Celebrate National Day with HANS IM GLÜCK’s “Die Die Must Try” menu!

HANS IM GLÜCK launches its “Die Die Must Try” menu – a Singapore-exclusive menu crafted in light of Singapore’s 54th birthday. Available from 1 July (Monday) to 31 August 2019 (Saturday), the National Day-special menu features HANS IM GLÜCK’s take on local delicacies; consisting of its KRABBE Burger, BEEF RENDANG Burger and Singapore Rose.


KRABBE Burger (SG$16)

The first and only seafood burger on the menu, HANS IM GLÜCK elevates the KRABBE Burger into a never-boring, nutritious and delicious burger – with no mess guaranteed. A fusion between HANS IM GLÜCK’s signature burgergrill and soft shell crab, the KRABBE Burger sees soft shell crab topped with onions, lettuce and fragrant spicy chilli sauce – all sandwiched between your choice of multi-grain or sourdough buns.

While the burger was probably pays homage to Singapore’s renowned chilli crab, it bore little resemblance to it – mainly because you could barely taste the crab. The spicy chilli sauce was too strong that it easily eliminated the crab meat’s mild taste. Furthermore, the crunchiness of the deep-fried batter enveloping the soft shell crab overpowers the melt-in-your-mouth softness of the meat itself. 



If you loved McDonald’s Nasi Lemak burger, prepare to fall head over heels for the BEEF RENDANG Burger! Packed within the burger are a thick and juicy grass-fed beef patty, sliced tomatoes, and lettuce, alongside a topping of sweet, caramelised onions and a generous serving of aromatic rendang sauce.  

Where it fell flat with the KRABBE Burger, HANS IM GLÜCK was able to successfully recreate the rendang dish into a burger. It would have been great if a chicken version of the rendang burger was created as well, to accommodate non-beef eaters in Singapore.

Singapore Rose

HANS IM GLÜCK - Singapore Rose
Singapore Rose (SG$8)

Sweet tooths are in for a treat with HANS IM GLÜCK’s Singapore Rose, a tropical mocktail that consists of coconut milk, mango, gula melaka and rose syrup, topped with coconut shavings and edible flower garnish. As the mocktail is made of all things sweet, go for it only if you have a serious penchant for sweetness! Otherwise, you might feel surfeited after a couple of sips.

National Day Special Promotion

HANS IM GLÜCK - feature pic

Everyone loves a special deal — to commemorate Singapore’s 54th birthday and bicentennial, diners may purchase a National Day Special bundle set for these Singapore-exclusive menu items – consisting of four special burgers and a pound of Fritten (Steak Fries) – at only SG$54! 

HANS IM GLÜCK’s “Die Die Must Try” menu will be available across all Singapore outlets. For more information, visit https://hansimglueck-burgergrill.sg 

Photos by Soloman Soh of the DANAMIC team.

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