The Future Now Comes with A Side of Tip Top Cheesy Impossible Puffs

Cheesy Impossible Puff: Cover Image

Remember the days when plant-based meat was but a pipe dream? 

I don’t. These days, the Impossible brand is everywhere, from gourmet kitchens to fast food kiosks. Local brand Tip Top is no exception. They’ve had the Impossible Rendang Puff on their menu for some time now since it launched in March earlier this year. Starting today, fans can welcome a new addition to the menu: The Cheesy Impossible Puff. 

Now, I’m not going to lie. There was a time in life when my body would have a visceral reaction towards any mention of mock meat. I mean, it takes a particular palate to appreciate a rubbery, alarmingly red piece of faux-char siew in one’s bee hoon. 

Cheesy Impossible Puff: Image 1
Just look at the melty cheesy goodness of Tip Top’s latest snack: The Cheesy Impossible Puff.

But the advent of Impossible Foods has been a game-changer when it comes to the landscape of plant-based meat, and Singaporeans seem to have welcomed it with open arms just as I have.

It’s not uncommon to walk into many of your favourite F&B brands these days to see a vegetarian-friendly option in the form of an Impossible dish on the menu. It’s come to the point that it’s weird even to think that Impossible Foods had only reached our shores on a nationwide level in March of 2019. 

What can I say – technology makes time move faster, and we are all just playing catch up. 

Cheesy Impossible Puff: Image 2
Is it just me, or does this puff look like Singapore with an Impossibl(y) large flag stuck on top of it?

Well, as long as technology comes with curry puffs brimming with cheese, onions, carrots, and all these good things, moving with the times doesn’t feel all bad. To top it all off, this snack is halal-certified so our Muslim friends can enjoy it too. 

Now you enjoy your curry puff while knowing that the earth is better for it. 

Get your fix of the Cheesy Impossible Puff from now until 31 December at any Tip Top outlet in Singapore (excluding Changi Airport), as well as on delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, GrabFood, and Foodpanda. For a limited time period, enjoy the offer of two for the price of S$5, instead of its usual price of S$3 per puff!

Visuals courtesy of Tip Top.


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