A Soulful Single for the Summer: Kristen Merritt’s I Don’t Think About You.

As we slip further into the grips of summer, our minds turn once again to summery experiences—drinks by the beach, flings, and getting over our exes. Having trouble with that last one? Not to worry, Brooklyn-based neo-soul artist Kristen Merritt is here to help you out.

In anticipation of her debut album Joi, Merritt’s new single, I Don’t Think About You, will deliver everything you need from a relaxing summer song. And if there’s ever a track to add to your Spotify playlists, this is it. 

I Don’t Think About You is soulful from its very first moment, all the way to its last. Each line is delivered intimately and personally as though Merritt herself was communicating to the listener.

Kristen Merritt - IDTAY: Single Cover
I Don’t Think About You is a deeply soulful track delivered by Merritt’s strong vocals, ranging from soaring highs to velvety lows

Listening to the track is nothing short of an experience—Merritt’s experience, expertly communicated to the listener. Intricately layered vocals with carefully skilled delivery guide the listener through Merritt’s journey to emotional catharsis. Repeating background vocals envelope the audience in the experience of repeating thought patterns. Her impressive vocals—ranging from soaring, supported highs to soft and velvet-like lows—mixed with live instrumentation makes this a very real and organic track, delivering its message with immediacy. In short, this song is not something engineered to please; it is pleasing because it is organic.

But what I think really helps this song to soar is that the lyrics speak of a thoroughly relatable experience: the struggle of moving on from a love. It is the journey of comedy. From a place of confusion and sadness, Merritt takes us on the path to acceptance, even if the situation pans out differently from what’s expected. Her remarkable ability to convey and guide this experience underlines the centrepiece of her art: the gift of storytelling and communication.

Kristen Merritt
The lyrical composition is a study on the five stages of grief, culminating in her acceptance of a situation

The Detroit-raised singer explains that the song was born of hitherto unknown or repressed feelings which surfaced during a writing session. It is about coming to terms with the emotions one harbours for another. In doing so, she reflects in the lyrics on the five stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. She experiences a revelation, an epiphany, in understanding and accepting the situation.

I Don’t Think About You will feature on Merritt’s new album Joi, which will be available on September 14th, 2021. The album will consist of 8 tracks of Merritt’s most intimate thoughts and experiences. It is a project delivered by organic instrumentation and unforgettable melodies, all emphasised by Merritt’s beautifully soulful vocal instrument.

The new single will be accompanied by a music video directed by Marissa Yates.

Kristen Merritt 2
Before her success, Merritt frequently worked local performance slots and open mic nights, building her confidence on both stage and sound

About the Singer

Before cruising down the road to success, Kristen Merritt performed in many intimate settings, such as clubs and lounges. She then went to perform at larger festival events.

With little more than her guitar in New York, she worked local performance slots and open mic nights, building her confidence on both stage and sound. In her musical journey, Merritt found herself returning to pieces she felt were more raw, intimate, and curious. The fruits of her labour will be released in her debut album, Joi.

Merritt’s ability for storytelling is the driving force behind her music. Inspired from the likes of Lauryn Hill to H.E.R., her music is woven together by honesty, vulnerability, and emotion.

Merritt returned in May with her song I’m Done, which attracted early support and featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: The Wave playlists.

You can now pre-save I Don’t Think About You here! Follow Kristen Merritt’s musical journey on her socials:

Visuals courtesy of Kristen Merritt.

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