Guide to SITEX 2018: eSports Tournaments, Exclusive Deals, and a 6D5N Trip to Paris

Singapore’s largest lifestyle IT show, SITEX 2018, will be happening at Singapore EXPO’s Halls 5 and 6 from 22 to 25 November 2018!

SITEX 2018: Experiential Zones

As part of a special celebration of their 30th-anniversary edition, 4 experiential zones are introduced: Gaming, Travel Tech, Portable Audio, and Smart Homes. Expect never-before-seen deals and discounts on highly acclaimed tech products (up to 50% off on Apple’s Macs and iPad!), and the impressive range of the latest life-changing technological devices on the market.

Real Gamers & Online Junkies

SITEX 2018: Gamers

Do you have what it takes to be a SITEX 2018 E-Sports Champion? In partnership with Omen Community Challenge, SITEX debuts its first-ever eSports Tournament with an exciting game roster which includes Dota 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO), and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile!

SITEX 2018: Aftershock

For those of you intending to go hardcore, check out the excellent “gaming man-cave” concept designed by SecretLab and Aftershock for the ultimate gaming experience! Gaming community RetroDNA will be bringing back the nostalgia with consoles and games from the ’60s – we’ll leave it to you to key in the Konami Code in Contra for that 30-lives boost.

In addition to that, get ready for a fan-meet session with the people behind local YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics on 24 and 25 November, and have the chance to play against Aurelia, Julian, and Sylvia! Radio DJs Hazelle, Mei Gui, Henry and Kun Hua from Y.E.S. 93.3FM will be making their appearances too.

Travel Bugs & Fitness Champions

Getting ready for your next overseas trip? Or are you looking for ways to take your fitness to a whole new level? From action cams to activity trackers, crowdfunding store We The People brings the best of the best on Kickstarter – the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects and merchandising.

SITEX 2018: Casio

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the latest smartwatches, such as CASIO’s Pro Trek WSD-F30 and WSD-F20, which are available in orange, blue, and black. For drivers, there’s a whole range of automotive and security products like dashcams and driver monitoring systems from Wow! Gadgets.

SITEX 2018: Wow Gadgets

Portable Audio For Audiophiles

SITEX 2018: Audio

Test quality audio products in person at the Portable Audio zone. From noise-cancelling headphones, in-ear monitors, and wireless earphones, expect nothing less from global and established companies such as V-MODA, SHURE, and more!

For sports enthusiasts or for those who desire creative customizability, V-MODA has you covered with sweat and weather resistant headphones, with 3D-printing and laser-engraving personalisation services.

You cannot miss AV One’s showcase of their True Wireless Earphones and Digital Audio Players – waterproof, weather resistant, and all with superior audio quality. And of course, SHURE – known for their variety of audio product offerings – will be bringing their latest offerings to SITEX 2018 which are great for home audio systems, studio recording, monitoring and DJ’ing too!

Upgrade Living: Smart Homes

SITEX 2018: Google

It’s not a distant dream to live in a smart home anymore, and you can easily make that happen at the Smart Home and Living zone! In this year’s SITEX show, Google outdoes itself with an incredibly, Instagram-worthy experience zone, where you can meet the full family of Google Home devices featuring the Google Assistant software. Get answers on-demand, enjoy premium entertainment, and control your home’s tech gadgets – all hands-free.

SITEX 2018: Google Pixel

Furthermore, in line with the Black Friday deals, check out the recently launched Google Pixel 3 and its game-changing camera features. If you don’t know what we are talking about, we have you covered with our review of the Google Pixel 3.

Calling All Tech Collectors: e-Recycle at SITEX 2018 for Rewards

SITEX 2018: Throwback

Have old electronics sitting in your e-Waste drawer at home? Give them a new life by recycling them at SITEX 2018, and be rewarded while saving the Earth: almost 100% of the materials in your electronic devices can be recycled to generate energy or make new products.

For hardcore collectors who own a GameBoy, a Nokia P30 1988, or the TANDY 1000 TL1988 – you’ll be entitled to exclusive Pandora Box prizes (worth up to $200), as part of the event’s #Throwback30 campaign! Some of these items include mini figurines of the Game Boy Joy Con Thumb drive, the Banana Boat Phone and even the iconic ThinkPad. There will be mystery scratch cards, Casio phone pouches, $5 NETS FlashPay from Changi City Point as well as Power Cables and Secret Lab Lanyards.

Grand Prize: 6D5N Trip To Paris

SITEX 2018: Grand Prize

This year, SITEX 2018 has prepared a special, sure-win Mystery Box daily draw. By spending a minimum of $100 per receipt, you stand a chance to win awesome prizes from the Mystery Box. With each entry, you’ll also earn a chance in the Grand Lucky Draw, where you could be the lucky winner of the 6D5N trip to Paris with accommodation!

We’ll leave you a tip: accumulate your receipts in separate entries to stand a higher chance of winning in the various draws. For more information, check out the details of the Lucky Draw here:

Sitex 2018: Sony

If you’re ready to dive in already, check out SITEX 2018’s deals and promotions here:! And while you’re busy shopping, take a trip down memory lane with a throwback of some of the most iconic technological gadgets in modern history – some introduced almost 30 years ago – that have inspired the development and relentless innovation of the consumer technology products we enjoy today.

For more information, visit SITEX 2018’s official website at:

Visuals courtesy of SITEX. Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC team.

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