Fortune Gathers at RWS: Singapore’s Underwater Dance and Sesame Street Lo Hei

This year, Fortune Gathers at Resorts World Sentosa took a creative spin on the usual dragon and lion dance, even throwing Universal Studios Singapore’s (USS) adorable cartoon characters dressed up in CNY clothes into the mix.

CNY Guide 2019: Fortune Gathers Minions

From 25 January to 19 February 2019, there will be two major set of programs taking place at the S.E.A Aquarium and along the Auspicious Dragon Trail. Besides that, you can get your personal fortune told at Fortune Street from 5 to 17 February. Here is a rundown of the list of activities that happened at Fortune Gathers this year:

S.E.A Aquarium

CNY Guide 2019: SEA Aquarium

The underwater dragon dance is the greatest highlight in the S.E.A Aquarium, being the only underwater dragon dance performed in Singapore. It is also a highly challenging performance, with one diver having to fight water pressure to push the underwater dragon forward in elegant circular movement, while the other has to open the “Gong Xi Fa Cai” scroll and hold it in position for a long time. As the dragon swims amidst the 40,000 marine life, the sight is pretty spectacular and attracts thousands of guests every year.

Besides the signature underwater dragon dance, there are eight stations in the aquarium where you can learn about each iconic marine animal and what auspicious meaning it holds. You can also collect a stamp of the animal at each station.

Auspicious Dragon Trail

CNY Guide 2019: Cover

This is no doubt my favourite part of Fortune Gathers. A 15-metre long dancing dragon made its way around the theme park to upbeat Chinese music. The dragon dance crew pauses at every station and interact with beloved characters such as Shrek and Fiona, the Minions, Puss in Boots, Grover, animals from Madagascar and even Bumblebee. They all dance along to Chinese New Year songs, with many donning cute traditional outfits tailored to their size. The extravaganza culminates in the Monster Lo Hei, an interactive show where the host tells the story of the Lo Hei tradition to Sesame Street friends. The Cookie Monster and Oscar’s stellar performances drew lots of laughs from the audience. You will enjoy this informative comedy that marries elements from the East and West.

Fortune Street

CNY Guide 2019: Fortune Reading

16 fortune tellers offered their expertise across 11 schools of divination ranging from familiar favourites such as Palmistry, Ba Zi, and Numerology Analysis to new additions such as Crystal Chakra Divination, Face Reading, and Astrology Stone Casting. Curious about what your career, family, health and love life may look like in 2019? One-on-one appointments can be made with these masters as they give you guidance and insights into your future.

Abalone Reunion Feast

Chinese New Year may be over, but the abalone reunion feast at Resorts World Sentosa remained available till 19 February. The restaurants offered scrumptious dishes from celebrity chefs, such as Feng Shui Inn’s Tuna Yu Sheng with Fresh Orange and Honey Dressing, and Mama Leong’s ‘Bring Back Memories’ Yu Sheng from Forest森 – both of which were made with premium ingredients. There is always time to reunite over good food.

CNY Guide 2019: Madagascar

For more information on Fortune Gathers, visit https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/shows-and-events/chinese-new-year-2019

Photos by Goh Jing Wen of the DANAMIC team

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