Stay Hot No More Singapore, because Starbucks’ New Summer Menu is Here!

I can’t be the only one feeling like it’s been hotter than ever in Singapore these past couple of weeks. With our masks on, it’s just a double whammy! I just wish I had some deliciously refreshing drinks that can help me beat this nasty heat.

Where, oh where, can I find such drinks? Starbucks.

They always have the best beverages that don’t just cool me down, but also give me energy on an otherwise lazy and lethargic day. But this time, they have simply upped their game with their new summer drinks!

This time, their drinks are more unique, bolder, and more refreshing than ever! The introduction of Pineapple Cold Brew and French choux pastries inspired Choux Cream Frappuccino blended beverages into their menu is just the whipped cream on top!

Starbucks Summer Menu: Key Visual
Starbucks®’ Summer Menu that we always fall in love with!

The drinks are Starbucks Strawberry Choux Cream Frappuccino, Starbucks Chocolate Choux Coffee Frappuccino and Starbucks Golden Pineapple Cold Brew!

Allow me to bring you through each drink, so you can decide what your next order at Starbucks is going to be!

First up, the Starbucks Strawberry Choux Cream Frappuccino priced at $8.20 (Tall, Blended)! Nothing screams refreshing summer fruit like strawberries, making this first drink already so perfect for the summer weather!

The blend of ice and milk is embellished with rich vanilla bean custard sauce and fresh strawberry chunks, only to be topped with some delicious vanilla bean custard-flavoured whipped cream, with a generous speckle of gold-like graham cracker crumble! 

Starbucks Summer Menu: Strawberry Choux Cream Frap
Starbucks® Strawberry Choux Cream Frappuccino®, $8.20 (Tall, Blended)

Just as the creaminess cools your heart and makes you shut your eyes for a moment of appreciation, you are deliciously interrupted by the punch of strawberries and the juicy chunks. It’s a drink made in the summer frappuccino heaven.

Next up, there is the Starbucks Chocolate Choux Coffee Frappuccino, priced at $8.20 (Tall, Blended). Just by the sound of it, you know that this one will hit close to home. Your typical dessert is reimagined in the form of this divinity. This beverage is the ultimate balance of light and creamy – milk in the oh-so aromatic espresso, blended with creamy vanilla bean custard sauce.

Starbucks Summer Menu: Chocolate Choux Coffee Frap
Starbucks® Chocolate Choux Coffee Frappuccino®, $8.20 (Tall, Blended)

In every sip, you will find yourself falling in love with the rich flavour of the mocha sauce, as you lick the tantalising custard-flavoured whipped cream off your staw with the munchy bits of graham cracker crumble.

Chocolate is always the most comforting piece of food, and when combined into a creamy concoction of delight, how could you not fall in love? More importantly, how could it not pick you right away on a warm and sticky day?

Finally, we come to the most unique of them all: the Starbucks Golden Pineapple Cold Brew priced at $7.20 (Tall, Iced). When you think of Starbucks®’ most refreshing and thirst-quenching drinks, you think of their coolers. But a cooler with cold brew, and frozen lemonade, and pineapple sauce? What saucery is this! 

Starbucks Summer Menu: Pineapple Cold Brew
Starbucks® Golden Pineapple Cold Brew, $7.20 (Tall, Iced)

When the lemonade’s zestiness meets the tartness of the pineapple sauce and the bitter undertones of the cold brew, you have a tropical paradise party in your mouth! But that’s not even all the fun. You get real pineapple chunks on your drink that adds to that perfect bite to complete this revitalising cooler.

Now that’s it for the drinks that have left me a drooling mess! What’s a party without snacks?

Starbucks’ new meatless options have taken the stage and are waiting for your applause – the Curry Meatless Chicken Pie (made with HARVEST GOURMET® meatless chicken) and Truffle Meatless Beef and Mushroom Puff along with the Meatless Beef Avocado Omelette Mushroom & Cheese Wrap (both made with IMPOSSIBLE™ plant-based beef). 

Starbucks Summer Menu: Meatless Options
Just this picture alone makes my stomach grumble!

They may be meatless, but they’re just as delicious, maybe even more! Food mustn’t be judged until it is tasted, so give these mouth-watering snacks a shot the next time you decide to treat yourself! They have so many more meatless options that it’s virtually impossible to list them all here, so check them out for yourself and see which tickles your taste buds the most.

Starbucks has also launched a brand new line of rich coffee blends to give you the toasty feeling of home and love wherever you are, as you also cool off from the summer with their stunning hints of citrus! What are these blends, you ask? Papua New Guinea and Siren’s Blend

Starbucks Summer Menu: Papau New Guinea Blend
You can just see the summer vibes beaming off that colourful packaging of the Papua New Guinea blend!

The Papua New Guinea blend results in bright and juicy hints of jasmine that calmly crash with the tropical, nutty vibes of stone fruit. Its washed processing creates herbal flavours, which so gracefully balance the boldness of Papua New Guinea, concocting a coffee experience you will never forget.

Starbucks Summer Menu: Siren
The celebration of women’s innovations – the Siren’s Blend

In Siren’s Blend (which also had its own bag collection), citrus once again meets the deep, rich flavours of chocolate. Every grain of this blend shares the story of the innovations of women, paying tribute to their works – from farmer to roaster to barista. This blend combines aromatic and bold coffee from East Africa and Latin America, which will deliver the perfect summer taste.

We all know that a new season means new surprises from Starbucks, and they did not disappoint. They have so much going on; it’s only natural you would want to keep up with the latest buzz and win access to exclusive benefits. So, be sure to join the Starbucks family and join them as a Starbucks® Rewards member!

Do also check out the full array of the summer menu that Starbucks has prepared specially for you and your hot days, and information, you can always visit their website.

I would say ‘let the summer begin’, but for us Singaporeans, will it ever even stop? But as Starbucks  says it, happy Summer Yaycation!

Visuals courtesy of Starbucks® Singapore.

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