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Hello, Halloween: 15 Songs You Need In Your Halloween Party’s Playlist

Ordered a cute Halloween costume from Hot Topic, check; watched countless YouTube videos to perfect that Halloween look, check; carved a pumpkin, check; bought Halloween home decorations at Daiso, check. You’re ready for the most exciting party of the year before Christmas… until you realise: you forgot all about the music.

Halloween Music Playlist: Model
Modelled by Liu Yi Fan, she is Halloween-ready with an intricate bleeding zipper eye look, done by MUA Heleena Panicker.

Don’t fear (the reaper), we have you covered with a frightening playlist that will take your party to a whole new level of horror. These heavy metal/rock tracks will get you hankering for that DIY fake blood and black lipstick this Halloween.

Proceed with caution.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Marilyn Manson (1994)

Who am I to disagree? Marilyn Manson’s haunting rendition of British new wave music duo The Eurhythmics is sure to get heads turning.

Nightmare – Avenged Sevenfold (2010)

Avenged Sevenfold’s title track of their fifth studio album serves the chills with its soft chimes at the beginning of the song, which slowly builds up intensely with the legendary drum fills.

Dragula – Rob Zombie (1998)

The iconic groove metal track is a charging song that features industrialized guitars and drums. Trust Rob Zombie to bring out a campy horror atmosphere with its depiction of a horrifying imagery.

The Devil in I – Slipknot (2014)

If the music video doesn’t scream ‘Halloween’ right in your face, I don’t know what else will. The Iowa band’s single features melodic vocals, before unleashing Corey Taylor’s guttural vocals over a driving drumming beat. Time to get some heads banging here.

Falling Away from Me – Korn (1999)

The Nu Metal rock band takes creepy to a whole new level with Jonathan Davis’ disturbed and eerie vocal delivery to complement the industrial drum beats and synthesizers.

Down with the Sickness – Disturbed (2000)

Oh-wah-ah-ah-ah! Enough said.

Enter Sandman – Metallica (1991)

The ominous and ubiquitous heavy metal track by the gods of Metallica is dark, menancing, and heavy on the cheese.

Waking the Demon – Bullet For My Valentine (2008)

It’s time to jolt that inner demon out of your soul for Halloween with this aggressively energetic track, now that we are halfway through the playlist.

The Number of the Beast – Iron Maiden (1982)

The controversial title track already makes for a perfect Halloween listening. Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast. For it is a human number, its number is –

Make Me Wanna Die – The Pretty Reckless (2010)

Because everything looks better when the sun goes down.

Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Öyster Cult (1976)

The classic hit song from Blue Öyster Cult works as a nolstagic throwback with its enchanting vocals and rhythmic guitar riffs.

I Think We’re Alone Now – The Birthday Massacre (2008)

The Canadian gothic rock band sure knows that amping its guitars up on high gains are exactly what this 80’s cover song needs for a Halloween party dance vibe.

Summertime Suicide – Murderdolls (2010)

Truth be told, it was difficult to choose just one track from Murderdolls’ entire discography for this playlist. Summertime Suicide won with its catchy tunes and the sick, morbid lyrical wit.

White Wedding – Billy Idol (1982)

Hey little sister, what’s your vice or wish?

Zombie – The Cranberries (1994)

End your Halloween party with the protest anthem and a tribute to The Cranberries’ late vocalist, Dolores O’Riordan. The emotional and grungy tones set the mood for slow headbangs, and a whole lot of hugs.

Till the next Halloween party, RIP.

Photos by Brandon Neo of the DANAMIC Team

Stacey Lim

Professional feminist and self-proclaimed emo queen (it is not a phase, mom). She also never fails to spend her birthday wishes on world peace and a global boycott on animal-tested products.

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