5 Questions With ROAM’s Alex Adam

Mayday Festival – Singapore’s biggest underground music festival – is happening in two days’ time at Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore. The festival boasts a line-up of rock bands, including ROAM – a rock quintet hailing from the UK. ROAM consists of Alex Costello on vocals, guitarists Alex Adam and Sam Veness, bassist Matt Roskilly and Miles Gills on drums.

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Before ROAM reaches the sunny shores of Singapore, we caught up with Alex Adam, who shared with us about his previous tour experiences and his bucket list.

1.  What was your most memorable moment during your tour last year?

Last year, we did some awesome stuff as a band. I think for me the most memorable moment was touring Australia with Knuckle Puck. That was the best. Another stand out moment was doing a shoey – drinking beer out of a shoe – with Costello in front of a couple thousand people at Unify Festival!

2.  As this will be your first time in Singapore, what is one thing you hope to see or do in Singapore?

I really want to experience local culture. I have to be honest I have no idea of anything to do with Singapore, but I’m super excited to see all the cool things it has to offer. I definitely hope it’s hot!

3.  With Confidence will be performing at the Mayday Festival as well. During your previous gig with them in Japan, you guys set off a fire extinguisher in the hotel and destroyed it. What exactly happened back then?

Well it’s a very contested story but basically to sum it up, we had too much to drink and With Confidence provided a fire extinguisher direct to our hotel room. They were too scared to pull the trigger, so we did. It all ended in a huge hangover and an £800 fine to clean the room.

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4.  Is there any artiste that you wish to tour or collaborate with in the future?

I personally would kill to tour with someone like Weezer. We’ve never supported in Arena sized venues, so that has to be top of the bucket list right now – fingers crossed.

5.  It has been over a year and a half since your last release. Are you guys working on anything right now?

We literally just finished up our third album in Texas with the producer Machine. It’s very different and we’re so excited to start sharing it!

Catch ROAM, along with other bands such as With Confidence and Mayday Parade, at the Mayday Festival!

Mayday Festival
Date: Wednesday, 1 May 2019
Time: 2pm-10pm
Venue: Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore, 1 Venture Avenue, Singapore 608521
Tickets start at $79. For more information, visit

Visuals courtesy of Hopeless Records.

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