Yanmi Yogurt’s Purple Rice Yogurt Drink Might Just Be the New Bubble Tea

Yes, you heard it right – yoghurt with rice

It seems like a bizarre combination that takes what it means to be an Asian to the next level. And I know you’re probably thinking; “How can anything replace bubble tea?”. But I will get to that shortly.

Yanmi Yogurt is the first purple-rice yoghurt brand in Singapore, and they recently opened their second outlet at Wisma Atria (#B1-44), which has marked a new beginning for the brand. They have even changed their logo to that of an avatar that represents the purple rice grain; Yanmi Yogurt’s pride.

Yanmi Yogurt: Wisma Atria
Yanmi Yogurt at Wisma Atria (#B1-44)

Much different from the youthful pink and white interior in its first home, Funan Mall, the one at Wisma Atria dons a more rustic and minimalist look. It features a modern-industrial design concept, with its exposed pipes and ducts. Yanmi Yogurt’s production process inspires this look; from the grain selection to the extensive system formula and 21-step layering process. 

Yanmi Yogurt: Wisma Atria 2
Yanmi Yogurt’s brand new modern-industrial style concept

Yes, 21 steps! This detailed process makes the purple rice, also known as the king of rice, rich in Vitamins B1 and B2, folic acid, protein, and so much more! It is also low in sugar and full of probiotics, making this yogurt drink the perfect digestion aid and what you need for your overall well-being. 

Compared to bubble tea, which is loaded with sugar and processed ingredients, and its tapioca pearls, which are the definition of unhealthy, the purple rice yogurt is precisely what your body needs.

Yanmi Yogurt: Purple Rice
Purple Rice displayed in tubes at Yanmi Yogurt

But in terms of taste, does it pass the test?

I tried the purple rice yoghurt drink, and that too in three different variations – the original, the avocado, and the Yakult flavour. This combination may sound strange to the untrained soul and requires a considerable leap of faith to even try, but I’m pleased to say, it’s a hit. 

Here are my thoughts.


Yanmi Yogurt: Purple Rice Yogurt
Purple Rice Yogurt (S$4.80)

What does it taste like? It literally tastes like rice in yogurt. But don’t let that fool you. The winning point of this drink is the way the textures play in your mouth – the thickness of the yogurt drink as you munch on the rice grains is a party in your mouth like no other. It’s a welcoming change from boba, and a healthier alternative too. 

While it is an acquired taste, there is bound to be that one purple rice drink variation from Yanmi Yogurt’s vast menu, that tickles your taste buds and becomes your next go-to drink!

Since social media has been employed to rate aesthetic standards, on a scale of ‘Just drink’ to “Stop! Let me take a photo for my Instagram story”, this is definitely ‘Instagram-worthy’. 


Yanmi Yogurt: Avocado Purple Rice Yogurt
Avocado Purple Rice Yogurt ($5.30)

It’s a shame to admit this, but this self-proclaimed foodie right here thinks that avocados taste different in every form – the fruit, drinks, everything! Hence, I couldn’t particularly pinpoint the taste of the avocado in this drink. I knew it was there, but it was incredibly subtle, mainly because of the creaminess of the yogurt and avocado assimilated so well together. According to others who’ve tried this drink, the aftertaste of your sip carries a hint of the avocado.

Nonetheless, it was pretty good, with the rice grains once again throwing a party in your mouth. We all know the health benefits of avocados, hence, if you’re an avocado enthusiast, I’m sure this drink will be the perfect one for you.


Yanmi Yogurt: Eat Yakult Yogurt
Eat Yakult Yogurt (S$4.80)

This was my favourite out of the three purple rice drinks I got to try. I love Yakult with a burning passion, and trying it in this form was so new and fresh. The taste of the Yakult indeed does shine, but it doesn’t steal your attention. It worked so well with the yogurt itself, and together, this was a match made in the yogurt heaven. If you love Yakult as much as I do, you have found your new go-to drink from Yanmi Yogurt! 

I tried two other drinks from Yanmi Yogurt that are not from the Purple Rice series. They are the Man-Mango Yogurt, and the Mango Pomelo Sago Yogurt.

If there is anything I love more than Yakult, it’s mangoes. It’s a fruit that can work anywhere – in a drink, a desert, on its own, anywhere

So I’m sure you can guess how much I loved these drinks. 


Yanmi Yogurt: Mango Pomelo Sago Yogurt
Mango Pomelo Sago Yogurt (S$6.30)

This was a masterpiece for me. I personally love sago, hence, making this one an instant winner for me. However, pomelos are an interesting fruit – their bright colour hides a bitterness that comes as you take each sip and bite into its pulp. It is more of a surprise punch that hits you without warning and leaves behind a strong aftertaste. However, both fruits were able to complement one another really well. The sweetness of the mango immediately extinguishes the bitterness of the pomelo. 

The appearance is also definitely one for your Instagram stories. It simply embodies vibrancy and makes you excited to try this concoction as soon as possible. I would recommend this drink, but do be ready for the pomelo punches!


Yanmi Yogurt: Man-Mango Yogurt
Man-Mango Yogurt (S$5.30)

To put it simply, this drink is the Mango Pomelo Sago Yogurt without the pomelo and sago. Mango and Yogurt is not a new combination – we’ve all tried it, and loved it. Hence, it is a comfort drink, one you can’t help but love. I loved this drink too. I would definitely recommend this as well, especially for those who are sceptical about the pomelo in the previous drinks.  

On the one hand, the sweetness in the chunks of mango makes you feel guilty for loving it, but when you remember that it’s incredibly healthy, you dig in for more. This drink is simply happiness in a cup. There, I said it. 

Yanmi Yogurt even recommends three steps to enjoy their addictive potions:

  1. Shake about ten times to blend it all well.
  2. After shaking, let it sit for about five minutes before drinking. This ensures the taste is enhanced, and perfect.
  3. Consume it within 30 minutes for the best experience! The drinks’ optimum freshness lasts up to an hour.

So, have you found a drink among these that might be the one for you? I hope so, because all of these drinks can be enjoyed guilt-free. Every Yanmi Yogurt cup is made by hand by the friendliest staff, with premium ingredients – yogurt freshly made with Australian milk, and high-quality purple rice grains specially imported from Mojiang Hani Autonomous County (Mojiang).

Yanmi Yogurt: Serving up the ‘Eat Yakult Yogurt’ and ‘Man Mango Yogurt’
A staff serving us our drinks – the ‘Eat Yakult Yogurt’ and ‘Man Mango Yogurt’

But wait! Yanmi Yogurt has some good news to share with you.

Firstly, there will be new additions to the menu that you can find at Wisma Atria’s outlet. Some of these include ‘Grass Jelly Shaved Purple Rice Yogurt’, ‘Refreshing Watermelon Yogurt’, and the ‘Caramel Oats Yogurt’. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these brand new, exciting drinks.

Secondly, Yanmi Yogurt is also opening three more stores by the beginning of 2021, at Junction8, SingPost and Chinatown Point! These outlets will also be following the concept of their latest outlet at Wisma Atria, and will include their brand new drinks.

Yanmi Yogurt: Posters
Posters displayed at Yanmi Yogurt about their drinks, with their new purple rice mascot

We need to take care of ourselves and serve our bodies the best food and drinks that promote our health and well-being, and Yanmi Yogurt’s drinks are definitely the ones for the job. Now open at Wisma Atria, get on a train and head on down to Orchard MRT station right now to get your yogurt fix!
For more information and to be up to date with their latest deals and offers, check out Yanmi Yogurt’s Facebook and Instagram pages now!

Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC team.

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