of the scale: the You Tiao and Mua Chee with Cheese. You’re provided gloves for this one, because they want you to get down and dirty to pull that stretchy cheese! Make sure you have someone Instagramming this moment! I thought that this was a good palate cleanser and such an exciting take on the classics.

Eatbox 2021: You Tiao and Mua Chee with Cheese
Little do you know what’s waiting for you in there!

My colleagues likened the taste and textures of these desserts to Tau Suan. So if you especially love Tau Suan, these desserts are yours to enjoy!

Macaron Lollipop – Haengbok Cakeyo

As you can tell by the store’s name, this is a Korean dessert stall. That means aesthetics are promised. And they delivered! The stall vendors also greet you and welcome you to their store in Korean, which is so lovely.

Their signature Macaron Lollipop (S$12.90) comes in two designs: some pretty unicorn-themed ones, and (brace yourselves, K-Pop stans) some BTS ones! The lollipop consisted of three giant macarons. We decided to get the unicorn-themed design.

Eatbox 2021 Macaron Lollipop
Adorable macarons? Check. Aesthetic background? Check.

Each of the three macarons come in three flavours – strawberry, chocolate, and hojicha! The strawberry one was a little too sweet for my liking, but the chocolate and hojicha ones had me obsessed. The chocolate one was sweetened to perfection and reminded me of a bowl of chocolate ice cream. It’s simple, but simplicity never fails. Hojicha is a type of Japanese roasted green tea. The tea flavour really powers through, and it has a very explicit taste. So if you’re a tea sort of person, you know what to do!

The shells of the macaron are perfectly tough yet soft, and the textures are just stunning. For an aesthetic and simple end to your meal, this lollipop is immaculate! I suggest you share it amongst your friends or family, as you may be too full after your meal to devour them all. But if you don’t want to share, I don’t blame you!

Well, there you have it! These are our five recommendations for you. Surely one would have tickled your fancy, so do head on down to Eatbox and try these out for yourself! 

To see more about the vibe of Eatbox, and my reaction to some of the other delicious food we tried, do check out our video on our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages. 

Eatbox is the creation of Invade, the organisers behind Artbox Singapore and Shilin Night Market. The decision of making Eatbox a permanent part of our foodie life came with the epiphany that innovative solutions to the challenges posed by COVID-19, were vital to ensure our survival. Dining has never been the same since the pandemic began, and Eatbox is one of the unique solutions sought to create newer and more memorable experiences for us all! 

Starting from today, Eatbox is yours to explore! Go check out their website for more updates and to learn more about the stalls there! You can also view their Instagram and Facebook pages for more.

We can’t travel the world just yet, but with Eatbox, it seems like we’re one step closer!

Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC Team.

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