Japanese Cuisine Meets Western at Chi Kinjo Sushi Bar & Highball Den

Hot on the heels of Sum Yi Tai and Eliza, Coterie Concepts launches the third character of their narrative, Chi Kinjo, a Modern Sushi Bar and Highball Den. Set in the memory of a time in Kyoto when chaos was the mandate and danger was foretold, Chi Kinjo is an intimate yet lively Sushi & Izakaya restaurant and basement bar where promises are made, and secrets are kept.

For the uninitiated, Coterie Concepts has named every shop after a character of their narrative – Sum Yi Tai, Eliza, and now Chi Kinjo. The most fervent followers of the narrative may even know of the secret spinoff Mona Lounge, fashioned after Sum Yi Tai’s backroom lounge.

Chi Kinjo - bar

Nestled along Stanley Street, the new Modern-Sushi Restaurant offers guests contemporary Japanese Cuisine on a carefully curated menu that showcases creativity, ingenuity and sophistication.

Chi Kinjo - chef lamley chua

The menu is helmed by Chef Lamley Chua, who brings a lifetime of experience working in International and Michelin Star restaurants such as LP+Tetsu. He elevates time-old cuisine with contemporary flavours to suit the modern palate – the delicate balance of flavours showcases the complexity of each dish and his thoughtfulness.

Chi Kinjo - small open kitchen concept

Divided into five distinct sections – Starters, Maki, Aburi Nigiri, Hot Small Plates and Hot Big Plates – the menu challenges what guests already know about Japanese cuisine and pushes the boundaries between traditional and modern, eastern and western.


Hamachi Carpaccio

Chi Kinjo - hamachi carpaccio
Hamachi Carpaccio ($16)

Chi Kinjo serves up the classic carpaccio with an extra twist – thinly sliced yellowtail sashimi is served with truffle and topped with fish roe. This new take on a much-loved appetiser is worth every buck and tastes best coupled with one of the store’s signature highball drinks.

Sashimi Ceviche

Chi Kinjo - sashimi ceviche
Sashimi Ceviche ($18)

I had never heard of such a fusion dish before, and I was pleasantly surprised by the Sashimi Ceviche – it is indeed one-of-its-kind. This adaptation of the popular South American Ceviche includes an assortment of diced sashimi and a side of prawn crackers. Perfect to go with your beer or whisky; this appetiser is a must-try at Chi Kinjo!


Chi Kinjo - tiger prawn maki
Crouching Tiger Roll ($20)

Prawn lovers are in for a treat! The Crouching Tiger Rolls includes three different types of prawns done in various culinary techniques, creating an explosion of flavours and textures in a single mouthful. This highly-recommended maki sees light and crunchy prawn tempura wrapped artfully with rice and tiger prawns with sakura ebi (sakura shrimps) sprinkled on top for an added crunch.

Aburi Nigiri

Chi Kinjo - nigiri sushi
Left to right: Buri Cheese and Salmon & Foie Gras ($12 per 2pcs)

The Aburi dishes at Chi Kinjo are probably the most value-for-money out of the entire food menu. The highest quality ingredients are selected for this dish  – reflected in the preparation and taste of the Aburi Nigiri. The Salmon & Foie Gras uses foie gras marinated in miso and milk to elevate the fattiness further while boosting the umami flavour. Meanwhile, the Buri Cheese features Buri – the highest grade of Japanese Yellowtail – topped with smooth and rich tobiko cheese.

Hot Plates

Kaffir Lime Karaage

Chi Kinjo - karaage
Kaffir Lime Karaage ($15)

Chi Kinjo’s Karaage sets itself apart from the rest with its unique addition of kaffir lime. Juicy chicken thigh is marinated in kaffir lime, deep fried and then sprinkled with dried nori. For an extra tangy taste, try dipping the karaage in the charred red pepper mayo provided.

Smoked Wagyu Steak

Chi Kinjo - wagyu
Smoked Wagyu Steak ($28)

Who doesn’t love a good piece of steak? At Chi Kinjo, perfectly grilled wagyu steak is paired with black garlic onion cream, umami soy reduction and drizzled with charcoal oil which is made by filtering olive oil through burnt charcoal, adding a subtle smokiness and charred flavour. The Smoked Wagyu Steak is then topped with sunchoke chips – for that extra crunch – before being served.


No izakaya experience is complete without drinks – besides beer and sake, Chi Kinjo serves up a selection of signature highball drinks as well.

Shiso Watermelon

Chi Kinjo - shisho watermelon
Shiso Watermelon ($14)

For a light evening tipple, try the Shiso Watermelon which incorporates Shiso Sake, freshly pressed watermelon juice, calamansi, simple syrup and lemon juice for a balanced cocktail that unites sweet and tangy flavours.

Gin & Ginger

Chi kinjo - gin and ginger
Gin & Ginger ($16)

For those who prefer a burst of strong flavour, try out the Gin & Ginger. The tipple incorporates muddled fresh ginger and mint leaves with Tanqueray 10, ginger beer, lime juice and simple syrup, showcasing spicy notes delicately balanced with the acidity from the lime juice.

Be sure to visit Chi Kinjo to experience an authentic Japanese Izakaya experience while enjoying perfectly unified Japanese fusion cuisine!

Chi Kinjo
29 Stanley Street
Singapore 068738
For more information or reservations, visit

Photos by Soloman Soh of the DANAMIC team.

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