Edible Beauty: Art, Food, and Charity Come Together For a Truly Palatable Experience

The beauty of nature is inspiring for both artists and chefs alike. In this collaboration, Singaporean botanical artist Lucinda Law creates a series of piquant artworks to bring out the colours, shapes, and forms of edible plants. The paintings are co-curated by Executive Chef Vijayakant Shanmugam of Hilton Singapore, and feature some of Lucinda’s favourite botanical subjects such as pineapples, torch ginger flowers, bananas, and avocados.

Dubbed Edible Beauty, the exhibition is a meaningful collaboration between three parties – Lucinda Law, Hilton Singapore’s Verde Kitchen, and non-profit charity organisation Food from the Heart – and will run for two months, up till 4 June 2018. The paintings are all done in Lucinda’s distinctive watercolour style, with all ten being available for auction. 10% of the profits from all sales will be donated to Food from the Heart’s food distribution programs that work toward alleviating hunger for the less fortunate.

From Left: The Gentlemen, 41x50cm, and Powder Room, 41x50cm

The paintings are displayed in the walls of the cosy 32-seat restaurant, where guests will be able to enjoy guiltless, wholesome meals. As Verde Kitchen puts it, the restaurant commits its efforts to serving food that is best for individuals, local communities, and the environment – with hopes that this cooperation will highlight the hotel’s passion for creating a better living space for all.

A light, yet deep level of appropriateness comes along with this abutment: the subtle embedding imagery of food produce in its untainted form reinforces the restaurant’s mantra of supporting sustainable food systems through locally grown, organic, and certified ingredients.

The artworks depict food in its most untouched, natural forms – a humble reminder of its origins, and that it is a security most of us take for granted amidst the plentiful options we have access to.

One of the many bites we had – admittedly some of the best, as well.

The artwork was not the only attraction; the DANAMIC Team that went for the media invite had the privilege of taste-testing the food at Verde Kitchen, and it was nothing short of exquisite. Samples were served in bite-sized portions, and ended up being as delectable as they were tempting to the eye. The restaurant stayed true to its mantra, and one could certainly taste the difference – the mouthfuls were distinctly fresh and crisp, and we were surprised to learn that majority (up to 98%) of Verde Kitchen’s items are made in the restaurant from scratch, and that vegetables were grown from their own Vertical Garden – Real Food, Full of Natural Flavours indeed.

Dessert is served – sustainably!

Speaking to a member of the non-profit organisation, Food from the Heart, we learnt that Lucinda was contacted by the charity through her Instagram account in the midst of her creative process. While it was an unexpected partnership, the collaboration ultimately proved to be an immensely rewarding one for both parties. Lucinda looks forward to similar openings in the future; suffice it to say that future partnerships look to hold great promise.

One of many collaborative efforts to come to fruition; Lucinda hopes to see more opportunities like this in the future.

Edible Beauty runs from now till 4 June 2018, at:
Verde Kitchen
Level 2 Hilton Singapore,
581 Orchard Road, Singapore 238883

For more information, please visit Lucinda Law’s website and Hilton Singapore’s Verde Kitchen.

If you wish to donate to Food from the Heart, please visit their website here. Their community programmes include the Bread Programme, Community Food Pack, School Goodie Bag, Toys from the Heart, Birthdays from the Heart and Market Place.

Photos by Brandon Neo of the DANAMIC Team.

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