Games to consider while on circuit breaker

Gaming; one of the most favoured activities to relax and wile away the hours. Though it has come under less than ideal circumstances, now is probably the best time to fish out your controller and start searching for something to play.

So in wake of the recent circuit breaker implementation, here are our suggestions on some games to get into while you are stuck in your home.

For the long haul

With stay-at-home measures lasting till May and potentially could be extended longer, finding a game with content that lasts is probably high up among people’s list.

Look no further than Role-Playing-Games (RPGs) — they usually have content lasting upwards of 50 hours just on story alone, more than enough to get you immersed within the world and its characters. It’s a good genre if you are looking to get your mind off the coronavirus situation and invested onto another world.

Circuit breaker Gaming: The Witcher 3

But what games do you pick out of the lot? Several choices come to mind. Traditional western-style RPGs have come to the fore in recent years, none more so than CD PROJEKT RED’s The Witcher 3. Despite releasing nearly 5 years ago, the game still holds up well visually and has content that can last you for months on end. It is a great accompaniment to the Witcher series on Netflix as well.

Alternatively, you could look to a more Japanese influence for your RPGs. JRPGs are less action-heavy and tend to be more methodical in gameplay, great for people who like some strategic planning in their games.  

Circuit breaker Gaming: Persona 5 Royal

Dragon Quest XI is a good starting point and features the classic chosen hero in a fantasy setting, it is hard to go wrong with such an established trope. Those wanting something that resembles some sense of normalcy could try the recently released Persona 5 Royal, which has you living life in Japan as a high school student.

Cheer on again for sports

Live sports is one of the biggest casualties amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and with news coming out that they might not return till June at the earliest, sports fans will no doubt be experiencing withdrawal from not seeing their favourite teams compete.

It is no substitute for the real thing, but sports games could potentially help to tide us over until the sports events return. 

Circuit breaker Gaming: PES

Football fans would probably already be acquainted with the FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer series of games, providing hours of simulation action for players. Those wanting a different perspective can also dive into the Football Manager series for a technical look at the beautiful game. 

Circuit breaker Gaming: NBA 2K

Basketball lovers can also look to the NBA 2K series to satiate their Basketball needs. The well-received Career Mode will probably eat up several hours as you strive to create your own professional player.

Local Multiplayer

Chances are that you are staying at home with members of your family, and it isn’t quite fair for you to hog the television all to yourself. So why not invite them to join in? Might even foster some familial bonds out of it.

Circuit breaker Gaming: Overcooked 2

Local co-op games have slowly died out in favour of using online, but there are still gems laying around. The excellent Overcooked 2 is one such instance, providing much fun (and some might say frustration) to family members who play, working together to cook dishes for hungry customers in the game.

If your family is feeling particularly competitive, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the perfect game to get out; it is fast, hectic and bound to make the hours fly by. 

Entering another world with virtual reality

For those who truly want to travel to a different world to forget the COVID-19 troubles, virtual reality (VR) presents the greatest opportunity to do so. Virtual reality has gotten better by leaps and bounds in recent years and is now more accessible than ever to people, with multiple devices to choose from. If you’re already in possession of one, here are our top picks:

Circuit breaker Gaming: Half-Life: Alix

Half-Life: Alix is the latest to push the genre of virtual reality. It features you playing within the world of Half-Life, though you don’t have to be a fan of the series to appreciate what the game can do. 

Beat Saber is another game which makes great use of VR, having you slash through blocks in sync with the music. Depending on the music as well, it could even give you a good workout while you are at it.

No need to hurt your wallet

And for those who prefer to not shell out your hard-earned cash in these trying times, be assured that there are still games that you can play that you don’t have to worry about emptying your wallet for.

Circuit breaker Gaming: Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular games out there and it is completely free to play. The cartoon-like visuals and arcadey gameplay lend themselves to a more lighthearted feel to Battle Royale games which can at times feel a little stressful. 

Circuit breaker Gaming: COD: Warzone

Those who have a preference for something more realistic can also go for either Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone. Both are squad-based so you can invite over a friend online to join you in some fun as you tackle the Battle Royale gameplay.

Perhaps you are not into Battle Royale games though, well companies are also offering games to play for free during this tough period. Microsoft is one such company, and they are allowing people to download and play Gears 5 for free till April 12; that is enough to go through the single-player campaign and maybe even dabble in some multiplayer. If you aren’t sure if the game is for you, you can check out our review. Long story short: it is good.

See anything we missed out on? Have a  title to recommend? Write in. [email protected]

Visuals courtesy of CD PROJEKT RED, Atlus, Microsoft, Activision, Epic Games, Valve, Nintendo, Konami, Take two Interactive and Team17

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