Nigel Noah Chan


Friendly, What Friendly? PSG and Atletico Produce a Cracking Finale for ICC Singapore

If this was meant to be a pre-season friendly, then it turned out to be everything but one. We often hear, read, and witness first-hand about how drab these matches can get, and about how fans are not getting their money’s worth because of the absence of star players. But for the 22,007 fans present at the National Stadium last night for the International Champions Cup (ICC) match between Paris Saint Germain and Atletico Madrid, they will certainly talk about this contest for the next few days and weeks, if not months and years to come. If they arrived disappointed…

Review: The Toyota C-HR is a Japanese SUV That’s Built Like a Continental

In the world of automobiles, Toyota is a brand that’s known for reliable engines and gearboxes that hardly ever break down. It won’t be surprising to find 15-year-old Corolla Altises still roaming Singapore’s busy roads in prime condition, boasting an average fuel consumption of around 16 km per litre, which is what some current-generation models can only dream of. Call me old-fashioned, but the quintessential Toyota car is the 1995 Toyota Crown Comfort. Apart from its fame of being the olfactory model for taxis in Singapore from the late 90’s for over 20 years, the Toyota Crown Comfort is a…

Walking With Beasts: Theo Jansen’s Famous Moving Sculptures Unveiled at ArtScience Museum

Conventional ways of thinking about art, science and engineering would typically lead us to conceive of them as separate, mutually exclusive realms. Dutch artist Theo Jansen, however, seamlessly straddles their boundaries with his world-famous sculptures and inorganic life – the Strandbeests. Conceptualised initially as a solution to global warming, the Strandbeests are synonymous with the iconic PVC pipes that they’re made of. The unique form of artificial life is birthed from an artistic application of engineering principles. The Strandbeests posses a looming grace especially when they’re seen in movement, walking in unique gaits reminiscent of real-life animal behaviour. Aided by…

In Pictures: Asian Rugby Team Sunwolves Claim Their First Victory Over South African’s Bulls

The first Asian team in Super Rugby – Sunwolves has claimed victory over South African’s Bulls with a score of 42-37. The match was held at Singapore National Stadium on 30 June 2018, with the sunny island being one of the home matches for the Sunwolves. In the previous matchup back in 2016, these two Titan clashes and the Bulls emerged victorious with a tight margin of 27-30. Unwilling to let their past haunt them, the Sunwolves kept their promise they had made before the start of the season that they will never give up. Holding true to that statement,…

The Lion King’s Return To The Lion City Is A Roaring Triumph

Having first brought the Pride Lands to the Lion City in 2011 to roaring success, The Lion King comes full circle as the Circle of Life takes centre stage once again at Marina Bay Sands. As a worldwide phenomenon, The Lion King is a cultural cornerstone and is a generation-defining symbol of childhood for many. Those who remember the animated film with fondness are sure to be captivated again by life that the theatrical production breathes into its characters. The world-building of The Lion King is impeccable in the thought and care that went into adapting the locales of the…

It’s A Jurassic World @ Plaza Singapura: VR Experiences, Movie Screenings, and More

This June, Plaza Singapura’s Main Atrium gets transported over 65 million years into the past, with the hulking beasts of the prehistoric era emerging from deep slumber to walk the Earth once again – that’s right, the dinosaurs return once again to greet unsuspecting shoppers and patrons, and this year, Plaza Singapura has put up something extra special for everyone. Live the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom adventure right in Plaza Singapura this June holidays, with the debut of our beloved Jurassic World star – a life-size replica of the protagonist – Blue. Get up close and be amazed by the…