Mr World Singapore 2019 Raises the Curtains on its 30 Finalists

Beam Artistes unveiled the 30 finalists for The Beam Search: Mr World Singapore 2019 on Thursday, 20 June 2019. Split into two categories – 26 & Under and 27 & Above – this year’s theme for Mr World Singapore extends from the theme of “Changing Perceptions, Changing Liveslast year, whereby Beam Artistes helped contestants improve and become better versions of themselves.

Mr World Singapore - finalists lining up for shots

This year, Beam Artistes seeks to expand its scope – for finalists to carry out missions in their lives through the platform that the Beam Search would provide. This is part of Mr World Singapore’s aim to become a robust platform that enables finalists not just to showcase their good looks and physiques, but also to create opportunities for the finalists when their Mr World journeys conclude and real-life resumes.

Mr World Singapore - group shot

This year’s Mr World Singapore sees 30 finalists across the two categories, each representing a different face of modern manhood. Finalists include a three-time cancer survivor, an up and coming new generation hawker and a chemical technician in an oil and gas plant.

Here are some of the finalists you should keep a lookout for.

Contestant No. 1: Alson Tian (24 years old)

Mr World Singapore - Alson Tan

Formerly a cheerleading member at Republic Polytechnic, Alson enjoys how cheerleading emphasises two of his strengths – functional fitness and being a team player. His interest in fitness has led him to earn his certification as a personal trainer, but he dreams of flying the skies one day as a pilot – an aspiration he has nurtured since childhood.

A believer in minimalism, Alson firmly applies the philosophy of ‘less is more’ to his life, which has helped him see his goals and priorities more clearly in life. During his downtime, Alson indulges in boxing and BJJ, partying, and watching Netflix.

Alson currently spends his evenings shaking things up as a bartender at Kilo Kitchen and Kilo Lounge in Tanjong Pagar, and will be opening a hawker stall with his mum soon at Amoy Street Food Centre. He hopes people will come for his looks, but more so for the various black pepper dishes that will be served at the stall.

Contestant No. 13: Shi Shan (23 years old)

Mr World Singapore - Shi Shan

Moving to Singapore at the age of four, adapting and making friends was a challenge for Shi Shan. Fitting in was not easy, as Shan was neither the most boisterous kid nor the most confident. Always striving to grow and become a better version of himself, Shan rebuilt his self-confidence and learnt to love himself through exercise, which he picked up seriously during his National Service (NS).

Mr World Singapore - Shi Shan showcasing his talent

Shan currently goes dragon boating regularly with his university team and is an avid musical performer who sings and plays the guitar. Shan also enjoys photography, gaming, and graphic design.

A second-year student of Social Sciences, Psychology, and Corporate Communication at SMU, Shan finds his strengths in marketing and design and hopes to set up his own consultancy practice in the future. Having done a bit of modelling in his junior college days, he looks forward to exploring the singing and modelling worlds as well.

Contestant No. S2: Sariyan Safee (33 years old)

Mr World Singapore - Sariyan Safee

Sariyan had his first encounter with cancer when he was eighteen years old, leaving him with half his thyroid and a partial loss of voice. Three years later, Sariyan’s thyroid cancer returned, and he had his remaining thyroid removed – resulting in his present need for lifetime medication.

Unfortunately, Sariyan had yet another encounter with cancer at the age of thirty. This time, he was diagnosed with skin cancer and had over thirty tumours and lesions on his skin. Having endured two debilitating illnesses, he went through six operations to remove the tumours on his body.

Mr World Singapore - sharing session

Sariyan was finally declared cancer-free on Monday, 19 May 2019, but his encounters with cancer have enabled him to appreciate even the simplest things in life. Moving forward from his ordeals, Sariyan aspires to be a role model to those in similar situations and to inspire them by showing them that there is more to life than pain and suffering – that after it all, life is still worthwhile.

Contestant No. S4: Calvin Alexander Neo (31 years old)

Mr World Singapore - Calvin Alexander Yeo

Despite his age, Calvin is currently in his first year of undergraduate studies in Computer Science at NUS. Some may be surprised at his late-blooming, but life had taken some dramatic turns for him, and his studies are currently fully funded by the Yellow Ribbon Fund. He is profoundly grateful for the support he receives as he reintegrates himself into society.

As a gangster, Calvin was taught that everything is about fear, power, and pride – these were the qualities needed to climb up the ladder. Yet he found out that this was not true. Knowledge is power, and wisdom to choose the right choice gives respect.

Through joining Mr World Singapore this year Calvin hopes to be a voice to the ex-convicts and at-risk youths, and also to prove that if there is a will to change, there is always a way.

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Photos by Soloman Soh of the DANAMIC team.

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