Soul Electronics RUN FREE PRO BIO: A.I Running Coach

SOUL Electronics’ RUN FREE PRO BIO earphones serve as one’s personal running coach powered by artificial intelligence. The brand — a pioneer in A.I earphones — powers the device through its unique Biomech Engine®. Offering on-the-spot voice coaching during each run, the RUN FREE PRO BIO informs the runner to make changes in their running form if necessary, such as in the head angle or gait, improving running efficiency and lowering any risk of injury.

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These earphones are also known for their easy usage and safety features. including 11 hours of runtime with a single full charge, and LED lights to prevent accidents for night runs or treks in dimly lit areas.

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Soul Electronics’ regional business manager, Terry Ho, at the media preview.

During the media preview of the RUN FREE PRO BIO, a live demonstration of the earphones was given by a gym model, accompanied by a member of the audience who was selected at random.

run free pro bio - gym model

The SOUL FIT APP’s real-time electronic voice coach was broadcast, showcasing its depth of analysis for the runners’ gait. The app was able to recognise instances when the gym model was not looking straight while running, and provided reminders to adjust the angle of his head to prevent neck injuries. Commendably, the app was able to give continual reminders until his posture was corrected. As for the audience member, the app was even able to detect an unbalanced running style and provided reminders to use equal strength in both legs.

run free pro bio - volunteer participant

While designed for fitness enthusiasts and avid athletes, the RUN FREE PRO BIO can also be a nifty assistant to casual runners looking to improve form and running skills through an accessible A.I coach.

SOUL Electronics’ is moving ahead with the new generation of sports technology, and more are likely to follow the A.I coaching hearable. Expect SOUL to develop wide ranges of products in the near future, from professional sports to lifestyle and everyday use.

The RUN FREE PRO BIO is available at all SOUL Electronics authorized retailers for $249.90. For more information, check out their official website:

Photos by Soloman Soh of the DANAMIC team.

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