LEGO Goes Local: Pop-up Store in Changi Airport Brings Iconic Singapore Architecture to Life

LEGO’s latest pop-up store is now open to the public in Changi Airport Terminal 3. While you may originally expect a regular flagship store (like I did), this is currently the only store that offers a range of LEGO renditions of local landmarks, from the breathtaking structures of Singapore architecture to the intricate models of local dishes.

Thanks to full-time artist Nicholas Foo – who is one of the only LEGO certified professionals worldwide – you can now catch sight of multiple LEGO local attractions in the pockets of time that you have before your overseas vacation or after your homebound journey.

LEGO: Changi

There is the almost omnipresent national symbol, the Merlion. Then, there is City Hall, the result of extensive research by Nicholas; the cable car, and the ubiquitous HDB blocks. Of course, the best part of the pop-up store goes to the LEGO local cuisine, in the forms of rainbow kueh lapis, chilli crab, eggs and traditional toast with a side of coffee.

As the pop-up store is stationed in the airport, it is apt to have the LEGO version of the Changi Airport Control Tower on display. However, it will not be commercially available until March next year – as a limited edition gift with purchase that is exclusive to this pop-up store.

LEGO Pop-Up: Mural

Another highlight of the pop-up store lies in the LEGO mural made up of more than 69,000 LEGO bricks. In what originally was the Singapore skyline, anyone passing by can add to the mural with the lego bricks provided. Over time, the mural has deviated from the Singapore theme and has grown to include more creative, random images. Things like people’s names, famous cartoon characters such as the Pikachu, hearts, flowers, and ambiguous creatures have found their way to become a part of the bigger picture. The mural is also ever-changing as different people come to add new images on top of the new ones. It is encouraging to see people leave their mark no matter what that may be, and showcase what their imagination takes them.

For families travelling with kids or young ones, the LEGO Augmented Reality (AR) wall can entertain them for quite a bit. If you download the LEGO in-store mobile app, life-sized renditions of LEGO’s ninja and cop characters will emerge when your in-app camera is facing the wall. Kids can pretend-fight the ninjas or pose next to them. With the sheer amount of happy screams from kids on the first day of the launch, it seems that AR is going to be a pretty big form of entertainment in their childhood.

The LEGO pop-up store is open from now till December 31 2018. Spending S$60 and above will entitle you to a LEGO Harry Potter Harry’s Journey to Hogwarts (30407) or LEGO’s Limited Edition Heritage Designs.

Photos by Yimin Huang and Brandon Neo of the DANAMIC team.

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