Singapore’s First-Ever Esports Training Facility Opens At Singapore Sports Hub

On 1 March 2019, Singapore Sports Hub launched its first professional esports training facility. Team Flash, Singapore’s premier esports organisation, will be collaborating with Singapore Sports Hub on a cohesive talent development plan for 2019 to develop local emerging talent in esports, in view of Singapore’s participation in this year’s SEA Games in the Philippines and the next Asian Games 2022 in Hangzhou, China. The provision of a structured and conducive environment will help in developing local emerging talents to excel in esports.

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Singapore Sports Hub is positioning to be the hub for this rapid growing ecosystem, with an outlook to host more esports-related events in this world-class arena. In 2018, Singapore Sports Hub hosted the first Hyperplay – co-organised by Riot Games and MTV – and the AOV Valor Cup, organised by the Singapore Cyber Sports Online Gaming Association (SCOGA).

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Team Flash – who has collaborated Singapore Sports Hub – has achieved recognition for Singapore with multiple podium finishes at international esports tournaments. Their most significant achievement came at the EA Champions Cup last year, beating top Asia-Pacific countries including China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, and winning USD$208,000 in team prize winnings.

Team Flash also enjoyed success on the regional front, with its Arena of Valor team from Vietnam coming in 2nd at the World Championships in Bangkok last year. Overall, Team Flash’s esports athletes won an impressive USD$350,000+ in prize money across all titles in 2018.

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With this partnership, Singapore Sports Hub will be the first predominant sports venue to support a team-exclusive training facility with Team Flash as a key partner. Furthermore, the partnership includes hosting regular workshops and community activations anchored around Sports Hub venues, highlighting the rising profile of national athletes in esports.

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Adam Firth, Chief Commercial Officer of Singapore Sports Hub, and Terence Ting, CEO & Founder of Team Flash, shared their thoughts on this partnership as well. “We are looking forward to the exciting plans with Team Flash which includes providing a conducive environment for emerging local talents especially in the world of esports. Singapore Sports Hub will be the partner of choice to growing Singapore’s esports industry and building future national stars,” said Adam.

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Terence was equally delighted over the partnership and the prospects it provided to the athletes. “We are truly excited to partner Singapore Sports Hub to develop the country’s top esports talent. Our strategic partnership will provide us with the essential infrastructure to execute our talent roadmap in this world-class venue with traditional athlete support for our esports athletes.”

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