BenQ Wants to Protect Your Eyes with this Thin Bar on Top of Your Monitor!

Consumer electronic brand BenQ launches the GW2780T Eye-care Monitor and Monitor Light ScreenBar, a tool for protecting eye health as one studies and works. The successor to the popular GW2480T 24-inch monitor, this version boasts the newest eye-care technologies.

It comes with a handy height adjustment stand, as well as a ScreenBar – a smart clip-on monitor light with sensitive sensors and dimmable feature features that users will find useful for their viewing comfort. 

BenQ GW2780T Monitor and ScreenBar: Work Desk Use 1
The ScreenBar is a pretty sleek, addition to your monitor or Mac

In this era where work-from-home can all too easily turn into overwork-from-home, hence increasing the average screen time for adult and young digital users alike. Maintaining good screen health and taking care of one’s eyes thus becomes paramount in a time like this – an intelligent digital product can well help one to do so. 

Says Jeffrey Liang, President of BenQ Asia Pacific, “The monitor-ScreenBar duo boasts intelligent features and intuitive designs to optimise the productivity corner, a commitment that BenQ continues to uphold for office workers and students who are experiencing higher screen time after the pandemic.”

What’s in this set, you ask? 

BenQ GW2780T Monitor and ScreenBar: Work Desk Use 2
The BenQ Eye-care Monitor GW2780T is a pretty nice addition to an office or SOHO desk

The GW2780T Eye-care Monitor is the newest model in BenQ’s G-Series LED monitors, and boasts the brand’s signature Brightness Intelligence Technology (BI). This adaptive technology adjusts the screen light based on its users’ surroundings, and modulates the brightness and dark areas on the display to provide optimal combinations of ambient light and display light. It also reduces reflective glare. The overall result is a more soothing user experience that goes a long way towards reducing eye strain and myopia that all too often follows. 

The whole family can also enjoy it! Since the height adjustment stand allows the monitor to be customised for any member of the family, young or old, to maintain a sitting posture and viewing distance that suits them. This height adjustment stand is flexible in terms of height, tilt, pivot as well as swivel.

BenQ GW2780T Monitor and ScreenBar: USB Connection
A side-view of how the Monitor Light ScreenBar looks when on your monitor

Complementing the Eye-care Monitor is the Monitor Light ScreenBar, a BenQ invention that features 14 adjustable brightness levels and 8 colour temperature levels (from 2.7K to 6.5K) so that users can optimise their comfort. It also dims automatically when its built-in sensors detect a change in ambient light, ensuring that your workstation always receives quality illumination. 

BenQ GW2780T Monitor and ScreenBar: Colour Temperature
Toggle between warm and cool light as suits your purposes with the GW2480T ScreenBar

Both the GW2480T and GW2780T Eye-care Monitors can be used alongside your personal digital devices such as laptop, tablet, and even smartphone. This allows you the indulgence of a large screen projection, paired with the safety of Flicker-Free Technology and Low Blue Light Technology.

For more information, check out the BenQ Store on Lazada, where both the GW2780T Eye-care Monitor and Monitor Light ScreenBar are exclusively available in Singapore. They retail at SGD 339 and SGD 159 (before GST) respectively.

Visuals courtesy of BenQ.


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