Lovely Vaccination-Themed Cupcakes and Cake to Sweeten Your Vaccinations are Here!

A light seems to be blinding me! What light is this? The light at the end of this dark tunnel called COVID-19. With Pfizer and Moderna teaming up to become the dynamic duo of the century, we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel that we’ve been stuck in since the start of the decade. The future doesn’t seem so bleak anymore. We actually have a shot (pun not intended) of going back to life as it used to be pre-pandemic. Those were indeed the days.

The COVID-19 vaccines have finally been making their way through the Singapore population, with current students and young adults getting their turns. Once we’re all vaccinated, I can’t wait for what the new normal will be like!

In celebration (and loads of anticipation), Butter Studio has taken it upon themselves to spread the joy and sweetness during these trying times and spread some positivity for the post-vaccine lives that hopefully lie ahead of us. 

Butter Studio Vaccination Cakes: Cakes
Butter Studio’s adorable treats!

They came up with halal-certified Vaccination-Themed cupcakes and cakes that are such a treat to the eyes and the mouth! They wanted to use their brand and premise to bring vaccination to the limelight and inspire younger Singaporeans to get vaccinated and continue to abide by social distancing measures. 

I got to try them out and have an exclusive review just for all of you. So get some tissues ready, because you’re going to be a drooling mess by the end of this review!

Butter Studio Vaccination Cakes: Cupcakes 2
The colourful array of cupcakes will have you giddy with excitement!

First up, we’ve got the Sweet Therapy Cupcakes (S$24)! They come in a box of six and are the perfect pick for when you don’t know which flavour you’re craving, and also as a gift for someone who’s just gotten fully vaccinated (or obviously, for yourself!). These cupcakes look so tantalising, and the adorable designs just warm your heart! They come in 3 designs, 2 cupcakes each. 

Butter Studio Vaccination Cakes: Red Velvet Cupcake
A scrumptious red velvet cupcake with a unique jelly bean garnish, with a shot of raspberry compote!

The first variation is the one that caught my eye the first, and probably yours too! It’s the one with the colourful jelly beans and a miniature pipette of a strange liquid, mimicking an injection, angled aesthetically. It’s indeed a head-turner, and the purplish liquid in the pipette is raspberry compote that you can inject into the cake yourself! The cupcake itself is a red velvet flavour. Although the jelly beans were a little too hard to chew, it was a welcomed texture and taste. All the components and flavours worked together very well, and extra points for creativity!

Butter Studio Vaccination Cakes: Vanilla Cupacake
A simple vanilla cupcake, with a not-so-simple piped garnish. I mean, look at that detail on the mask!

The second variation is a cute masked face emoji, placed over a vanilla cupcake – a simple flavour that never goes wrong! I enjoyed this cupcake but just felt that the icing was a little too thick for my liking. I mean, I love my sugar, but I like to keep it moderately balanced. The vanilla cupcake was also a little on the drier side, but it was appropriately sweet, which successfully balanced the sweetness of the icing. Overall, the accents of yellow and the balance of sweetness made it a very well put together cupcake!

Butter Studio Vaccination Cakes: Chocolate Cupcake
Embrace your vaccinated status with this chocolate cupcake!

The final variation was a chocolate cupcake with a vaccination announcement edible badge! It’s the perfect cupcake to hold up for your picture as you flex your band-aid that proclaims your vaccination. The edible badge is made of chocolate and works so well with the chocolate cupcake without being too sweet. A simple cupcake with a hefty message! A little tip for you guys to spice up this cupcake: if you have some remaining raspberry compote from the shot, you can sprinkle it on here! It adds a new level of taste and flavour that will surely enliven your experience. 

Butter Studio Vaccination Cakes: Just Vaccinated Cake
This cake is nothing less than a beauty, don’t you think so?

Now, what about the cake? The Just Vaccinated Cake (S$58.00) is one of the most aesthetic cakes I’ve ever seen. The stunning marbling effect to the pastel colours brings the widest smile to your face, and the little edible announcement badges, jellybean pills, slow-cooked salted caramel shot, sprinkles and golden glitter topper grace the cake all the more!

When you finally find it in you to cut the cake, your mouth will drop open to see a beautiful red velvet centre with the neatest layers of cream. The cake itself is so spongy and moist and soft, and the sweetness is in perfect check. I know what you’re thinking – the creamy frosting, with a red velvet cake itself, and with the layers of cream inside, how could it not be too sweet? Well, I asked myself that same question, and when I found no answer, I fell in love. 

This cake is Butter Studio’s signature salted caramel red velvet cake. It’s surely their signature for a reason because it’s like a cake from heaven – no exaggeration. I’ve never seen a red velvet cake executed this perfectly. The toppings on the cake add extra texture and flavour to your palette, and all this makes for such a sensory experience!

Butter Studio Vaccination Cakes: Happy Dose Cakelet
The Happy Dose Cakelet sure does make me happy. Doesn’t it spark some happiness in you too?

There is also a third option on their menu called Happy Dose Cakelet (S$20.90). This one’s for when you want something to celebrate, but just in a smaller size! The adorable petite cakelet is not to be underestimated, because this chocolate praline cake is topped with a red velvet macaron and other intricate hand-piped garnish – a beauty and taste that I’m sure will leave you spell-bound. While I didn’t get to try this out personally and can’t share a review with you, I can’t wait to try this out with my family (or you know, by myself!).

Now, are you looking for a fun family activity and are sick of movie nights and game nights and just need something fresh? Well, Butter Studio has whipped up a new form of game night for your family with their STAY HOME FUN KITS! Get ready for a series of DIY Cupcake Decorating Kits (from S$25) as well as a DIY Gelato Sundae Party Pack (S$38.90). Party (at home with only family or five people) time!

Butter Studio Vaccination Cakes: DIY Box
Time to let the artist in you shine!

“Even in times of uncertainty, we still want to inspire people to celebrate momentous occasions and achievements. We believe that through Butter Studio’s well-crafted bakes, we can spread joy and bring communities together, despite being apart from one another.”

Shannon Lua, founder of Butter Studio.

It’s finally the time we’ve all been waiting for – getting vaccinated for a post-pandemic life. Even if it’s not what we expect, it’s always nice to hope for happier and easier times. But this is where we must all play our part – get vaccinated when it’s your turn. You’re doing this for the greater good of the community and your closest contacts, including your friends and family. And of course, the biggest benefit is yours. You are protected from the virus, or at least you have some form of protection from it. So do your part and get your shot.

Butter Studio Vaccination Cakes: Cupcakes
Time to let the artist in you shine!

And of course, to celebrate, Butter Studio has got your back! To make your order, simply preorder them online! You can also get them over the counter, but you’re advised to preorder them for the best results. Do check them out on Facebook and Instagram too!

Get vaccinated as soon as you can – for yourself, and the world.

Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC Team. Additional visuals of Happy Dose Cakelet and DIY Cupcake Decorating Kits and courtesy of Butter Studio.

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