Local Singer-Songwriter Lincoln Lim Drops “Alive” Single

Less than a year after his last single ‘Lift Your Eyes’, local folk-rock musician Lincoln Lim dropped his latest one ‘Alive’ at the beginning of the new year. Working hard on music for his new EP — which will be targeted to release in the second half of 2019 — he has released “Alive” which will be its first song. Lincoln is also a part of Cross Ratio Entertainment, a local integrated music entertainment label; this may be his first step into expanding regionally.

Lincoln Lim - singer

“Alive” deals with the familiar affliction of unrequited love and of holding on to what has gone. Lincoln shared; “Alive is an exploration for me, both musically and emotionally. I wanted to find a new sound for my music still highlighted the lyrics and the story as much as just me and my guitar performing in a little pub would, so it’s really a massive journey discovering this new sound and energy.”

Lincoln Lim - Alive artwork

Though a young and an emerging musician, Lincoln has already made waves in the industry.

In 2017, he released his first single “Her” to critical acclaim from Bandwagon and Harper’s Bazaar. The song also made it to the Singapore Spotify Top Viral 50 Charts, standing at #23. In April 2018, he released his second single “Lift Your Eyes” to JUICE Singapore’s high praise, “At only 23 years old, Lim channels heartache in a way that some performers take decades to develop.”

Unlike mainstream love songs, the word “love” is hardly used in “Alive”. Instead, the lyrics are more figurative, such as painting a vivid imagery of sunset to convey a sense of loss. “Alive” has a strong chorus that maintains emotional richness without being over the top. Simply worded, the chorus is catchy and easy to sing along to.

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