Skechers Sundown Festival Day 2: Festival Goers Danced The Night Away To Rap, Hip-Hop And Trance

Day 2 of Skechers Sundown Festival saw the crowd more than tripled that from Day 1! The NC-16 event – organized by Red Spade Entertainment and presented by Skechers – presented a night filled with heart-pumping music across all three stages.

SSF Day 2 - utopia crowd

In case you missed it, Day 1 of the festival saw the Nirvana Stage host an intense lineup of rock artistes from all over Asia. While Eden and Utopia stages continued to showcase indie artistes and DJs and EDM artistes respectively, Nirvana presented the best of rappers and hip-hop artistes Asia has to offer.

SSF Day 2 - higher bro special guest

Here were some of the acts that stole the show on Day 2 of Skechers Sundown Festival:

Masunari (Japan)

Yet another indie artiste who had his overseas debut in Singapore thanks to the competition hosted by the live app ‘17’, Masunari is an electronic artiste who – on top of his own original tracks – creates his own remixes to popular mainstream songs such as ‘Closer’ by the Chainsmokers and ‘Friends’ by Marshmello and Anne-Marie.

SSF Day 2 - masunari 1

Skechers Sundown Festival has been paving the way for many Asian indie artistes, and it has proven to be fruitful as many festival goers gathered at the small Eden stage to show their support for these budding talents.

SSF Day 2 - masunari 2

“I’m glad that the audience enjoyed my show. At first, I was tense due to the language barrier; but I got my nerves in control once I saw how supportive the people were”, said Masunari. “Performing overseas was something that I had always wanted to do so I feel like I have achieved something today. But of course, I do not wish for it to end here; I want to keep moving forward.”

MFBTY (South Korea)


MFBTY – which stands for My Fans [Are] Better Than Yours – is a Korean hip-hop group consisting of Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-rae, and Bizzy. Back for the second time since their performance at Music Matters in 2012, the trio headlined at the Nirvana stage with their signature tunes and sentimental lyrics.

SSF Day 2 - Tiger JK
Tiger JK cooling of the crowd with with his water gun.

MFBTY was constantly trying to one-up the Utopia stage, even going to the extent of turning up their bass on set to ensure that they were louder than the acts at Utopia. They also gave freebies to some fans, and used water guns during their numbers to help the crowd cool off. They kept talking segments to a minimum as well, as they wanted to squeeze in as many of their tracks as they could for their fans.  

SSF Day 2 - Bizzy
Some fans got a free album from Bizzy!

MFBTY is known to think of the fans as akin to family, so it was definitely no surprise when – despite the event crew’s efforts to swiftly get the members on the buggy and back to their accommodation – the members ran over to where their fans were waiting to do a quick chat with fans and give out more freebies.

Higher Brothers (China)

SSF Day 2 - Higher bro 1

Higher Brothers ended closed off Nirvana on a high! Just last year, this Hip-Hop group from Chengdu China – which have been making waves globally and especially in the U.S – performed twice in Singapore; the first time in Cherry Discotheque and the second during ZoukOut 2018.

SSF Day 2 - Higher bro 2

Back this year for their third performance at Sundown Festival, they were greeted by a huge throng of crowd who have been highly anticipating their performance all night. For these fans, Higher Brothers surely did not disappoint!

SSF Day 2 - Higher bro 3

Their trap heavy music and the lyrical amalgamation of Mandarin and English brought the entire house down, as they rapped and sang fan favourite songs like ‘Isabellae‘, ‘711‘ ‘Lover Boy 88‘, before ending off the set with ‘Made in China‘.

Shogun (Taiwan)

SSF Day 2 - Shogun

American born Taiwanese DJ and producer Andrew Chen, better known by his moniker Shogun, headlined at the Utopia stage with both his old trance tracks as well as newer EDM numbers. Frequently featured by Armin Van Buuren, Shogun’s music pulsated the crowd, as festival goers raved enthusiastically to his sick beats.

SSF Day 2 - Shogun closeup

While most of Shogun’s songs did not feature any lyrics, the way his music meshes together created a musical experience so unforgettable, the music on its own were the lyrics for Shogun’s songs.

Responses from Masunari were translated by the writer.

Photos by Goh Jing Wen of the DANAMIC team.

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