Art from the Heart: Art-Sale-Cum-Charity-Fundraiser, Rouge, Redefines the Art of Giving

One of the most memorable sayings I’ve ever heard in my life is, “Without art, the Earth is just ‘eh’.” Get it? It’s a pun, a fact, and such an iconic quote. 

As much as I love this quote, I shall confess, I never truly understood it. I would ask myself, ‘How could art affect planet Earth?’. But today, I finally understand and appreciate its meaning, as I hope you will too.

Rouge Charity Fundraiser Aditi Sharma and Hanming Wang
Hanming Wang (Left) and Aditi Sharma (Right), the curators of Rouge

Two friends, Aditi Sharma and Hanming Wang, worked in the tech industry for years until the COVID-19 storm rained upon many local communities. They then took it upon themselves to be the umbrellas for these communities, by raising funds through the Art-Sale-cum-Charity-Fundraiser, Rouge. The artworks to be sold, are an original collection built over the years by Hanming herself, who’s a local artist and illustrator.

But why is it called Rouge? Rouge is a colour close to pink and red, and is the colour of giving. This warm holiday colour represents the art of giving and urges you to give back to society, and those who need us the most right now.

Rouge Charity Fundraiser Artwork 1
One of the artworks on sale, by Hanming Wang

The artworks are beautiful, each with a personal story deeply embedded in every stroke of paint and pencil. Many of the artworks document travel, while some document food, both of which are my favourite topics, of course. Many artworks also portray entrancing flora that are bound to beautify any room they are placed in.

These artworks are perfect as a gift to a loved one, or even to yourself to hang the fine art pieces in your room, and adding a little more flair to your home. Every single piece will be unique and one of its kind.

This holiday season, in the season of giving, all proceeds collected from the Art Sale will go directly to non-profit organisations, to show our support for these communities and solidarity as a nation during these horrific times.

Rouge Charity Fundraiser Artwork 2
One of the artworks on sale, by Hanming Wang

Aditi and Hanming have partnered with three organisations that will support three central communities hit by the pandemic, in Singapore. You get to choose which organisation you would like your proceeds to be delivered to, and which community you wish to show your support to.

The first organisation is, Aidha, which supports the Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) community, and helps low-income women to achieve financial independence. The second is Food from the Heart, which will provide food and alleviate hunger among the less fortunate in Singapore. The third organisation is Art Outreach, that will show its support for the local artist community. 

Rouge Charity Fundraiser Artwork 3
One of the artworks on sale, by Hanming Wang

Here’s how your funds make a difference. Every $25 donated to Aidha covers the cost of course materials for one student. Every $25 donated to Food from the Heart brings seven meals to the beneficiary. Every $15 to Art Outreach will help offset the cost of art materials for each participant in the ARTLink programme, a community outreach initiative to empower underprivileged children through exposure to visual arts. 

And there are so many more ways your funds can help, and you can read more on their website!

These two women really do exemplify the art of giving. Indeed, it is art. During these trying times, they have stepped up for the wellbeing of our fellow citizens and truly demonstrated selflessness, by donating 100% net proceeds to the communities in need. 

Rouge Charity Fundraiser Poster
Poster image for Rouge

With this project, not only do the women aim to help these communities, but they also hope to create a social drive in society, to want to help our fellow people in need. It’s touching to see such people in our country stepping up for the good and rallying us along with them. 

For more information, you can visit their website and to view the fine artworks that could be yours, be sure to check out their Art Gallery! Now, don’t you agree too? Without art, the Earth is genuinely just ‘eh’.

Visuals couresy of Hanming Wang and Rouge.

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