An energising collaboration: Get ready for LiHO’s newest collaboration with Red Bull for an all-new limited-edition line of drinks!

In lieu of the Lunar Year of the Bull, LiHO has teamed up with energy drink giant Red Bull to bring you a new line of refreshing fruit tea beverages!

Launched on 6 February 2021, this new line comes in two bold flavours — Red Bull Mango Booster & Red Bull Passion Cooler, with both the Red Bull Energy Drink and Red Bull Sugar-free options. 

Red Bull x LiHO TEA: Red Bull Passion Cooler and Red Bull Mango Booster
Energy drinks and fruit tea? Talk about an unusual combination!

I know what you’re thinking — Red Bull with LiHO? It sounds pretty unorthodox, but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve tried both flavours, both in the Red Bull Energy Drink and Sugar-free options, and here’s what I thought: 

Red Bull Passion Cooler ($7.50)

Red Bull x LiHO TEA: Red Bull Passion Cooler
Red Bull Passion Cooler (L), $7.50

One of the first things I noticed on the menu was that this line of drinks is only available in Large (L) size, and as such, has a fixed price of $7.50. So for all those with smaller drink stomachs, do take note!

Though it may seem a little pricey (especially for all my fellow students out there), just consider the fact that these drinks are made from fresh fruit teas infused with an energy drink. Personally, I’d say the boost of energy and burst of refreshing flavours it gives you is definitely worth the price!

Red Bull x LiHO TEA: Red Bull Passion Cooler Drinking
Both drinks are only available in Large size, so those with smaller drink stomachs, do take note!

So, the first flavour I tried was the Red Bull Passion Cooler. This flavour is made with passionfruit and grapefruit, and as such, has a more tangy, sour aftertaste to it. I tried this particular flavour in both the sugar-free option and the usual Red Bull Energy Drink option. One mistake I made was ordering 30% more sugar in the latter option, which resulted in the drink being a little too sweet for my taste. 

As we all know, Red Bull itself is already plenty sweet, so I’d recommend you to not add any extra sugar on top of whether you chose the sugar-free Red Bull or the usual one. Do note that the sugar-free Red Bull is only slightly less sweet than the default option, so you might want to consider that when choosing.

As for the taste itself, the drink being a fruit tea was definitely refreshing, but may leave you with a slightly bitter aftertaste because of the tangy nature of passion fruits and grapefruits. But, being a fan of both fruits, I was okay with that.

This is a drink I’d recommend, especially on a hot day (which is almost every day in Singapore honestly). What better way to beat the heat than with a tantalising Red-Bull infused passion/grapefruit tea?

Red Bull Mango Booster ($7.50)

Red Bull x LiHO TEA: Red Bull Passion Cooler and Red Bull Mango Booster 2
Red Bull Mango Booster (L), $7.50 (right)

Even though I’d usually prefer passionfruit on most days, this time, I have to say that the Mango Booster was my favourite among the two. I don’t know about you, but I’m used to mango drinks always being too syrupy and too cloying for my taste. I have to admit, I’m rather picky when it comes to drinks, but the Mango Booster definitely exceeded my expectations. 

The mango flavour in this one was light enough that I could drink the entire Large cup without feeling overly full or uncomfortable afterwards, but also strong enough to leave an impression on your tastebuds. 

Red Bull x LiHO TEA: Display
Both flavours were refreshing, and something I’d recommend, especially on a hot day!

As compared to the Passion Cooler, it’s definitely on the sweeter side and leaves behind an aromatic, fruity aftertaste. And yet, as I previously mentioned, it wasn’t cloying at all, and I enjoyed this down to the very last sip. 

The Red Bull infused in it also gave this drink a real kick, and much like its name, it boosted my energy levels to a new high. If you’re looking for something new and delicious to try, then I’d highly recommend the Mango Booster!

Ending Thoughts

I know many people may not be fond of the taste of pure energy drinks (myself included), but need the energy boost it gives. With this collaboration, you can get the best of both worlds with your favourite fruit teas as well as the kick you need to get through the day, all in one drink.

Red Bull x LiHO TEA: Photo Banner
This new line gives you that boost of energy whenever you need it

Whether it’s after a heavy meal and you have food coma, or maybe after a hardcore study session, and you need something to replenish your energy, this new line will perfectly suit your needs, as well as satisfy your taste buds. The flexibility in sugar levels also gives people more options according to their personal preferences and needs. 

With the Augmented Reality (AR) Instagram filter created by LiHO, you can also play around to see when’s the best time to get your LiHO drink. (I mean, other than now of course). We don’t know yet if this line is set to be on LiHO’s menu permanently or not, but at least for the year, it’s set to be a limited edition series.

So what are you waiting for? Head on down to the nearest LiHO store to get your Red Bull fruit tea now!

Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC Team.

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