In Pictures: Manhunt Singapore 2018

More than brawns and good looks, the annual edition of Manhunt Singapore this year saw 31 finalists pitted against each other through their journey of self-improvement. Directed by the theme “Changing Perceptions, Changing Lives”, the competition aims to serve as a platform to tell stories of remarkable individuals and challenge deep-seated societal biases.

Organised by talent agency Beam Artistes, 31 men were shortlisted as finalists from 300 auditionees as early as February this year to contend for four titles: Manhunt Singapore 2018, Senior Manhunt Singapore 2018, Manhunt Singapore (Open Category), and Best Model of Singapore (Male).

The open category made its debut in Manhunt Singapore 2018 to include foreign men residing in Singapore. This was not only initiated to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Manhunt International, but to show that as a truly cosmopolitan country, Singapore is a melting pot of unique individuals of different races and cultures, regardless of one’s nationality.

The Grand Finals was held at Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre, and the audience was treated to four exciting segments that are themed after the four seasons.

We’ll let the photos do the talking from here on – these are the eye candies that you have been waiting for!

Nick Langton

Manhunt SG 2018: Nick Langton
It’s a double victory for the 21-year-old, who believes in using his effusive nature as a force of good.

Nick bagged the grand title Manhunt Singapore 2018 and Best Model of Singapore (Male). The young 21-year-old dreams of being a sponsored athlete and/or actor. Unapologetically bold and fearless, Nick is eager for new opportunities to meet new people and inspire others to pursue a healthy lifestyle through fitness.

Laurence Olivier

Manhunt SG 2018: Laurence Olivier
A nurse by profession and an aspiring host/emcee, Laurence works long grueling hours and staying fit is a daily challenge.

Laurence used to be skinny in his younger years although he ate a lot. After moving to Singapore to work, he made it a personal goal to be fit and healthy on his 33rd birthday last October – and it paid off, with some thinking that he’s only in his mid-20s.

Bernard Chiew

Manhunt SG 2018: Bernard Chiew
From 2006 to 2012, Bernard is a Navy regular as a Weapon Specialist.

Winner of the Senior Manhunt Singapore 2018, the 31-year-old was sent to Iraq under Operation Blue Orchid in 2008 to provide humanitarian aid and assist in post-war reconstruction.

Richard Englisch

Manhunt SG 2018: Richard Englisch
With his family in the hospitality industry, Richard found his passion in bartending.

The 26-year-old Eurasian is the winner of the Manhunt Singapore Open Category. Born in Germany, he has fond memories living in Singapore during his younger days. Now that he is back, Richard is finally proud to say that Singapore is his home.

Konrad Haedicke

Manhunt SG 2018: Konrad Haedicke
You might have seen Konrad at last December’s Crimewatch episode, where he played a Russian villain.

Having been in Singapore for 8 years since 2011, Konrad quipped that he is now fluent in Singlish. The 33-year-old German is also the founder of social enterprise PushPullGive, which supports the marginalized youth in Singapore and Cambodia through fitness.

Hugo Ong

Manhunt SG 2018: Hugo Ong
Hugo is a traveller at heart and enjoys stepping out of his comfort zone with solo trip experiences.

The tallest finalist of Manhunt Singapore, Hugo stands at an imposing 1.93m. His dream is to travel the world and experience different cultures. With a fearless and adventurous spirit, Hugo hopes to complete his first Everest Base camp trek before attending college in California this year.

Eddy Rudzaniel

Manhunt SG 2018: Eddy Rudzaniel
Naming Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”) as one of his idols, the 25-year-old might just be our next action hero in the making!

Tanned with chiselled pecs, Eddy struts across the stage confidently with a cheeky glint in his eyes. It comes as no surprise that he was also the winner of RMIT’s 2016 pageant, and has won the title of Mr. Maven too. One would never have guessed that he was an introvert who struggled with self-confidence issues in his earlier years!

Brian Lee

Manhunt SG 2018: Brian Lee
There’s nothing stopping this molecular biotechnology graduate – he’s oozing with talent in both the arts and science.

The 34-year-old Singaporean considers himself a natural artist: he recalled learning how to draw before he even knew how to write. On top of that, he plays the piano and was featured in a contemporary Christian music album. The molecular biotechnology graduate also authored a science publication and earned a first class honours degree in the University of Queensland. Oh, and he was the second Artillery Officer ever in Singapore that has graduated from the SAF Ranger course.

Boy, what can’t this man do?!

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Photos by Jerron Chua and Nigel Noah Chan of the DANAMIC team.


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