Huat Ah! Google Pay’s newest social game Huat Pals lets you earn ang pows with friends and family for rewards of up to $88.88 each!

We all love free things. Free food is great and all, but what’s better than getting some extra cash that is free? Whatever the case, it’s time for us Singaporeans to get ready to swoop up on Google’s newest social game, Huat Pals!

Google Pay Huat Pals: Rewards
Receive ang pows worth up to $88.88 with Huat Pals!

To usher in a prosperous Lunar New Year, Google has launched Huat Pals in Google Pay; available for a limited time from 4 to 26 February 2021.

Aligning with the festive season’s spirit of togetherness and reunion, it’s a pretty rewarding experience for anyone newcomer or veteran of Google Pay! As you play Huat Pals and earn gifts, you’ll also gain the joy of sharing with your loved ones as you send them gifts too!

“The traditions of Lunar New Year are all about drawing people closer together. In light of the safety measures imposed on large group gatherings due to the pandemic, we hope this campaign will be a rewarding and meaningful way for Singaporeans to continue the traditions of sharing blessings with their loved ones, and have fun with their friends and family through the Google Pay app, ” notes Patrick Teo, Director of Engineering for Payments at Google.

Google Pay Huat Pals: UI

So what exactly is Huat Pals about? 

Well, this game allows Singaporeans to claim an ang pow valued between $8.88 to $88.88. 

You just need to collect five playful characters, or ‘Huat Pals’ within the app, which is received at random upon completing transactions and other Google Pay activities. 

Here are 5 tips for you to maximise your rewards from the game: 

Explore different tasks in Google Pay 

Google Pay Huat Pals: Transfers
Explore different actions, like making transfers to friends and paying for movies in the app to increase your chances

There’s various activities to explore on the app, such as paying in-store or making transfers to your friends. By doing so, you’ll increase your chances at receiving ‘Huat Pals’ to complete your collection and win an ang pow worth up to $88.88!

Invite your friends and family to join 

Google Pay Huat Pals: Gift basket Convo
Invite your loved ones to complete activities with you

Gather a group of loved ones or close friends to complete group activities or just to get the word out. Bonus points if you know someone who isn’t on Google Pay, whom you can refer and earn a ‘Huat Pal’ for. On top of that, both you and your friend will earn $3 upon their first transaction of $10 or more too!

Give your Gift Baskets to your loved ones

Google Pay Huat Pals: Ah Huat
Ah Huat, one of the Huat Pals in the game

Among the five ‘Huat Pals’, ‘Ah Huat’, the Boss Pineapple, is known to drop a gift basket that you can share with groups of three or more friends. In partnership with FairPrice Online, these gift baskets provide a chance for up to five people (which includes the sender) to claim a gift each. 

Google Pay Huat Pals: Gift basket
Share your gift baskets with your friends and family for guaranteed rewards

These gift baskets include 5 gifts each, and are made up of a random mix of FairPrice Online vouchers, ang pows, or additional ‘Huat Pals’ — it’s a sure-huat for everyone! What’s more, you can keep on receiving and sharing gift baskets even after completing the main game for even more rewards. 

Gift extra ‘Huat Pals’ you don’t need

Google Pay Huat Pals: Request Picker
Request for Huat Pals you need, and give away those you don’t

If you find yourself with too many of the same ‘Huat Pal’, you may give them to your friends or family. And it’s a two-way bonus because you can request for ‘Huat Pals’ you don’t have at the same time. Once gifted or received, you get a surprise ‘Huat Pal’ in return! Who knows? In giving to others, you might find yourself with the last ‘Huat pal’ you need to complete your collection.

Complete each of the four actions multiple times a day

Google Pay Huat Pals: Cashback
Complete the actions multiple times a day to maximise your chances

Lastly, you can complete each of the four actions listed multiple times a day! But do keep in mind that if you don’t use up all your chances that day, it won’t be rolled over to the next day, so make every chance count.

So what are you waiting for?

For those who don’t have it yet, the Google Pay app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple). With free gifts on the line, what are you waiting for?

Go collect your ang pows with your loved ones now – Huat ah!

Update, 10 February 2021 2:30PM GMT+8: Article has been updated to reflect Google’s latest changes on mentions of the daily limits for qualifying actions.

Visuals courtesy of Google Singapore.

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