Ed Sheeran Charmed A Stadium Full Of Fans With Just His Guitar And Loop Pedal

On Friday, 26 April 2019, Ed Sheeran performed his sold-out show at the mammoth National Stadium — one of many performances of his Divide World Tour. Ed delightfully entertained some 51,000 fans that night, armed with nothing but his guitar and loop pedal. The show also saw Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK performing as a special guest prior to Ed’s set.

ONE OK ROCK takes the stage as a special guset

ONE OK ROCK started off their set at 7pm, and I was disappointed to find out that this information was not disseminated to concert-goers. The concert was slated to begin at 8pm and was promoted as so across all media channels. Hence, fans did not expect to see the Japanese band perform ahead of the stipulated time – some fans were still making their way to their seats or to the mosh midway through the band’s set.

ONE OK ROCK hypes the audience up

Nonetheless, ONE OK ROCK delivered a set that got everyone on a high before the main act. On top of songs from their latest album Eye of the Storm – which includes Push Back and Head High – the band also performed old favourites and heavier numbers such as Deeper Deeper and Mighty Long Fall. ONE OK ROCK ended their set with Wasted Nights, in which the lyrics talk about living life to the fullest without missed opportunities.

Ed Sheeran takes to the stage

The night was certainly not wasted at the National Stadium that night, as Ed took to the stage slightly after 8pm with Castle on the Hill, which was met with resounding screams from every fan in the stadium. Ed’s set included a good portion of numbers from Divide, including Dive, Galway Girl and Nancy Mulligan.

Ed Sheeran strums away on his guitar and loop pedal

Halfway through his show, Ed gave a shout-out of appreciation to all the dads and boyfriends who made the sacrifice to accompany their loved ones that evening. He even went on to make impressions on the behavioural patterns of dads and boyfriends at his concerts.

Ed Sheeran

Fans of Ed’s older songs were stoked to hear the singer-songwriter belt out his earlier numbers, which include crowd favourites Castle On The Hill and Happier. The set also included a couple of medleys. Ed Sheeran’s medley of Poor Wayfaring Stranger and I See Fire was my personal favourite as it was so emotive, it gripped my attention – as with almost everyone else in the stadium – as if demanding silence from the crowd.

Ed Sheeran ends strong with fan favorites in his encore

Ed Sheeran ended his set with You Need Me, I Don’t Need You, though it was rather upsetting that many fans started to make their way to the exit when they found out that is was the last song – probably in an attempt to get ahead of the crowd in getting to a cab or train back home. The view of fans leaving must have been as clear to Ed as it was to myself at the stands, yet he powered through the entire song with the same level of enthusiasm and vigour – if not more.

Fans may have to wait quite a long while before Ed returns for his next show, but hopefully, it will be a two-day performance like before as one evening of watching Ed do his magic with the guitar is not enough.

Opening Act: One Ok Rock Eye of the Storm Asia Tour – Live in Singapore Concert Setlist

1.   Push Back
2.   Deeper Deeper
3.   Clock Strikes
4.   Head High
5.   Stand Out Fit In
6.   The Beginning
7.   Mighty Long Fall
8.   Wasted Nights

Ed Sheeran Divide World Tour – Live in Singapore Concert Setlist

1.   Castle on the Hill
2.   Eraser
3.   The A Team
4.   Don’t / New Man (Medley)
5.   Dive
6.   Love Yourself (Justin Bieber cover)
7.   Tenerife Sea
8.   Bloodstream
9.   Lego House / Kiss Me / Give Me Love (Medley)
10. Galway Girl
11. Poor Wayfaring Stranger / I See Fire (Medley)
12. One / Photograph (Medley)
13. Thinking Out Loud
14. Perfect
15. Nancy Mulligan
16. Sing


17. Shape of You
18. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You

Visuals courtesy of Aloysius Lim & Alvin Ho.

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