SITEX 2019: 2 new zones, a Battle Arena, and even a tech-infused workout zone from 28 Nov to 1 Dec 2019

SITEX, Singapore’s only consumer lifestyle IT exhibition, returns for another year, bringing along a refreshed concept for the public to enjoy. Held from 28 November to 1 December 2019 at Singapore Expo Halls 5 and 6, the latest and biggest showcase of consumer electronics and lifestyle technology will be showcased, alongside great year-end deals and product launches for the festive season! 

SITEX 2018: Experiential Zones

Last year’s SITEX was the 30th anniversary of the convention and they marked the occasion by organising their biggest show yet, dividing the exhibition into four experiential zones – Travel Tech, Portable Audio, Smart Homes, and Gaming.

SITEX 2018: Google

Following the success of these experiential zones, this year will see the return – and expansion – of the popular Smart Home and Living, and Gaming Zones. The Smart Home and Living Zone will feature the latest trends in technology for the smart home, including the NETGEAR Orbi Smart Speaker which provides smart voice assistant capabilities along with clear and distinct audio by Harman Kardon for the whole family to enjoy. This year, the Gaming Zone has been revamped to be geared towards millennials and creating immersive family experiences, with various e-sports activities and gaming opportunities alongside the interactive sessions for families with kids to enjoy.

SITEX 2019: Retro Gaming

Competitive spirits may want to join several competitions that will be available on-site at the Digital Battle Arena during the convention. Presented by SITEX and the convention’s brand partner, East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM), a multitude of competition categories is available to choose from, including Game Design and Prototype, Digital Illustration and Digital Speed Painting. Winners can expect to earn credit and work opportunities from SITEX’s partners –  Wacom and Lionheart Game Design Centre.

SITEX 2019: Cover

Two new zones will also be introduced into this year’s edition of SITEX. The Travel Tech and Portable Audio Zone have been merged into a new zone, and visitors can get a glimpse at the latest gadgets which will make one’s commute infinitely more enjoyable to travel. Aside from the newest wireless audio products, BlueSG, the first 100% electric car-sharing service in Singapore, will demonstrate how Singaporeans can help the environment while not sacrificing on convenience and affordability by utilising their service as a means to get to their next destination.

SITEX 2019: BlueSG

Lastly, with fitness becoming an integral aspect of one’s lifestyle, SITEX is also introducing the new Health and Wellness zone to keep attendees up to date. A wide variety of the latest fitness gear and equipment will be on show, complementing any kind of fitness routine you may be using. Additionally, you can check out how technology can be incorporated into daily workouts within the Fight zone, which will provide attendees with new insights based on real-time analytical data that they can use to further update and upgrade their workout routine.

Stay tuned for a first look at the SITEX exhibition very soon. Meanwhile, for more information and updates about SITEX 2019, please visit the official website at

Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC team. Additional visuals courtesy of SITEX.

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