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Mother’s Day Special: What If My Mum Was An Avenger

The Avengers are truly extraordinary heroes, battling all manner of monsters and aliens in order to keep Earth safe. The same could be said for our mothers; though no aliens or monsters are slain, they do battle with the demons of fatigue and stress constantly to make sure our lives are unburdened.

Indeed, we never truly appreciate the work that our mothers put in until we stop to think about it. They work behind the scenes to ensure everything in our lives goes smoothly and are there immediately for us when we hit a bump on our life journey.

Here at DANAMIC, we decided to not only honour the efforts of our mothers, but also combine that with what’s fresh on our minds from Avengers: Endgame. We asked around the office on which Avenger we felt our mothers embody the most. Here are our answers:

Hwong Wei

mothers day avengers pic 1

I would say that the closest Avenger that my mum comes to would be Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). I just watched Endgame, and without spoiling too much of the movie, I found her to be very OP.

My mother is kind of the same, she can pretty much do everything; she did sports when she was younger, she was in a uniformed group as well. Even right now as a working adult, she drives the family around and cooks up a mean meal too!

But what I really want to highlight is the extraordinary lengths  she has gone through for me. When I was younger, I fell and got a pretty big cut on my head. My mum swiftly picked me up and ran all the way to the doctor with me in her arms. She really is my Captain Marvel.


mothers day avengers pic 2

I know Wasp (Hope Van Dyne) isn’t technically part of the Avengers, but I can’t help but draw the same comparison with her and my mum.

I felt this to be true especially after watching Ant-Man and the Wasp. Hope Van Dyne was unrelenting in her personal mission to save her mother from the Quantum Realm, using any means necessary to be reunited with her, including involving herself in illegal trades.

Though my mother hasn’t resorted to such criminal behaviour, I remember an instance where she covered for me even by breaking the parent honour code. My friend lied to her parents about going over to my house for school projects. When her parents called to check, my mum went against the grain and covered for both of us. That’s going above and beyond in my book.


mothers day avengers pic 3

I would say there’s a part of Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) that reminds me of my mum. Scarlet Witch is such an underrated character in the MCU because she herself doesn’t recognise the strength that she is capable of.

Many times in the series she puts herself down because she thinks that involving herself in such a conflict will only lead to trouble, but the reality is that she alone has the strength to resolve said conflict.

My mum is a little bit in the same way as she goes about life with a strength that I wholeheartedly admire; with the hope that one day, I too may possess that same strength.


mothers day avengers pic 4

The fearlessness of Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) bears a big resemblance to my mother’s fortitude.

I’m not too proud to admit that I will go running and screaming whenever I see a cockroach in my home.With a swift strike of her right palm, my mum strikes down on it, without any hesitation or guilt. Truly nerves of steel!

Similarly, Black Widow senses no nervousness or fear despite facing creatures that she thought she would never see in her lifetime. I bet if she and my mum were to team up, they would make a formidable pair to fight against, alien or bug!

Photos by Chua Hwong Wei, Deepa d/o Sundararaju, Angelica Sanchez and Soloman Soh of the DANAMIC team. Other Visuals courtesy of The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Pte. Limited, Marvel Studios.


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