Atwood’s New Single “Out of the Blue” Blew Me Away

Pun very much intended, thank you!

But I kid you not, this song really blew my mind.

Atwood is a two-member Alternative Rock band from Milan, Italy, consisting of Alice Sachertorte and Daniele Mammola. They released a brand new single called Out of the Blue on 21 November, and dare I say; I love it.

Now, who exactly is Atwood? 

They are a local band from Milan that began their story with their debut single, Black Mirror. They started with genres that dabbled in Milan’s Pop Punk, and the Alternative scene. 

However, their song Dance in the Sun that was released in October 2019, marked a new beginning for Atwood as they incorporated a different approach in their music – “catchy, yet meaningful; poppy, yet well rounded”. This song and Ghost are to be part of the upcoming EP set to release at the beginning of 2021. (Psst, it’s already December, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!)

Now, about Out of the Blue

Atwood: Out of the Blue poster
Out of the Blue official poster

It starts off sort of gentle, with Alice’s heavenly vocals and the electric guitar in the background. It then builds up as the beat goes faster and the drums join in. 

And then, the chorus hits. 

And you just start jumping on your bed and jam to the song at full force, as you lip-sync and wave to your imaginary audience. This song gives you massive concert and rockstar vibes, as you dance the night away in your room. Oops, I meant, concert!

But personally, the lyrics of a song always mean so much to me. While the song itself sounds so upbeat and blood-pumping, the lyrics seem to be hiding a whole new level of pain. 

On a surface level, the song depicts the wait for a partner. The persona seems to get so eager in this wait, that she literally starts dreaming of one. The wait makes her go crazy, and she doesn’t realise that she has shut the world out. 

Atwood: Set Pic
On the set of the Out of the Blue music video

We feel this internal struggle of hers in the lines “Dreaming I can come and knock on your door. But wake up all alone when I’m so close” and “I guess I’ll just lie here. And wait for you to hunt me down.” 

But the main story in this song is of waiting, which is expressed in the form of the story of waiting for your love. 

It’s the story of waiting for something good to come, but shutting the world out during it, thinking the thing you’re waiting for will come to you. But that’s never how life works, is it? We often form a bubble, a bubble of safety, if you will. We trap ourselves in this bubble, waiting for what we want to come to us, and we forget to live in the process. 

Atwood: Publicity Pic
Atwood for Out of the Wood

This bubble also symbolises how we trap ourselves in this world where we can’t forget, something that we will always remember just haunts us and consumes us. You hear that in “Out of sight, out of mind. It’s such a big lie”. The magic of time starts to feel like a curse, and that bubble stops you from living. 

This song is here to tell you, to get out of that bubble, and don’t forget to live while you wait. In fact, don’t wait for what you want to come to you. You’re strong and independent. Go get it yourself.

A beautiful story wrapped in stunning vocals and concert-like vibes, this song is a full package. 

Give it a listen on YouTube and Spotify right now!

To learn more about Atwood, you can visit their website.

Have a great concert!

Visuals courtesy of Atwood.

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