Dream Cruises presents: Markets of the World, a thematic escape of international foods, culture and wonderful holidays

The pandemic has had all of us cooped up in Singapore, so I’m sure all of us are starting to feel a little restless. I don’t know about you, but I sure have been itching to travel overseas. With the situation as it is now, we’re not sure when the borders will open. So, in the meantime, if you want to satisfy your wanderlust, perhaps Dream Cruises’ upcoming line of thematic events, ‘Markets of the World’, can help you with that.

Dream Cruises: Markets of the World Promo Image
Markets of the World is an exclusive series of thematic events based on festivals from all over the world!

“With international travel still restricted, Dream Cruises is bringing your favourite destinations directly to you with an exclusively curated series of cultural and culinary experiences and joyful festive celebrations on board, providing guests with an unparalleled cruising experience that cannot be found in any land-based attractions in Singapore,” said Mr. Michael Goh, President of Dream Cruises and Head of International Sales, Genting Cruise Lines. 

If you can’t travel the world, Dream Cruises brings it to you instead. To give you a basic overview, Dream Cruises’ ‘Markets of the World’ is an exclusive series of activities based on international festivals and cultures, starting from September 19 to November 6. I’ll share some of the upcoming events with you: 

Dream Market at Sea 

Dream Market at Sea will be perfect for those who prefer having a more comprehensive selection. Featuring eight food stalls that offer an array of irresistible street deli items, exotic drinks and desserts from all over the world, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Not only that, but you can also look forward to challenging game booths such as the Happy Rainbow coin toss, Chopstick Marble Challenge and Bottle Flipping Challenge, where you can win many different prizes.

With family-friendly activities to keep you entertained and an international selection of food, you’ll get to experience the lively atmosphere of a festival once again! This will be happening from September 19 to November 6. 

Western Australia Activities 

Dream Cruises: Quokka
Experience the land ‘Down Under’ with Western Australia Activities

As you might guess from the name, Western Australia Activities invites you to experience the land ‘Down Under’. There are many activities in line, such as the ‘Western Australia Amazing Race’ where you can stand a chance to win a Quokka soft toy and other fabulous prizes. 

You can also experience interactive pop-up booths where you can take photos with your loved ones, with a meet-and-greet with Quinton the Quokka (aka the world’s happiest animal), who will make special appearances throughout your cruise. 

Dream Cruises: Fried Lobster Tail With Cremy Spinach And Lemon
Lobster Fever features cooking shows and Western Australia Lobster menus

Also, for lobster lovers, you might want to look out for Lobster Fever, which includes a Western Australia lobster and prawn pasta linguine cooking show and Western Australia Lobster menus. This will be happening on October 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 27 and 29 sailings, so mark your calendars! 

Mid-Autumn Festival 

Dream Cruises: Mooncakes
Look forward to a cosy celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival aboard Dream Cruises!

Of course, we can’t forget about the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. Look forward to a cosy celebration with your family and friends through a variety of festive activities ranging from Chinese Mid-Autumn Riddles, Mid-Autumn Lantern Crafting, and free mooncake tastings during the September 19 and 22 sailings. 

Oktoberfest at Sea 

Dream Cruises: Oktoberfest
Celebrate the beloved German festival with local cuisine, and try on their traditional folk costumes!

Dream Cruise also brings the beloved German festival, Oktoberfest, to you on September 26, October 1, 3 and 10. Join in the lively celebration with German beers, try on dirndls and lederhosens (traditional German folk costume for females and males respectively) and enjoy authentic German cuisine with culinary specialities such as Crispy Pork Knuckles, Nurnberger Sausages and Pretzels. 

Dream Cruises: Pretzel
Look forward to cooking workshops, where you can learn to make Pretzels, Apfel Strudel, and Bavarian Potato Salad

Like all the others, an exciting programme lineup awaits, with complimentary cooking workshops where you can learn how to make local dishes such as  Apfel Strudel, Pretzels and Bavarian Potato Salad. You can also partake in Bavarian Folk dances and games, so you can have fun with your loved ones while also learning about German culture! 

Spooky Halloween 

Dream Cruises: Halloween
An exciting lineup awaits, with tasty Halloween goodies for you to try!

If you’re not sure what to do on Halloween, you can consider coming aboard on 31st October to experience ‘Spooky Halloween’. Experience Halloween trick or treat walk around, Halloween makeup talk, “Into the Night ” dance class and the Spooky Halloween Awards. Enjoy tasty Halloween cakes, cookies and treats and cocktails and mocktails at various outlets — I guarantee you won’t get bored onboard

Ending Thoughts 

Dream Cruises truly brings the world to your doorstep with so many different activities inspired by cultures worldwide. Trying out all the different international cuisines and playing games from other countries makes for an immersive experience where we can be transported somewhere else. For now, I think this is a pretty good alternative to travelling if you’re looking for a getaway. So, do book your tickets soon!

Visuals Courtesy of Dream Cruise.

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