EMERGE Esports launches with the intent to make your passion a reality

The issue of leaving your dreams behind for the pursuit of stability is one that plagues the minds of many. It undoubtedly haunts those of us who would have rather pursued our dreams in a career of gaming. But with the emergence of eSports, that could be something of the past, especially if EMERGE Esports has anything to say about it.

Emerge Esports Logo
Emerge Esports Logo

EMERGE Esports recently launched their talent management agency for professional gaming and esports. They have over 40 esports athletes and personalities under their service, such as popular DOTA 2 streamer Dominik, as known as “Black”, renowned Singapore-based Cosplayer, “XIAOYUKIKO”, and even 2019 SEA Games participant and Mobile Legends competitive player Robert “Oh Deer Bambi” Boon.

Emerge Esports Personalities and talents (New)
Personalities and athletes under EMERGE Esports

Perhaps most impressive was the prelude to EMERGE Esports’ launch with the campaign that they embarked on called EMERGE Against All Odds which was based on rag-and-bone or “Karang Guni” men culture within Singapore. 

Residential and commercial areas were visited by “Dream Collectors”, sent by EMERGE Esports team, who engaged passers-by by offering a token sum of money, for an unused dream of theirs. The campaign was conceived as a way to bring awareness to the problem of discarding your passion in pursuit of practical endeavours.

“The idea of the campaign was to highlight the nature of the younger generation settling in jobs for its source of income rather than pursuing what they are truly passionate about. Especially if it is in the less-conventional industries like esports, which often garners negative sentiments from families and friends,” explained Pang Xue Jie, the Chief Gaming Officer (CGO) of EMERGE Esports.

“The youngsters who participated in this campaign were more taken aback by the idea of their dreams being disposed of. Towards the end of each session, participants often expressed their determination to work on their true callings, against all odds.”

Thought-provoking signboards were also paraded around to support the campaign’s key messaging, giving participants something to think about. Maybe, even a rekindling of that old unused dream of theirs.

Emerge Esports EMERGE Against All Odds Campaign Signboards
The signboards with the key messaging

Esports has undoubtedly gained momentum over the years and has become an increasingly viable source of income to many. 

With the EMERGE Esports agency finally incorporated, one can hope that this will bring about about a boost to the growth of the eSports ecosystem in Singapore. We ultimately will be able to allow more people with talent in the gaming industry to thrive and succeed in the future — eliminating our local stigma of gaming being just being another overhyped hobby.

Visuals courtesy of EMERGE Esports.

*Update: Article has been edited with a change in content


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