In Pictures: Asian Rugby Team Sunwolves Claim Their First Victory Over South African’s Bulls

The first Asian team in Super Rugby – Sunwolves has claimed victory over South African’s Bulls with a score of 42-37. The match was held at Singapore National Stadium on 30 June 2018, with the sunny island being one of the home matches for the Sunwolves.

In the previous matchup back in 2016, these two Titan clashes and the Bulls emerged victorious with a tight margin of 27-30. Unwilling to let their past haunt them, they kept their promise they had made before the start of the season that they will never give up. Holding true to that statement, Sunwolves – Rahboni Warren – Vosayaco managed to score just mere minutes away from the full-time, securing the victory for Sunwolves.

The Sunwolves had a strong start, scoring two tries and successfully converting them to have a 14 points lead against the Bulls in less than 20 minutes of the first half. Soon, the Bulls made a strong recovery and push through the fiercely guarded territory of the Sunwolves. Eventually, the Bulls managed to pick up the pace and dominated the first half of the game with a 21-14 points lead.

The Sunwolves was under even greater pressure when the Bulls resume to dominate the start of the second half due to a penalty. Unwillingly to go down without a fight, they executed an excellent try by Michael Little and secured their victory as Warren-Vosayaco made a quick recovery from the fierce tackle by the Bulls and scored under the post.

Rugby: Sunwolves vs Bulls - MP48
The Sunwolves managed to break through the defence of the Bulls and put them on an early lead.
Rugby: Sunwolves vs Bulls - MP49
The intense moment as Sunwolves attempt to convert.
Rugby: Sunwolves vs Bulls - MP55
Britz managed to secure the line-out.
Rugby: Sunwolves vs Bulls - MP59
Rugby: Sunwolves vs Bulls - MP62
The Bulls will not go down without a fight.
Rugby: Sunwolves vs Bulls - MP66
Three victory in a row for the Sunwolves.

Photos by Nigel Noah Chan of the DANAMIC Team.

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