Summerlong Serves Up Delectable Seafood with Bold Flavours In Its Dinner Menu

Located along the Singapore River at Robertson Quay, Summerlong is an Eastern Mediterranean restaurant and bar well-known for its ambience, allowing customers to indulge in the full Mediterranean beachside experience.

Summerlong - entrance

Headed by Head Chef Kyle Henderson, Summerlong’s flavourful dinner menu showcases fresh seafood dishes which can be enjoyed in a friendly, family-style setting.

Summerlong - ambience

The menu has been thoughtfully curated into nine distinctive sections – Barbequed Seafood, Big Salads, Kebabs & Breads, Mezze from the Sea, Cold Mezze, Warm Mezze Hummus, Other Mains, and Sides.


For Mezze dishes, I got to try the Market Ceviche, Chilled Ponzu Clams and Scallop Carpaccio from Mezze From the Sea and Crab Cakes from Warm Mezze.

Summerlong - ceviche
Market Ceviche ($19)

Summerlong prides itself in its Market Ceviche as it features the restaurant’s fresh catch-of-the-day. Thick chunks of fresh fish are marinated in a lemon, lime, harissa vinaigrette and served with sesame lavosh crackers for a crunchy accompaniment. As only the freshest seafood available is used, it is not uncommon to see the likes of barramundi to appear frequently.

Summerlong - crab cakes
Crab Cakes ($28)

The Crab Cakes are light yet packed with flavour. While the price may seem daunting for three pieces of crab cakes, it is definitely worth its price as the cakes are packed with an abundant amount of fresh crab meat. Hand-formed and fried, these crisp yet tender Crab Cakes are served alongside avocado slices and dill aioli.

Summlerong - ponzu clams and scallop carpaccio
L-R: Chilled Ponzu Clams ($18) and Scallop Carpaccio ($26)

Fans of cold seafood dishes will love the Chilled Ponzu Clams and Scallop Carpaccio. Australian clams are used for the Chilled Ponzu Clams; they are first sautéed with green chilli, garlic and white wine and then chilled and tossed in an aromatic citrus dressing. The clams taste tangy with a tinge of spiciness and will leave you wanting more! As for the Scallop Carpaccio, lemon and olive oil is used for the dressing adding a zesty flavour to the scallops. A simple yet delectable dish, the generous serving of scallops makes up for the fairly high price.

Barbecued Seafood

The Barbecued Seafood is the highlight of the menu, which consists of seafood dishes that are perfectly grilled over charcoal for a light smokey char on the outside. All barbecued dishes also come with a helping of homemade sauce; options include harissa, black pepper & garlic sauce, sumac yoghurt and seaweed butter.

Summerlong - whole squid
Whole Squid ($28)

The Whole Squid and King Prawns are must-haves when visiting Summerlong. The smokiness of the char-grilled squid is elevated by a generous dusting of Turkish spices, paprika, chilli powder and a squeeze of lime. Accompany the squid with harissa sauce for a dash of local flavour!

Summerlong - king prawns
King Prawns ($48)

The King Prawns are as simple as they come – lightly seasoned and chargrilled, the King Prawns are served alongside lime wedges and coriander. These juicy prawns come in large servings and hence are ideal for sharing with friends or family.

Summerlong - barramundi fillet
Barramundi Fillet ($30)

Despite its charred skin, the Barramundi Fillet was perfectly grilled and the skin did not feel crunchy. Taste-wise, there was nothing in particular that makes it stand out from the rest. Hence, I found it to be a tad too expensive for its serving size.


Customers may choose to complement their mains with sides such as Harra Fries, Broccoli with Garlic, Soft Polenta with Mushroom and Parmesan and Sautéed Kale with Seaweed Butter. From the sides, I got to try the Broccoli with Garlic; while it does taste decent, there was nothing outstanding about the dish and hence may not be worth its price.

Overall, the dishes from Mezze from the Sea and Barbequed Seafood are great in terms of taste and value-for money. Coupled with its Mediterranean beach vibes, Summerlong is the perfect place to unwind over a flavourful meal.

Address: 60 Robertson Quay #01-04, Singapore 238252
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday – 5:00PM to Midnight
Saturday & Sunday – 10:30AM to Midnight
For more information, visit

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